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PACCAR Inc is an American Fortune 500 company and counts among the largest manufacturers of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles in the world. PACCAR is engaged in the design, manufacture and customer support of light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt, and DAF nameplates. PACCAR also designs and manufactures powertrains, provides financial services and information technology, and distributes truck parts related to its principal business.

Long-haul truck manufacturer PACCAR Inc. will pay more than $1.7 million to settle allegations the company may have evaded sanctions against Iran. PACCAR’s Netherlands-based subsidiary, DAF Trucks N.V., allegedly sold or supplied 63 trucks worth about $5.4 million to European customers that “it knew or had reason to know were ultimately intended for buyers in Iran,” according to OFAC. PACCAR is engaged primarily in the manufacture and sale of trucks and related goods and services, including under the DAF nameplate, among others. DAF sells its trucks through a network of more than 300 independent dealers that enter into dealer agreements that govern each dealer’s relationship with DAF. DAF dealers typically purchase trucks from DAF and then resell the trucks to end-customers. DAF builds most trucks pursuant to specific dealer orders for immediate resale to identified end-customers.

A former employee describes Paccar´s working enviorment: "Favoritism No career advancement Treat you as a kid/slave Insurance always sky rocketing Top out in 5 years Equipment always down Always point fingers to blame but no solutions"


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Current Employee - Human Resources Director says

"Absolute disaster of a company culture."

Former Employee - Commodity Manager says

"This place has really gone down the COVID toilet the past 6 months. Management refuses to let employees work from home citing “decreased productivity” even though they can provide no proof whatsoever of it. Blaming work from home orders for poorly run program management on multi-year projects. Instead, they would rather pack us into an office without masks, proper ventilation or windows that actually open (all things that the CDC warns against doing). Forcing those who want to continue working from home to provide doctor’s notes explaining why they are at-risk and cannot be in the office. And then shaming them for wanting to keep their loved ones safe “everyone else is in the office, why aren’t you here, you must not be as dedicated.” Blatant disregard for Governor’s CDC guidance encouraging office workers to work from home. We can all do our same job at home, but management would rather pack us into an office because they don’t trust us (and they continue to operate like it was 1950). CEO sent out a fraudulent all employee email pretending to allow “all non-factory workers” the “option” to work from home...but every individual manager says “that directive doesn’t apply to this team.” The office still remains at 50% capacity despite CEO email. Seemed like a publicity stunt to prevent some of the hemorrhaging in workforce. Morale is at the lowest I have seen in 10 years. Lots of quality people are quitting and seeking employment elsewhere because they can’t put up with the lack of humanity anymore. I strongly encourage you to NOT work here. Find a company that cares about their employees as human beings (literally every other company is making work from home optional at this time). Working here will probably end up getting you sick, too bad management won’t even care."

Current Employee - Corporate Employee says

"They don't care about you, your health, your comfort, your opinion. Every suggestion employees make gets ignored. PACCAR was the last company in town to let employees work from home when COVID hit and the first to being them back. Like I said, they don't care about you. Men wear suits. Still. Every day. No really, they do."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"No leaders, just a company of managers who do what they are told, without thinking, and never hesitate to throw employees under the bus. Everything is sales driven, so true optimization is never the goal. Managers spend their time micro-managing and trying to fake the metrics so they look good to upper management. PACCAR claims to be a technology company but uses systems from 30+ years ago and did not even have the ability to forward office phones when employees worked remotely during COVID-19 (still doesn't). The company forced employees to continue to go into the office until someone tested positive for COVID-19 (nearly a month after most other companies allowed employees to work remotely). Zero flexibility - Employees were not allowed to work remotely before COVID-19 and they are pushing to get people back into the office ASAP. Managers expect employees to arrive at work at the exact same time every day and they will reprimand employees who arrive just 5 minutes “late” or leave “early” (but they have no problem expecting you to work late) and monitor when employees log on/off, etc. during COVID-19. The worst is that managers talk about employees behind their back to other employees on the same team. There are other things like business attire and men need to shave, but those didn't personally bother me. PACCAR has many “unspoken rules” like all high-level individual contributors and managers are expected to either have, or pursue, a master’s degree, most commonly an MBA. it is OK if you do not have one, but you will be expected to get one (yes, they will ask when, not if, you are going to get it). They also expect employees to participate and donate a certain amount to benefit events and they measure your success on that. If you do not play their games, they will block any advancement or movement."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They are stuck in the 1950s. They expect you to get a masters degree, but don’t appreciate you to change the status quo."

Former Employee - Former Employee says

"Experience means nothing, only way to advance is with a degree. Managers have zero training being managers. can't run a crew effectively, repairs are done by the "it's on fire" method. no forward thinking. spare parts are trashed if not used within a year so managers will look good. no idea how to maintain a budget. yet at end of year, there is extra money to be spent."


"Refused to follow coronavirus protocol set out by the state."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"This employer puts employees down and makes them either feel less than valuable.; uses opportunity to discard anyone deemed as less than desirable. The method for this is the review process. PACCAR use yearly goals for employees and then rate one as meets needs or exceeds. I know of a pair of cases where managers were told they needed to rate an employee specifically (which employee stands out the most and which employee does not). If a person was too quiet and not well known in round table discussions a manager could claim: " this employee is my least _____". If nobody spoke up (to counter or defend) then merit would be given to the manager if they fired the employee. At PACCAR interviews you may be asked if you have ever had to fire someone. With such a large head count you will need to master this skill! Further: In order to fire that person in one case I saw the manager had no real reason (employee was never tardy, never used substances, was simply not someone that could be outright fired); hence the manager attempted a scheme: task the employee with difficult projects well above their level/pay grade and maybe they will fail or leave on their own. In one case that backfired for the said manager as the employeee did the task so well, that they became noticed and were a standout. Still not wanting the employee as driven on the merit that "if I fire the person I will apply for a Director job promotion", the manager gave the employee goals that simply could not be accomplished. Simple goals but steered the employee into failure by telling them "not to worry about completion" of a said goal at present time, "we shall complete it at a later date". This then, during the goals review was reversed where the manager said to the employee " you failed to meet the goal" his or her goals causing or resulting them a NEEDS rating in the review. This at PACCAR immediately throws one into a PIP which is a "you will improve or else we will fire you". It is an incredibly painful process that requires the employee to go through PACCAR counseling meetings where a manager and or an assigned employee is tasked to scrutinze the emoyee asking them: What they know about the firm; Why they are here to begin with, how they plan to succeed, and whether they can succeed. The whole time there is no improvement plan as likely there was no merit to the PIP! In the case of one employee I knew, their review was tendered a NEEDS but the employee (then led by a different manager) was found to have no such deficiencies by their new manager. The said former manager however, communicated displeasure about his former employee to the new team manager in closed door meetings and the PIP was a formality (meant nothing) and in time they were let go. The unfortunate issue with this particular case is the employee was there several years with good reviews at PACCAR and it was a particular manager that he transferred into (to work for) who needed to fire the undesirables (PACCAR rule) so he was setup to be fired. PACCAR - Let go the underisables. I can recall another case where an employee was forced out when he became ill from a terminal disease. The cruelty of PIP harassment was applied to this same person and they were forced to retire/leave even though the employee saud they did not want to for financial reasons. The issue with the tactic of removal of employees is not the purge of poor employees but the merit a manager receives if they do so; a promotion etc. The problem being a lot of good employees are let go if they are "unnoticed", "quiet", "not well known", the boss does not like them". I saw in one case a colleague was placed on a PIP even though there was no evidence for it. PACCAR Culture: The things you have read or heard about "not using the elevator (engineers must use stairs), engineers shall wear ties, engineers must become clean shaven during opcom visits" are absolutely TRUE! Those things are part of the Piggott familly tradition at KW in Kirkland, WA and you need to learn to swallow the PACCAR koolaid. Bottom line: Really bad place and bad experience; advice = stay away!"

Current Employee - Analyst says

"- Management is bad, they are only looking out for themselves. - If you are not related to one of the executives, you are NOT growing. - People working here do not know what "sorting" or "filtering" data in excel is. They have been working in some position for 20+ years."


"3 months of internship - 90 - 24 (weekends) = 66 working days 20 days out of 66 days 1) Meetings 2) Tours of Sites 3) You have to listen multiple times why PACCAR is the best? Advertisements? Yes, they basically advertise them to their interns multiple times. 46 days left Manager: We are making decisions. 40 days left: Manager: We can setup your machine and decision is in progress, you can do some trainings. 30 days left Manager: We are not going to work on that project because management didn't approve. We will look something new for you 15 days left : I resigned. I literally resigned a internship. Every single stand up, I didn't have anything to mention to my colleagues, It was embarrassing. I talked to multiple employees and they weren't happy about it. My mentor didn't even know that they he got a new intern"

Assembly Technician (Former Employee) says

"Favoritism No career advancement Treat you as a kid/slave Insurance always sky rocketing Top out in 5 years Equipment always down Always point fingers to blame but no solutions"

Accounting Manager (Former Employee) says

"It will always be a company first everything else a distant second. A couple of years ago there was a sudden snow storm with 14 inches of snow that hit the ground in the matter of 2-3 hours. People left due to fear of getting kids, etc. They wrote up and/or fired a bunch of them. Absolutely insane. They are just extremely old school and in the end its a game of favorites more than anywhere else I've ever worked. Its not the worst place in the world and yet for a salaried position, its the last place I would ever want to work again. On the plus side, they have decent benefits but save vacation days in case they don't have enough work for you which happens frequently or you'll go unpaid. They also will layoff hourly workers in a heartbeat in order preserve their 75+ year streak of making a profit. If you know anyone that works there, ask about the Chairman. Everyone else works there because they are local and don't want to move and there just aren't that many good paying companies in the area. Again, I warned you!Decent benefitsEverything else"


"I had planned time off in advance and was written up for it. I was also offered a new position after working there for eight months and was intentionally written up again to prevent me from accelling within the company.They got a lunch roomPoor management"

Production Worker (Temp) says

"If you're not a middle-aged white man you'll never get promoted in this company whenever this company makes mistakes it's not the engineers they get rid of it's the temps through them straight under the bus they hire mostly African-American employees so they can feel like they're running a slave Field and then they work you like a slave and pay you crumbs $12 an hour when you can make 20 at other companies and no how matter how much experience you have you all come in making 12 freaking dollars while the big bosses are making all the good moneyI lost about 20 poundsYou'll never get promoted unless you're a middle-aged white man"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"The worst job i ever had they treat you as if you are a child or as its a priveledge to work for paccar employee's are definetly not #1 if u looking to retire in the next few years then its the place for youNonePoorly operated"

District Manager (Current Employee) says

"Workplace culture is a sad place to work, PACCAR gets new people in all the time, but they don't stay very long and the ones that do are lots of "yes" men.PACCAR is a public traded company run by accountants and they do make money, Yearly goals do not come out till mid May, but you have to have all of your accomplishments into mgmt. the first week in Jan, so you have no idea what goals are to they are sent out.Tons of busy work, just to "check the box". Weekly news sent in to upper mgmt. can be only positive, no negative and no one is ever sure what they use the info forPremium products, good intentioned peoplework/ Life balance"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"The company is still in the stone age after making billions of dollars a year. Management is on a high horse and feels as if they are to high to help or get their hands dirty to help. Management puts constant pressure on you and provide no assistance when you ask for help. Frown upon you if you ask for time off. Management works against you and not with you.NoneConstant degradation, Long hours, No appreciation for employees, Stone age systems, and programs"

Material Handler and Logistics (Former Employee) says

"Only one thing is on managment mind and that is to get engines out as fast as possible. Any issue holding engines back or stopping production will lead to termination of any employee unless you where hired exactly when the plant was getting started. There is a buddy system in place so choose who you conversate with wisely.clean enviromentbad attitudes, wrong people in the wrong managment positions, buddy systems inside the plant"

Director Global IT Services (Former Employee) says

"Culture is about profit and being lean; people are just a tool. Expected to work under Agile sprints regardless of job functions. Controlling work environment, does not allow managers to do any tele-commuting."

Design Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Steady work, but low salary. Not much engineering here so throw that degree out the window. Had several engineering managers without 4year college degrees. Typical day is answering the phone, and typing reports. If your a stellar performer but your manager doesn't like you then it's the end of the road for moving up.Good benefitsDress code is outdated, low annual raises"

TITLE - Design Engineer (Former Employee) says

"PACCAR is a firm where an engineering degree whether mechanical or electrical "gets you in the door" but after that you'll never use any of the education you learned in you engineering studies; say for example your an EE, forget about PLC's, VFD's, LT Spice, Matlab, Simulink, Labview. Yes it is true that some engineers will find their way and can get a niche job doing Labview at PACCAR's PTC tech center, for the majority what you learn over time is how to answer the phone (when dealing with cross functional silos), set up meetings, answer missed BOM calls or work orders known as REI's. Work in the industry a decade or two at a commercial truck manufacturing firm and go look for work as an EE elsewhere and you'll find you won't be able to call yourself an experienced EE as "power systems, high voltage power, three phase, etc" things that are expected of Senior engineers just aren't things you'll do here. You will need to be good at presenting in meetings, creating powerpoint presentations and supporting the truck manufacturing plants. The overall morale at PACCAR is low at times due to the culture at PACCAR where employees are asked to do something they might not like to; such as come in clean shaven as the perception that engineers look a certain way is enforced. Pay at this particular employer is only average. Opportunity for advancement exists as long as your manager likes you. PACCAR is a great firm to gain intern experience and then you can decide to leave while I would not recommend it as a dream employer firm.None really, cost of medical, salary, culture and all things considered; there is a free vanpool to ensure employees get to work.High cost of medical, very low number of sick days, Average compensation"

Assembleure (Former Employee) says

"Très stricte, aucune flexibilité. Si vous êtes une femme, bonne chance... Ce n'est pas si difficile physiquement, plus psychologiquement. Les hommes de l'usine agissent comme s'il n'ont jamais vu une femme. N'essaie pas d'être agréable avec eux, il vont tout de suite penser que tu veux leurs parties génitales. Ne vas pas manger avec l'un d'eux, sinon t'as couché avec... Vraiment arrièré -_-"

Accounts Payable Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Over worked under paid in corporate accounting. I was working on weekends and coming in early or most time working very late for month end closing which started ME -5 and went up to ME 7. So almost 3 weeks of month end. It’s a good company if you want to get experience.Not enough pay"

None (Former Employee) says

"Canadian operations of this company sucks. I was interviewed by this company and has horrible experience. I was told by hiring manager during interview that if you are accustomed to fast packed work culture then this company is not for you. We do things at our pace. Great way to sell your company to potential employee. Then I did some research and their clients prefer to deal with other companies. This company takes for ever to make any credit decision.none"

Product Development Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management rewards people who can look good and make mundane daily activities look good. This is not a problem solving culture and attempting to solve problems is met with resistance. Speaking against management, or having an original thought is considered insubordination. Management rules by fear and smart people are mushed into corner for non-technical people that speak well but have no practical experience. The culture lives in the past about how they have always made money cutting employes benefits in the down turns to pay dividends and make profits, but isn't innovating and looking to be competitive in the future.Easy to work an 8hr day.Management rules by fear, original thinking penalized, living in past, and not a problem solving culture, rather a quick fix and move on culture."

Pricing Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Stable company and job security, but it will eat you alive working there unless you are like amish or grew up in a very sheltered 60s traditional culture.job securityculture, and everything else"

Paccar Parts (Former Employee) says

"Working for Paccar was a great experience and a great opportunity to pick up some skills. Coworkers are friendly, but the management sucked."

Buyer / Materials Planner (Former Employee) says

"Not an inclusive environment. No trust from management. They make you feel bad for leaving for a doctors appt or taking a sick day. They give you more and more work with only minimal raises. I wish there was more positive things I could say but my experience was not good."

Sr. AS/400 Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Awful work life balance. Expectation is for employees to live to work rather than work to live. Very cut throat IT environmentdecent paywork life blance, management"

Leadership Development Program (Former Employee) says

"You will need the right mindset to work here. Management is very old school and hasn't yet figured out how to compete for talent, especially in the Pacific NW. The company is very conservative and if you learn to work within their framework you will be very successful."

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