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Michael Smith says

"Looks like PageModo has been abandoned. I signed up for the free account to test how it works, I managed to integrate our pages by allowing the API access and that's it. After that nothing works, all we get is a message saying "500, problem on outside"

All attempts contacting support have been fruitless as they don't offer support for free accounts. You can't even send a message to them till you pay some money. I was however informed of a 33% offer if I signed up within the next 24 hours. I did try to sign up but the discount wasn't come off the basket total. So another issue and not able to contact support regarding it. I was tempted to just buy it as it does look good, and the top package allows for white label, and I'd be able to contact support, But after reading these reviews I feel like I have just dodged a bullet.

The failure to test and contact support makes its totally redundant. I don't like leaving bad reviews but I feel this is the only way I can contact them to resolve the issue. I'll update this review accordingly."

CPS says

"I have been trying everything to get a hold of them to cancel my account and no response. They do not offer any type of phone number to call and cancel nor do they respond to my tickets.... do not buy unless you are SURE you want it....forever. I guess calling my credit card is my last option. If someone at Pagemodo sees this, please call me 858.720.1440. SAM."

Robert Smith says

"I have not been able to use pagemodo getting on for 4 weeks. I cannot post anything to twitter, facebook & instagram - scheduled or post now. I have had no response apart from 'we are looking into this'. Now i cannot even get into Pagemodo as Error 500 keeps coming up. Previous to this never had a problem.

It would be nice to know what the problem is & how it can be remedied. I shall be going elsewhere."

Edwin Safary says

"The website has practically been abandoned with tons of bugs and malfunctions, sad cause it really was a great service."

Oleg Voroshilov says

"It doesn't work absolutely. Can't publish my FB-cover I've created. Just nothing happens when I push the publish-button."

Ezra says

"Horrible quality when I download or upload the pagmendo's image on facebook"

Thirdy Yumul says

"I used to post using your application but I think it does not help anymore with free users as you can only schedule 1 post at a time. What is the point of using this application if can only schedule 1 at a time. Enlighten me."

Joanne Lee Su Ee says

"soso software, not enough templates, ads not working and support keep replying dumb answer. more like an automated reply.

dissapointed wt it.;"

Colleen D says

"I purchased the premium membership, uploaded my photos to the cute looking template. There is no recommended file size info, no automatic file resizer in the templates. Photos look very grainy. When I send an email to support asking for assistance, they blame it on Facebook, saying Facebook makes their cover photo look grainy. Funny thing is, I never uploaded it to Facebook, it was on their build the design part. Could not get resolved, we'll see how easy it is to get my money back. Very disappointing! Don't know why everyone is writing such glowing reviews for a product with some very basic flaws!"

Kyle Johnson says

"Not what I thought now I'm stuck with it trying to find someone in marketing who know better how to do what it is I need done."

Elly Jolly says

"I would like more instruction on how to use Pagemodo and how it can benefit my facebook page"

Richard Smallwood says

"Doesn't work well and slow response from customer service. Was unable to post fb cover that was created. Asked for refund and have yet to hear from company."

Colleen Dittenber says

"I use pagemodo all the time for my facebook covers. Now I cannot use it and I don't know what is going on. Every time I try to make a cover it says there is an error and I cannot post it. I don't know what is going on, but I am furious. This is the only website I use for my covers. I am upset and I don't understand what is going on with their website."

LLB52 says

"I was so excited about trying Pagemodo, but can't get it to work for me. I can't change my cover photo on my group or business page. The woman I saw using this had some great posts. I wish it would work."

Kathleen Oliver says

"I can't seem to create a cover photo or any graphic post with ease.. so I just end up making my own. The only feature I am really happy with is being able to schedule as many posts as I want on a schedule. However, I can't upload multiple photo's in a post, which sends me to other apps (which are free) like postcron to do those things. The user interface is pretty.. but I don't be renewing after my year is up. I can do everything I do with Pagemodo using the Facebook post scheduler or other free apps."

Timothy Wilkerson says

"Bad, it didn't crop the photo to full size, I tried to exit out of it, and it put it on my profile automatically. I want my money back."

Rick says

"As, I said this service is pretty good but the pricing is weird to me.

I feel as if I'm forced into taking a yearly payment but I wouldn't pay more than $20 for it.

I think that the multiple discount offers are great. It reminds me of CVS and their marketing.

The service itself, I like it. Hopefully it'll get better at predicting post suggestions. The interface button layout is also confusing."

Chuck Karma says

"I am attempting to start up an online store, but if I pay Pagemodo and the 30 other programs $5 - $10 a month, it won't be worth the effort."

LaQuita Davis says

"I really like using your post scheduler. But, it would be so much better if there were categories (inspirational, funny, etc.) to search by instead of the text box. Please consider improving. Also, the site reloads way too often."

M Burton Photography says

"This is a great program for people who can't make their own Facebook cover photo. However, I found the lack of templates to be a deal breaker. I know how to make thse kinds of cover photos, but I was hoping to save some time and do it faster with this program. I am a professional photographer and I wanted to use a collage of photos with black borders between them all. I found the only ones with enough photos to make a decent collage had shapes that simply would not work with my photos. I knew there would be some cropping (and that would be OK to some degree) but the amount of cropping I had to do was too much. I wanted to put in some photos from Italy and could only put the Leaning Tower of Piza in one of the vertical shapes. I tried putting the Colosseum in one of the horizontal shapes and had to crop off too much from the top and bottom and it looked terrible. The same thing with my canal photos from Venice and my Forum photos. Really, nothing looked good except the tower photo. I ended up going into Photo Filtre and making a blank canvas with a black background that had the dimensions of the cover photo space. I started to add photos to my blank canvas and I resized them (leaving some blank space between each one so that background would show through and look like black borders) and ended up with a gorgeous collage cover photo that did not crop my photos so much. The Pagemodo program cropped my beautiful photos to the point that they were simply no longer beautiful."