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Opendoor is an American real estate company based in San Francisco. It makes as-is cash offers to property sellers through an online process, makes improvements and repairs to the properties it purchases, and relists them for sale.

An angry buyer angrily shared in a review “we bought a house from Open door All Open door did was put lipstick on the exterior of house and tried on interior but my 4 year old grandson could have done a better job the spilled paint on carpet without even trying to clean it up. they dropped paint spots from whit ceiling onto brown walls again didn't even try cleaning it off but here are the real problems.

1. Landscape irrigation tired into main water line illegal code requires a backflow preventer installed , irrigation timer did not work , irrigation line had more holes then swiss cheese but they advertised irrigation cost to get it done ( $3250.00)

2. kitchen Faucet would not move in any direction cost to replace ($250.00)

3.carpet was Filthy pet pee stains all over cost to clean ( $225.00)

4. pool equipment ( pump and filter ) did not work correctly over 20 years old cost to replace ( $5057.00)

5. Garage doors no remotes was a starter but after looking closer the double door had only ( 1 ) spring on it and it was broken the door where the opener connects to was 3/4 ripped off the door had to replace door and opener cost ( $2575.00)

6. Smoke alarms inside house did not work with each other to warn you if smoke or fire was on other side of house like they are made to do had to replace all Smoke alarms

cost ( $3780.00 )

7. only keys the gave was for front door dead bolt had to replace all exterior door locks and dead bolts Cost ($ 350.00)

all Open doors wants is to put money in there pockets they could give a Rats Ass about anything or Anybody”


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Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Business Practices: Company is unethical, lots of very questionable practices including changing home value based on marketing tactics (headline price vs internal price). Huge turnover for EPD. Engineering & product processes are constantly changing and employees are left to just play catchup with them. Work life balance is non-existent. They expect you to work outside business hours and penalize you if you don't. Culture is a zero sum phenomenon. Everyone wants to put each other down in order to show themselves are superior. They're trying to build a culture of openness. They're failing miserably. The only "openness" they've built so far is how information is shared within the execs circle. Lack of diversity. Little to no woman/people of color."

Current Employee - Corporate Employee says

"Where to begin...There's enough recent reviews about our harsh internal culture, poor work/life balance, leadership favoritism, customer disregard/ manipulation, sub-par product quality/eng, and manager backstabbing to fill a kindle, so there's no need to elaborate further. (all of which are truthful) Advice to prospective employees... Want to know what it's like to work at Opendoor? Simply, think the worst of the culture of Uber (nearly half the company joined from Uber) and the greed/deception of many 2008-era financial companies that are no longer around. Think good and hard about your decision to join us here. If you do, realize all you'll ever be at Opendoor is a metric, one that is bendable until you break or become expendable. We laid off 35% of our employees (roughly 600 people for reported COVID concerns) the week after a company-wide update about their long-term financial stability. Before the dust had even settled, we reposted and started fresh hiring for many of the positions recently cut. Make no mistake. Opendoor is the tech version of 'We buy ugly houses' with better branding and design."

Former Employee - Transaction Coordinator says

"Work/Life balance, management, no stability, no promotions & no raises."

Current Employee - Mortgage Loan Officer says

"Income is insulting. I will post a separate income review for what to expect on income. They mislead me in the interview presumably just to get a yes. When brought to all levels of management how bad the pay is compared to all other comparable companies the attitude is “sorry for your bad luck now go get more loans” It’s disappointing because I truly thought this was a company worth trying and staying with for a long time but when the income is 1/3 of what all other centralized sales model loan origination companies offer, there is no way to justify staying productive"

Former Employee - Operations says

"They then fired almost half the company after they all moved across the country. Opendoor has 6 months before they go bankrupt."

Former Employee - Estimator says

"Poor business strategies, corrupt management at the top, unstable business practices"

Current Employee - Decline to State says

"Work life balance? Completely non existent. Also, that 'unlimited vacay' ploy? Don't fall for it. Only if there is coverage, after being guilt tripped (and working 14 hour days 6 days a week), you might be granted that much needed time off. But be prepared to work on vacation, as I have been asked to do. That salary that employees receive? Be prepared to work around the clock to complete 'tasks' by end of day vs end of business. You even receive the latest and greatest version of a MacBook Pro as a way to invisible ball and chain. Hours are so grueling, they are amping up their hiring for contractors through Robert Half Consulting, and have these same expectations for performance and only pay them $14/hr. Not to mention their sourcing work such as checking emails and attaching documents to Guatemala, however you are expected to go behind what they call the 'GTeam' to ensure what they have done is correct (more than 90% of the time, the same doc is uploaded to their archaic system 5-10x, which then re-generates an already completed task, therefore re-triggering the whole process again) This is one of the worse companies that I've ever worked for. The SLA 'metrics' are non-real estate related, and the volume that comes in is impossible to keep up with based on their expectations. These expectations however don't apply to everyone! If you are lucky enough to be in the popular 'cliques' and entertain others well, your so called performance will be overlooked. The managers work towards their bottom-line only. They put up a good front to make it appear that they care about you, but will threw you under the bus at the first opportunity. Be prepared to be micro-managed by this iBuyer that is doing things more along the lines of Amazon conveyor belty, and not anywhere near the level of service by traditional real estate, done with a few transaction coordinators. Slack is their preferred method of communication, and most times their managing Brokers are so overworked (or maybe they're not) they're always in meetings, and most times answer Brokerage questions that aren't completely relevant to the situation at hand. I haven't even began to mention their purchasing OS National and the headache that is their newly thought up Mortgage company. I'll leave that for another reviewer If you hear someone recommend Opendoor to work for OR even buying or selling, run! They will sell you a dream at AN EXTREMELY high cost!"

Current Employee - Full Time says

"Cliques/ No overtime pay/ no advancement opportunities/ no pay raises / No educated leadership / No real estate knowledge / HIGH Overturn Rate/ No work-life balance / NO DIVERSITY & multiple state & federal regulations broken on a constant basis."

Former Employee - Estimator says

"Very bad management, young adults that have no clue what they are doing. They claim to be a tech company but the software they developed does not work properly. Definitely not a tech co its a real estate co. The rate they are going it will be a sinking ship."

Touring assistant (Former Employee) says

"I left my real estate brokerage to work as a touring assistant with opendoor. This was a big mistake! When I left my old real estate brokerage, I had to hang my license at open-door first. It took them literally three and a half weeks for them to inform me what the next step was. By the time my "training" came, ( which was just an hour video), a month had passed since I came to the company. After I completed the so-called training , I started getting calls about customers wanting to see houses. I had lots of trouble logging into their system, but had little help in resolving the technical issues. It was just so hard to get help from anybody, and no one was accountable to offer any assistance. To make a long story short after showing a couple of houses, I noticed that I was not receiving any calls over the weekend. This is strange because most people want to see houses during the weekend. So on Monday I called opendoor to find out what was going on, and some person ( someone who told me that she should not be helping me but the individuals who could were not available) informed me that I was not added to their agent portal system. The next day I got a call from someone who informed me that my agreement with opendoor was terminated. He said he could not provide me with an explanation or Reason for the termination. This is after I left my brokerage for what I believed to be a better opportunity, I am only writing this to let whoever wants to know that this company is not very professional and that the grass is not always greener on the other side. If they can terminate my agreementNone that I can think ofLack of support for technical problems, no training, no supervision to report to, and no organization."

Resale Home Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I was hired to negotiate RE contracts,offer to close for ATL but quickly wound up handling several states,working 90 hrs per week/no break/no time offfree daily luncheverything else"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"You are expected to work 7 days a week and on call without stand by pay. Expected to work all day and all night, 7 days week. Stressful environment. This job will work well if you're single, wouldn't work if you have kids as the company sometimes comes across as anti family.NothingStreeful"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Management is the worst! You receive a great pitch about culture, benefits and work life balance during interviews and it's all a lie. There is no room for growth as all of upper management are close college friends with no mortgage experience. They are the shadiest start up company I have ever worked for. You're expected to work long hours, weekends and nights for no extra pay. I was better off working for corporate! The CEO is way too busy to even introduce himself or address any major issues within the lunchesfamily healthcare expensive, poor management, no work life balance, no room for growth"

Homes (Former Employee) says

"There is high turnover for those over 25. A high tech company should have much better employee and training. Find another company that will help your career."

Valuation Analyst (Former Employee) says

"A strange place in which you will work for free. They are mainly involved in the primitive valuation of houses. W-9. Very weak management. No career prospects only if you are not licking."

Home Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Opendoor has a lot of very smart, Ivy League, tech people. They are cold robots that don't know how to relate to non data people. Senior Managers are highly analytical with zero sales skills or real estate experience. Opendoor is a service industry that relies heavily on sales and customer service and with the current set up, it does not make for a successful company. They have been around 4 years and are barely staying afloat. If you are going to be in the real estate world you need to hire people that understand real estate.Hard working peopleMid Management and Senior Management don't understand real estate, sales, nor customer service"

Estimator (Former Employee) says

"They have no management they all act like little kids. Worst company I ever worked for would not recommend it to anyone. This company is a sinking ship. They employ young kids that have no experience and if you try to correct them they get offended and do whatever they can to get rid of you. Could be a good company if they actually had managers that knew how to manage."

Valuation Lead (Former Employee) says

"Management has little experience in real estate with high expectations and demands, little to no appreciation for great work, plays favorites, uses their employees for their knowledge and will get rid of them before their shares vest.Decent salary and benefitsTerrible work conditions, inept management, long hours, little appreciation or recognition"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Management has proven they don't care about employees - unfair treatment of team members. Not willing to help. They do NOT practice what they preach. They say there are there to help, but don't. They will squash you to get ahead themselves. Constantly restructuring and people are losing their jobs left and right. Don't work here."

Estimator and Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Unstable company with massive layoffs, poor operations management, culture of favoritism, lack of advancement, and ineffective/unqualified leadership.Decent pay and benefitsPoorly executed business model"

Managing Director (Former Employee) says

"Wow, how can a company get so much investment capital and still not have any experienced management? Crazy how misinformed this company is about the Real Estate industry. Good luck if you put your foot in the Opendoor ! It's run by kids with daddy's money.HR is only familiar with tech hire . Not at all qualified to hire real estate or construction personnel. Big problem for each department to staff properly. Stay away !Big focus on free lunchChildish management, Poor HR department"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"This company could be successful if they hired someone who understands business in a real world environment. It’s a real estate business not tech business that Opendoor needs experienced leadership in. Maybe the SF investors will realize it . People working at Opendoor laugh about how dumb smart people can be. Hiring someone over 40 is almost unheard of in Opendoor. I’m surprised they not being sued .LunchPoor management"

Consumer Experience Partner (Current Employee) says

"I was promised salary pay after the initial 30 day training period, weekends off, and regular business hours with flexible time off. After the first week, I was told I would be payed hourly, and would be assigned to a “shift” rotation that included weekends, anywhere between 6am and 8pm. I also was told that since I would be hourly, I would need to accrue vacation hours. If interviewing, get it in writing."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"I have never seen a company hire such inexperienced people in Real Estate or Home construction business. They don't have a clue what they are going. From General Manager to department Vice President of Construction, ect. No real world business knowledge. They only have a little book knowledge. I don't see investors getting there money back. So much more profit is possible with experienced people in leadership positions.Well funded by investorsNo experienced management. City operations could improve by hiring experienced leaders"

Lead Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you like to run around like a chicken with your head cut off and wonder if your meeting opendoors expectations. The Job has its ups and downs but mostly downs They have no clue in upper management on how to run the skilled labor side"

Portfolio Manager - Acquisitions and Valuation (Current Employee) says

"Company has had multiple mass layoffs. The focus has been automation. "Humans" as San Francisco calls local operator are expendable. The company is looking to be sold too Zillow in the next 3-5 years."

Buyer Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"This is a great company if you want college fraternity and sorority culture and professionalism thrown out the window. HR barely does their job - located in a different state! hard to get a hold of, they do nothing with what you report. Management is terrible. They are overpaid and underpay their employees. There is no support from management. Although you expect structure to be different in a start up - there is no structure and big changes are abrupt with no thought to employees, like changes in massive procedure changes/job description changes, commission reductions, PTO changes...too many to count. They try and fluff up the perks they offer like free food and free gym membership to cover up all the managerial failures they continue to do. If you are a manager and overpaid, you love it. Otherwise you don't matter to them. There is no room to grow professionally. Work life balance purely depends on what team you are on."

Customer Experience Manager (Former Employee) says

"It's difficult to get promoted or brought into a new project within this company, UNLESS you're friends with a manager outside of work, or you play golf with them. It's not equal opportunity and not based on Merit, but based on relationships."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"It's a prime example of organizational dysfunction. It would make for an excellent business school case study for what happens when a company fails to scale. It went downhill so fast that it was stunning. I mean, in a matter of 5 months the company became unrecognizable from what it once was. In short, they tried/are trying to shift to a call center model and couldn't pull it off. The remaining folks are just burnt out, and only there because they have no choice at the moment but are actively looking."

Gary says

"Opendoor is absolutely the worst - do not use them to buy or sell - run away from any deal where they are the seller. We had a direct bad experience on a deal we just had to cancel. They put a house on the market overpriced, we had to bid full price to be considered in this market and went into the deal in good faith.. The only thing we asked is that the house appraise to value!. Does Not.... it is 15,000$ over priced. So we are happy to pay the full appraised value..., will they reduce..., will they even counter..., No - nothing. Standing on this 15K$ overpriced amount. No one in their right mind pays waaaay overprice for a house unless its a show place - and this house was nice, but no show place. The appraisal was fair and no comps are showing close to what they asked.. We had to walk away. So for us - this company stinks!! In my opinion, It is not honest, It does not operate in good faith. Run from Open-door. Oh.. and if you were wondering ..the house is in the Brandon,FL area.... and with what Im now reading about this company and similar issues other people are having - I will not even put in an offer to this bunch. "

Sue says

"Opendoor is just an awful company. Tried to buy a home from them, but they were over priced by a lot based on the bank appraisal and many comps in the area. The house was nice and we really liked it but it was not a show place .. it did not have all the upgrades that would warrant paying over 10K$ over the price in cash out of our pocket. So did they come down to the appraisal price , nope ! and we then had to walk away. What idiot is running their real estate deals.. no one but a cash buyer is going to buy that house.. and it was not all that. Anyway.. avoid them, dont even offer more that what the comps are - your relator can look them up. If you do , you will be left hanging like us... 100 thumbs down..!"

Ash says

"The entire experience with Open Door has been horrible. Our home was listed in the market through traditional listing. We asked Open-door to review and make an offer to sell directly to Open Door and their initial offer for the cash to close about was $894k but they asked us that in order to sign this deal, we must cancel our listing with our realtor and remove the home from the MLS. After talking to our realtor and making a tough decision to remove the home from the MLS, we reached back out to Open Door to sign the agreement. Once we were ready, they totally changed the entire offer price and reduced it by $60k. In addition, they increased their service fee on the initial offer from 3% to revised offer a day later to 5%. Their whole strategy was to entice us with a good deal and having us remove our listing from the MLS only to screw us over and changing the numbers when we were ready to sign. How is this even legal? I sent the agent screenshot of the initial deal they offered which they now refuse to honor only a day later. I could have signed the agreement but they forced me to cancel my MLS listing first. Their whole business model is to screw people over and make a quick buck off other people’s back. I would recommend everyone not to trust what they say because they lie through the entire process! Beware of this business!"

Linda J says

"Open door is horrible. Impossible to get ahold of a real person. They want everything submitted online. Then get this: they let everyone who has looked at the house know there is an offer then gives them 24 hours to submit before you get an answer on your bid. Unethical. They will not negotiate things like closing costs. They even said I would have to pay for the survey. I will make sure not to make an offer on any house with an open door sign. Run far away!!!"

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