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Opryland USA (later called Opryland Themepark and colloquially referred to simply as Opryland) was an amusement park in suburban Nashville, Tennessee. It operated seasonally (generally March to October) from 1972 to 1997, and for a special Christmas-themed engagement every December from 1993 to 1997. During the late 1980s, nearly 2.5 million people visited the park annually. Billed as the "Home of


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Maintenance Technician mechanical engineer (Former Employee) says

"the management roles were different and its hard for someone to move up. a lot of management picks sides and roles that they shouldn't. when it was just gaylord it was a down home great place to work"

Bellman (Former Employee) says

"Backstabbers, corporate greed, and nasty guest. Just dont. The hotel itself is just a giant maze and trying to give directions to people is just stupid because they tune out after 3 seconds. Management is a joke and full of backstabbing corporate coats who just line their pockets. Again just dont."

Not revealed (Former Employee) says

"Stay away, it's not what they try and say it is. In fact close to the opposite. Very underpaid for the hours and overall volume that is managed. Micro managed in all divisions from the top. Empty promises and a ton of politics. Cons: Hrs vs pay. Quality of life. Micro managed. Ideas go unnoticed."

Senior Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"No commuciation among departments or initial managers.Not enough incentives. I enjoyed the people and made a lot of friends whom I will always keep in touch with. Doing the mobile checkins which I loved was great we spoke with a lot of great people. We were the first guests spoke with and sometimes the last . I enjoyed the time that I was there and will cherish the time that I spent there Cons: Too far to walk"

Guest Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Gaylord Opryland is large place. Working there was pretty stressful because of the guests, not necessarily because of the management. I left there because it was just too stressful."

Cook II (Former Employee) says

"Good job if you don't mind working any hours and days. Money as a server can be really good but it is a seasonal type of job due to the types of conventions that are in house."

Night Stocker/sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Off and on business. Helping costumers and stocking the store. Basically the only good time to clean or restock the store was with low business.costumers came in groups."

Security Manager (Former Employee) says

"Underpaid and overworked. worked in management and was expected to do the moon and back, go outside of policy to handle issues, and discipline certain employees over others. Cons: compensation was mediocre"

IN-ROOM DINING SPECIALIST (Former Employee) says

"You were expected to remain available whenever management needed you and continue to work after your shift had ended. No balance in job to work life."

Guest Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"It was good learning, and making new connections. Many of the Agents check guests in, and resolve customer service issues. The hardest part is doing the same things over and over again. I did like the benifits."

Full Time Guest Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Definitely not the best job i had. This was my first hotel job and it pretty much was not what I expected. Completely underestimated the whole hotel and the job itself. Cons: Short breaks, long shifts, occasional 10 hour days, horrible uniforms, underground tunnels for employees, hotel is too big"

Executive Meetings Manager (Current Employee) says

"Gaylord Opryland is the largest non-gaming resort in the country. This is a great place to work and gain experience in the hospitality and customer service industry."

Grill Cook (Former Employee) says

"Love my position but left due to I found a better position. This was a very big place and had opportunity to meet all types of people. Cons: Pay too low"

Host/Guest Services (Former Employee) says

"horrible management and they didn't care how much they overworked employees"

Lead Hostess (Current Employee) says

"Not a bad company to work for. Pay is less than most host positions in Nashville. Upper management gives you very little support. Medical benefits are superb. Discount rooms at any Marriott in the world is also a plus."