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Overseas is an American indie rock band, that includes David Bazan of Pedro The Lion, Headphones and Lo Tom; Will Johnson of Centro-matic and South San Gabriel; plus Bubba & Matt Kadane of Bedhead and The New Year.

Austin Powell wrote a review for THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE about Overseas in June 2013: “Before the divorce, there's just decay cold stares, silent dinners, Netflix evenings. Overseas the debut collaboration between Austin's Will Johnson Centro-matic/South San Gabriel, David Bazan Pedro the Lion/Headphones, and the Kadane brothers Bedhead/the New Year isn't an explicit concept album about the stages of separation, but it doesn't stray far from the subject, either. "I'm thinking back to a sensual act I enjoyed with a girl in my teens, while me and the Mrs. exchange goodnight kisses, rollover, pretend we're asleep," recounts Bazan through clenched teeth on "Old Love." That's familiar territory for Bazan see "Options" from 2002's Control, but the combination of the Kadanes' fraught underpinnings and Johnson's crooked harmony on "Here Wish You Were" and "Came With the Frame" make for some of the most unnerving work of his career. The shadow of the late Vic Chesnutt looms large as well the first session took place days after his death in December 2009 particularly for Johnson, whose sparse, intuitive percussion leaves lots of room for long exhales. His "Ghost to Be" floats an incredible work of cryptic impressionism in the mold of Bedhead's solo-core classic WhatFunLifeWas.


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