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Oscar Health Insurance is a technology-focused health insurance company founded in 2012, and is headquartered in New York City. The company focuses on the health insurance industry through telemedicine, healthcare focused technological interfaces, and transparent claims pricing systems.

Oscar has raised capital through a series of funding rounds. Its investors include the Kushner family affiliated Thrive Capital, General Catalyst Partners, Khosla Ventures, CapitalG, and Fidelity Investments. Notoriously, Jarad Kushner was involved in bringing Oscar Health into the White House to help with testing during the Covid19 Pandemic.

During the May 2014 Series A round, Peter Thiel's (of PayPal) Founders Fund led the series investing $30 million. By the close of Series A, Forbes reported the valuation of the company at $800 million.

During the 2015 Series B round, Oscar Health raised $145 million, bringing the total capital raised to $300 million, thus valuing the company at $1.5 billion. Series B investors included Formation 8, Horizons Ventures, Wellington Management Company, and Goldman Sachs.

In September 2015, Oscar announced a funding round with Google Ventures and Google Capital, valuing the company at $1.75 billion.

During the 2016 Series C round, Oscar raised $400 million led by Fidelity Investments, with secondary participation from previous investors, with a reported valuation of $2.7 billion. As of 2019, the company had raised $1.3 billion, and was valued at $3.2 billion.

In 2014, New York magazine reported that as of May 2014, Oscar Health had 16,000 subscribers enrolled in its insurance program producing an estimated $72 million. In 2015, Forbes reported that Oscar Health had 40,000 subscribers with an average subscriber paying annual fees of $4,500, placing Oscar Health's revenue estimates at $180 million.

Vox reported that in 2015, Oscar Health lost $92.4 million in New York as the firm's analytical models failed to accurately forecast "the people who signed up for coverage were sicker than the company had expected."

By 2016, Oscar Health had 135,000 subscribers, with roughly half residing in New York State. In February 2017, Bloomberg reported that Oscar had lost $204.9 million in 2016.

In May 2017, Bloomberg reported that Oscar's first quarter loss had narrowed by nearly half, writing that the company was “beginning to get a handle on its medical costs." In August 2017, Bloomberg also reported that Oscar had posted a $57.6 million loss in the first half of 2017, down from the $83 million lost posted the year prior.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I'm disappointed and sorry to hear that you did not have a positive experience here at Oscar. While we’ve worked hard to create an open environment where everyone (regardless of tenure, seniority or office location) can have a voice and contribute to the growth of our business. It sounds like you felt that your ideas were not being heard or taken seriously by your manager or other leaders within the organization. Your feedback will certainly be shared with leadership, in effort to establish a better feedback process before someone departs us. Further, we apologize if there was any confusion regarding the terms of your employment contract at Oscar. While we certainly wish to offer the same benefits to all employees within the company, business needs and legal parameters require that we handle certain roles differently. Lastly, Oscar looks at opportunities to promote from within and stretch our internal talent to take on new roles and responsibilities as business needs evolve. It should like you may have additional feedback for us on this, regarding our review and compensation process, though. We’d love to hear it, so please feel free to send an email to experience@hioscar.com so that we may help and engage further. Thanks, -- Kerry Van Voris VP of People"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"You work hard and give a darn they will keep you as the low man on the totem pole. Beer runs out middle of the week."

Former Employee - Member Service Representative says

"the way they give info"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not transparent Horrible product Management does not listen to their front lines Double standard Unstable do executine board"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. Leads- they are basically the middle man and don't have any power to make real decisions. You are told to go to your lead and address issues, they seem super supportive, but your issue is filed away in their "it's a startup" excuse folder. 2. Transparency- they preach transparency but they are neither transparent with employees or members. Look at the plans and you will find they are doing nothing different than Aetna, blue cross, etc. Oscar actually pays for the bare minimum of preventive benefits. 3. Working conditions- the building that we were in for months was infested with mice. We were told to do wipe down Wednesday's. This included using a Lysol wipe to wipe down your desks to be rid of the mice droppings. If a mice died in the wall they sprayed things like dry shampoo to make it smell better. There was no ventilation and over a dozen people became ill, two of which had heat exhaustion symptoms and had to leave early. They have since moved back to the other building, but first told everyone that by September they are going to Arizona. 4. No trust- who in their right mind would move to Arizona to help train new staff so you can let them go as an "at will" employee because you are paying them a New York salary? The deal to move? $1000 reimbursed for moving expenses (this does not include the cost to break a lease) and you must work for them for a year, but they make no promise to keep you after. 5. Hierarchy- there is a very unique and disheartening hierarchy at Oscar. If you are member services they make you think your feedback is being used to drive change, when in reality it never gets to the person that would even be able to make the change. Basically in member services you are the backbone to a company that has no clue what they are doing in healthcare. Who is valued and at the top? You have to have an Ivy League school on your resume, no healthcare experience, and a name that they can name drop in an article. 6. Human Resources- they dodge your every question because they do not want to tell you that maternity leave went from 6 months to a few weeks, stock options were a bad idea, and that they have no idea how to do an exit interview (so they just don't do them). The list goes on. I could continue for days, but I have to leave for work (where I am valued as a human being and my feedback is used to better the company I work for) and just wanted to do this to warn others. I would not recommend that any person move for this company. Their track record with telling the truth and being transparent points to why this would be a poor life decision. The VP of member services left, along with a bunch of other big shots at the company which leads me to believe that they are not doing as well as they report."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Investors beware. They mishandle everything from human resource issues to how clean the office is. They hired some political people and some employees from Google they waste so much money on upper management and they bury the bad reviews on Yelp I feel bad for fidelity investors. They will be outta business before anyone sees a dime back. There is drinking going open and accessible yeah I want the person dealing with my health claim half in the bag deciding whether I can get that life saving operation or not. They kick out doctors left and right because they don't meet their standards members call 6 different times and get multiple answers to the same questions. They want the healthcare system to be like Germany as they always bring that up. I'm not to keen on a company that only has major cities in there demographic. Most cities have a majority of young people that's their ideal member in their eyes. They don't properly train they have a it's good enough attitude when it comes to training. The blind leading the blind. Most of the staff that had actual experience with insurance is gone they fire people for no reason except so they don't have to pay the stock options(main reason most of the original staff is gone). Oscar isn't going to change anything in healthcare all they are is a data company at best. The only people suffering are the members. Free office visits is a bait and switch tactic if someone goes to the dr and gets a urine test done that now is a diagnosis so here's a bill for $300 because that visit is now coded differently. I know my time towards the end I started telling people go some place else for their health insurance because this is a scam. The plans were worded to entice but if you look at the schedule of benefits they don't pay for anything No a/c in the middle of summer they gave new meaning to sweat shop. Unsanitary conditions most of the time. Ask a question and get three different answers the confluence pages are indexed horribly the people in charge of updating doesn't have a clue and when their voice goes up on the end you know they are making it up."


"They are currently relocating my whole department to a new state."

Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"This is Mario, the CEO. As you point out, we have a unique seasonality to our sales, because members can generally only buy Oscar in a 3-month period between November and January in every year. Because we want to have conversations with our prospective members in house, and not outsource that elsewhere, this requires us to increase staffing in our inside sales team by a sizable factor during that time period (with ample time for training and for getting new agents their broker license before enrollments open). We were hoping to give many more of you the chance to find other opportunities in the company as we took the sales staffing back to steady state when the 3-month open enrollment period was over. The unique factor for the 2015-16 open enrollment period was that it emerged that we are growing at a pace where any sales operation in New York in subsequent years would very quickly hit against real size constraints, and we started planning for an operations center in Tempe. That is why out of 120 open enrollment sales consultants, fewer than expected got the opportunity to stay on in the company, because the inside sales team will be moving to Tempe. Since you all worked incredibly hard, I know that this sucks. If we were too upbeat about continued job prospects either in sales (for next year’s open enrollment) or in the rest of the company, I apologize for that. To not keep you up to date throughout the months you spent at Oscar as to how the post-open enrollment job opportunities are developing was not an episode in our communication that anyone of us can be happy with."

Care Guide (Former Employee) says

"If I could give no stars that would be too much. If you are not already friends with management you will get nowhere they only fully support the LGBTQ community they do not give raises like they should people who have been there 2 and a half years are still making 19 dollars per hour they are not fair in their quality grading metrics on the phone calls but they tell you when your hired that it’s not traditional call center when it is exactly that Cons: Bad management and open favoritisms"

Representative (Former Employee) says

"Discrimination and EEOC nightmare!! The people strategy team is a clicky High School cult full of inexperienced human resource individuals who know nothing about policies or the law and do not back the employees concerns. They all know each other, protect each other, and cover-up all of the illegal things they are doing. The people team is by far the most corrupt bunch of people ithebuilding"

Broker Support Associate/Training Assistant (Current Employee) says

"No raise in 2 years despite record revenues, weak leadership and denied opportunity for advancement. My interim manager actually prohibited me from applying for a different role. Cons: Broken promises, chaotic office environment, In-house IT is always broken in some way."

Member Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Power tripped managers unqualified managers high school environment who is most popular back stabbing untrusted favouritism waste of time and 2 faced management"

Prior Authorization Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company is more like a dysfunctional kindergarten, they suck at managing people, dont recognize the people working hard for them, they like their favorites"

Customer Service RepresentativeCustomer service (Former Employee) says

"Run don't work here they will tell you one thing then do another, management is terrible hr is even worse if you value your sanity you will find someplace else to work Cons: Stressful"

CONCIERGE CSR (Former Employee) says

"Oscar is cut throat ,you get many many disgruntled members on phone per day.or emails,etc management is very unprofessional, Cons: Everything was a con!"

Care Guide (Former Employee) says

"Horrible Company and a TOXIC work environment.. No chance for advancement and you're fed LIES LIES LIES This company is very clickish-- If your Not apart of the click including the leadership click then you don't stand a chance... RUN FAR FAR AWAY from this company.. I wasted my time there!! Cons: Too many to list"

Spanish Concierge (Former Employee) says

"Oscar Hub does not allow you to have a work life balance. Cons: Not eeoc compliant/ discrimination/slander/ harr"

Senior Care Guide (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend job is very. Omplicated and complex training is notmoing enough you are the face if every departmenr there its really alor to take in you meed to be be damikiar with mesixal insirance and twrminology to do well"

Care Guide (Current Employee) says

"I went in with so much hope for this job. Not only do we fail our members, constantly. The company has cut our benefits in the most absurd way ever. 1 hour sick time, accrued every 30 hours. PTO is awful. Their paid bereavement only includes “immediate family”, which they define as only spouses and dependents. So if your parents or siblings, or grandparents who raise you die...you are SOL"

Care Guide (Former Employee) says

"This job is stressful! Do not work here if you value your mental health. Cons: Everything else"

Concierge Services (Current Employee) says

"If you have a healthy brain, you'll bypass this place! The most micromanaged place I've ever seen. Once in they try to force their values on you (transgender restrooms, transgender week, etc.. very anti-religion values... if you have religious values... you're like the enemy... so much for non-discriminating EEOC environment). They push FAR LEFT opinions down your throat. IF you insist on working at Oscar DO NOT GO INTO THEIR CONCIERGE SERVICES DEPARTMENT - You'll get micromanaged all the way to when you can go to the restroom (they call it keeping in compliance)! Advancement is based on who likes you (in management) and NOT by whether you can do the job! IF they think you're attempting advancement to get away from concierge services they will use that to KEEP you in concierge services and control you AND YOU WILL NOT be allowed to advance - FACT! This COULD BE AN EXCELLENT place to work if they'd get in COMPLIANCE with EEOC rules! How they get away with their style of management is beyond me! CLEAN UP MANAGEMENT and you'd see a whole different company! Cons: TERRIBLE Management, NON-EEOC Compliant, Executive Management turns their heads while good people are being abused by their micro-managers!"

Member Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"- i feel like i am being asked to participate in institutionalized racism Cons: the job, in several ways, is a con"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Unless you graduated from an ivy league school stay away.... The turnover rate is rather high, management is a pure joke, and a majority are there for an image not to do a job. And the discrimination is not hidden well if at all."

Care Enrollment (Former Employee) says

"This would be an amazing place to work at if it was ran by qualified people. Most people in leadership positions seem to have been promoted by popularity and who they know. There are people on the phones that know more than those in leadership. It’s very disorganized and no one seems to be on the same page. Their excuse for everything is that they’re a start up. Honestly the salary is not worth the stress and disrespect. I really hope they get their stuff together because the people there work so hard and they are not being appreciated as much as they should be."

Operations Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Was called for the first telephone interview and it went well. Was scheduled for the second and was never called only to be lied to about the position being canceled. But its still listed."

Concierge Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Leadership was inexperienced and unsupportive. I loved my job but all the benefits are useless when your leadership constantly harasses and targets people they don't like. I will never reccomend anyone I actually like work for this employer because I value my friends. Cons: Leadership will target good hard working employees until they quit"

Clinical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This is a startup tech based health insurance company. Although I think its an amazing concept, the individuals that are running it from the ceo down to call center is what made me unhappy. They are not open to feedback even though they ask for it. It was a horrible experience and you have to do way to much sucking up to even get promoted."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Awful management and no job security at all. Crazy work hours with no recognition of your efforts. They'll get rid of you the second they don't like something."

Sparrow says

"ZERO STARS. The absolute worst health insurance I have ever been unfortunate enough to use, it was the only option in my area for my income bracket— the monthly charges are nothing short of extortionate, they cover NOTHING, and the rates are going up by an additional $300 per month in the new year. How can they charge such extortionate rates, cover nothing, and then increase their fees?? I regret every cent I’ve paid this terribly company. I can’t wait until I have another option. Any. Other. Option. "

someone somewhere says

"We had them for about eight weeks. I won't bore you with the details but this is the most unorganized, dumbly run venture I've ever dealt with. It takes them forever to answer simple questions, one person tells you this, another that. Needless to say we took our business elsewhere."

Samuel C says

"EDIT: Despite their comment below, I emailed them again and have gotten no response 🙄The experience has been so appalling my employer is trying to cover me so that it qualifies as a "life event" and I can get out of this nightmare.

This is the saddest 1-star review I've ever written because I started out LOVING Oscar. Their support is so nice but unfortunately, the product and company is poor.

After fracturing my wrist, I had to see a physical therapist. I called their support team, who said they'd look up a list and send it to me. After 2 days of no response I called back and they apologized that they had found me a place, but forgot to send the email. So they gave me the name of the place over the phone and I made an appointment. They then DENIED my insurance claim saying it was out of network! I never would have even found the place if it wasn't for them, I wasn't anywhere near the place...

The medical office even confirmed that they work with Oscar and they are in network!! So fortunately they are trying to help me, but the insurance company I had so much hope for has completely screwed me on this."

Hasan Al-Tameemi says

"Not Insurance Company. This is a personal experience: I paid them for months and when I needed them got nothing in return, they abanded me and rejected any kind of cover. They denied dealing with any hospital and every time I call or the hospital call them they give the same lame excuse: I do not have deductibles or any excuse that does not even convince a child because they do not care whether I believe it or not...really they are not an insurance company, they are just money takers...My advice to anyone not to deal with them because one minute could be a matter of life or death and you will find them not there to cover you as it is supposed to be...I canceled my insurance with them and advice, everyone, to do so to teach them a lesson that they are playing with our health and money"

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