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Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) is a company of Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre that advance continuous manufacturing.

A former employee said this in a review: "My worst decision was to work at PSE. They treat you like dirt and pay you very badly".


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PSE Mail Processing Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The postoffice don't honor there words!!! The union has your back so they say... But they dont! I've waisted 3yrs of my life working for them... could of had a 9 to 5 and no weekends and spent more time with my family... good luck if you don't know! Cons: They need to get organized!!!!"

Clerk, United States Postal Service (Former Employee) says

"When they say you go postal, they are not joking. The cut throat work of goverment employees is sad. There were more days than not where I hated my job, I would come home drained or in tears. Complaints fall on deaf ears until you lie about others in hurtful ways to authority, then all of a suddent hings matter. It's truly sad."

Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Depends on if you like working hard and coming home sore for a decent days pay. Most of the managers were rude and the employees gossip way to much. The pay was ok though. Cons: hard work"

Clerk, United States Postal Service (Current Employee) says

"depending on your office, you don't always get treated the best. your schedule changes last minute so you are never able to make plans."

Mail Processing Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Basic post office work. Cons: Schedule"

Sales and Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"This job is part time with no benefits and no consistent work schedule. I also have to work up to twelve hours a day because i am at the bottom of the seniority list"

Clerk (Former Employee) says

"could care less about anything but getting the job done for the day. no goals for future profit. lots of wasted resources Cons: awful"

Preschool Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I can say after a whole year of working here that this particular child care center isn't for everyone. Management does nothing to help you. They don't deal with the children who may need a little help, so a lot of the time you feel overwhelmed. No support for their employees, no benefits, $12 an hour and it is privately owned. There are only 2 PSE schools ran by mother and daughter. Everything is used against you and the minute you stand up to management about something you are reprimanded. If your a mom with limited options, good place to work only for the free tuition while working there. Also, they definitely do not fit the racial demographic that most jobs do. Cons: No benefits, no lunch, always feel overwhelmed."

Postal Support Employee (Former Employee) says

"Received packages, assisted on delivering packages in the different routes associated with each usps carrier. Worked over time and long hours that was not me. Didn’t like attitude towards other employees and didn’t like how dirty and messy it was working in a wear house."

Tool & die set-up (Former Employee) says

"rude and dont care about their employees pay badly and hav a poor training staff and owners are rude ans senseless...worked 6yrs there"

PSE (Former Employee) says

"Get ready to pick up slacks of other regular employees. Post master will have the PSE do all the hard work that regulars won't have to do as much. You will work long irregular hours and the management will make you work like a dog. They like to call this strategy a "swing". Moreover, if you have a family or kids, this isn't the job for you. Management was a joke. Basically, USPS treats PSE employees like low bottom employees. Only if you are single or young in 20's than this is the job for you. Good luck. Cons: short breaks, long irregular hours, no benefits, will take years to become a career position. no family time."

PSE (Former Employee) says

"The work is very physical and will get you in great shape. The work has purpose but as a PSE you will perform every job that others do not want to do. Work day could be off-loading and staging mail for City and Rural carriers. It could be disposing of unrecoverable mail. It could be months on end on the docks. Supervisors will not stand-up for you, period. Don't even ask. There will be backstabbing, lying, and deceit. Laziness is rampant with some, they are the few who can get away with it, and there is a specific group who is spoiled rotten. Schedules will change often so don't make any plans you can't cancel. Getting necessary training on powered Materials Handling Equipment to complete your job may take months. You will be stuck with the worst possible job you possibly can be if management doesn't like you, and you will have nobody to go to because even the APWU doesn't care about PSEs though they propagate their positions with PSEs by using them for negotiations. Raise up with contemplating an EO complaint and retaliation will be swift and guaranteed. Management will abuse their authority because they want to earn their bonuses and pay raises at the end of the year and there are always more where you came from - plus if they want you gone get ready to be stuck with the worst job they can find you thus life is miserable until you find something else or get fed-up and quit. Management counts on the allure of working at the post office to attract employees and that's too bad because it is NOT like it was years ago. The hardest part of the job is realizing it will not get Cons: Management's abuse, backstabbing tattle-tells"

Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Terrible Mansgement not agood ppsce to work never get paid on time a lot of hard work for low pay they gossip too much no room for groeth don’t apply thanks"

PSE Mail Processing Clerk (Current Employee) says

"PSE is a horrible job. There is no training in place. You're thrown into the plant and expected to read minds I guess. The work place is always dirty. You have to work on your feet 10-12 hour days, 6 - 7 days a week. Mostly, you don't have fatigue mats to stand on. Very hard on your feet and legs. Management is terrible. Most are rude and hateful when you do see them, but there is no structure, no supervision. The money is very good. Cost of benefits is too expensive. Postal service hires nearly everyone who applies, so you work with a lot of lazy people who don't care. They are there for the money and get away with so much. Cons: Dirty, management, long hours, no respect for employees"

Mail Processing Clerk (Former Employee) says

"From my experience at first working at United States Postal Service felt good but once you start working everything went downward. It wasn't what I wanted in the first place but I managed to deal with the work they give. The hardest part about the job was working 12 hours 6 days during Christmas. Management was either hit or miss depending which floor you work. What it was like working in the Postal Service was machine basically I did that and the sub clerk was moved around and work there. I felt the people around me good or decent but could have been positive about working there and the people that was working there were sad or miserable. The most I enjoy about working in the job was the people I trusted but most people that were working are not your friends. It felt like the job wasn't for me. Cons: No benefits, treat PSE like lower class worker, no respect from worker"

Processing Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The USPS could have been a great job but the hours were too unpredictable and life/work balance was unmanageable. If the hours were consistent, it would be a better environment."

Clerk (Former Employee) says

"hours worked depended on mail volume. could work anywhere from 4 hours one day to 12 hours the next without much notice in between. Management has communication problems"

SSDA Clerk (Current Employee) says

"PSE is a great job, I was unfortunate with the location. Anniston post offie has the worst management i've ever worked for in my life! In 2 1/2 years 16 capable PSE's started and quit because of management. Cons: Management"

Administrative Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Highly unrecommended. Can't come into the 21st century -- still operates with 1950s mentality and culture. Lack of advancement opportunities. Just a really awful place to work. Save yourself the bother. Cons: everything else"

PSE Mail Processing Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Management is very unprofessional. You feel like your always fighting to work for them if you have an opinion. Cons: Disorgnized"

Former Contractor - PSE Mail Processing Clerk says

"I worked at US Postal Service for more than 3 years Cons: No benefits, no paid holidays, no weekends off, had to pay for my parking out of pocket."

Former Employee - PSE Mail Processing Clerk says

"I worked at US Postal Service full-time for less than a year Cons: 2-3 years to become a "regular employee", 67 day work weeks, 10-12 hour days, union enables worst employees to manipulate and verbally abuse new employees. Too much gossip and backstabbing."

Current Employee - PSE Mail Processing Clerk says

"I have been working at US Postal Service full-time Cons: Everything about the postal service is garbage"

Former Employee - PSE Mail Processing Clerk says

"I worked at US Postal Service full-time Cons: Everything about the job duh"

Former Employee - PSE Mail Processing Clerk says

"I worked at US Postal Service full-time for less than a year Cons: I worked with a lot of ghetto, unprofessional people that were often lazy, loud and vulgar. Many refused to wear a mask, and management would allow this to happen. In fact, management was friends with these people and showed favoritism towards them. They showed favoritism by giving them cushy assignments while you literally worked like a dog. These same people slept on the job in an office or in their cars on the clock. The position itself is easy but very mundane. Expect to stand on your feet the entire shift and watch fights break out on the floor while management barks orders at you. You are also hired as a 360 career and subject to being furloughed after the holidays. HR doesn't tell you that because they are desperate for bodies. Finally, you will not have a life outside of USPS. You could literally drop dead on the floor and supervisors would be yelling at someone to take pallets to the loading dock instead of calling 911. You will end up doing other coworkers work if you don't advocate for yourself."

Former Employee - PSE Mail Processing Clerk says

"I worked at US Postal Service full-time for less than a year Cons: Very unorganized, never know what your schedule will be, fight with them about getting paid for hours worked."

Former Employee - PSE Mail Processing Clerk says

"I worked at US Postal Service full-time for less than a year Cons: 1 day off a week, poor management, schedule changes constantly."

Former Employee - PSE Mail Processing Clerk says

"I worked at US Postal Service full-time for less than a year Cons: Management is nasty to employees they don't properly train you they don't show nothing .They never have set hours .Now its pay time and I didn't receive my pay and no one wants to help me or tell me where my pay is at ."

Former Employee - PSE Mail Processing Clerk says

"I worked at US Postal Service part-time for less than a year Cons: fired illegally for being pregnant, they knew i was pregnant i never missed a shift or was late. was working at 3 am 6 days a week. when i got fired they said it was due to being pregnan. went to court and they changed my firing to a voluntary quit"

Former Contractor - PSE Mail Processing Clerk says

"I worked at US Postal Service for more than 3 years Cons: Long hours and strict schedule 6 days a week usually"

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