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OpenText Corporation is a Canadian company that develops and sells enterprise information management software. OpenText, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, is Canada's largest software company as of 2014 and recognized as one of Canada's top 100 employers 2016 by Mediacorp Canada Inc.

Ryan Payne mentioned, "Currently, Open Text Documentum Enterprise Content Management is being used by our accounts receivable department. Implementation is in progress for legal, procurement contracts and engineering. The cons of using Open Text are,Document types accepted, inbound and outbound integrations, outdated system architecture and productized supplemental products (AP Xcelerator)."


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Former Employee - Senior Consultant says

"The company was poorly managed and management had little understanding of actual work"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"The whole company is done working at 5pm....sometimes earlier. The CEO is the smartest guy in the room - just ask him. Marketing and sales are not important - no program money for marketing at all. Just read their latest 10K report - they cut everyones pay at least 5% but most important also cut all the sales comp by 5% = so sales is less motivated to sell as they make less money = all the while still maintaining an increased dividend. The ONLY WAY they grow revenues are by acquiring companies - but this also adds to their debt on their balance sheet. Add to it their lack of respect or feeling they need partners - outside of SAP who resell OpenText. Unless you need a job - go anywhere else. Suspect OpenText will be acquired in the next 18 months to clean up the mess."

Former Employee - Senior Leader says

"While there are a tremendous amount of great employees at OpenText, the CEO drains the life out of any spark of innovation or meaningful progress by micromanaging and slowing down every little process with bureaucracy. Talented employees are leaving for better companies who actually take care of their employees. Many are no longer willing to put up with the long hours (including weekends), with pay cuts, fewer teammates and lack of willingness to invest in real employee education or adequately staffed teams."

Current Employee - Sales says

"Hostile work environment created by management, no incentive to do well as you'll never achieve the ridiculous bonus structure they've created (that they also can't explain to you), no true sense of leadership or direction, you'll spend most of your day being broken down, prodded and picked apart. Favoritism is a big issue and you have no creative freedom. If you can't become a clone of someone else on the team they like, there's no use for you. They'll claim to be "helping you out" but really are just covering their own backsides. Don't expect any career growth or advancement no matter how well you perform... they will ALWAYS find something to hold you back. If you are driven by moving up the ladder and jump-starting a career, definitely look elsewhere. There are a lot of fake reviews on here to make the job seem slightly better than what it is, but believe me when I say; If you work here, you will almost immediately regret your decision. You will be treated less than and punished for asking questions."

Former Employee - Senior Program Manager says

"Being treated like a dispensible cog in the wheel. There is much lip service about supporting women in tech, but that's all it is. A token few are trotted out. Never received approval for requested training in over three years of submitting same application - due to a manager/director supposedly having technical issues in the system to approve it."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"You never know if today is your last day before being laid off"

Former Employee - ADR says

"Horrible. Micromanaged to the nth degree. Contradicted their own processes. Showed favoritism, very suppressive and oppressive environment--treated like school-age children. Certain leadership was horrible; had to deal with vindictive and sneaky human being who lied and had temper tantrums. Ridiculous workshops and team meetings: many felt forced to say "all the right things", to appease The Baby."

Current Employee - Senior Product Manager says

"The work culture and pay benefits are too low."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"* bad management * bad culture * no respect and trust to their employees"

Software Engineer says

"Growth through acquisitions. They buy companies with dated tech. This wastes a ton of money they don't spend on their own employees. Most recently they got a loser company from Boston that is nothing more than dead weight and bloated director/vp salaries and little to no new technology."

Document Specialist (Former Employee) says

"You can be manipulated, judged, annoyed, micro managed, and used for $7.25 an hour. Get ready to be harassed and discarded like yesterday’s garbage. Good luck...Free roaches to take home. That’s right just check your desks. They’re free for the pickingYou need to see to believe."

IT drone (Former Employee) says

"Do not be fooled by the good starting salary. Raises are less than inflation, so with each passing year you are earning less money.... unless you are a yes man/woman manager who blindly follows the exec leadership teams hyped up banter. Company does not care about your life, just the amount of time they can get you to work.Good starting salaryEverything else"

Senior Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I didn't realize how much I hated working here until I was laid off. With retrospection I realized how much my skill sets were WASTED on this place. This is a true sweat shop and all they are interested in is grinding their employees into dust. There were so many suggestions I made to improve the work environment that went IGNORED because "hey.. we've done it this way for years.. why should we change?" Some of the management failed to graduate fifth grade at least mentally."

Helpdesk Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Manager was show to participate in retaliation towards subordinates and unfair work practices. Bias evaluations and refusal to take employees needs into consideration.noneseveral"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"the worst company culture I have ever experienced in north america, run and don't ever look back. The layoffs are constant and the depression is real."

Field Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"as above - lots of company changes and uncertainty. Great comany and products/services but hard to follow the constant change. It was a company with great people."

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"I worked very hard for bosses who used fear as a motivation device. Overall, a very unpleasant place to work at. They were intimidatory and never rewarded good work."

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lack of vision The leadership is not a visionary bunch. Ideas get shot down all the time. Lack of career growth opportunities If someone is looking for a quicker career advancement, this is not the place to be. Quality of resources Especially in the leadership positions to be improved."

Vice President (Current Employee) says

"Typical day at work - you do everything in double because there is not enough people in the team or they are so junior. What you learned - don't matter you do and get maximum score in the evaluations you will always receive and excuse for raises and promotions. If they do like like you will make your life miserable to try you quit or put you in probation to do not pay severance , even demote you. Management - if you are really an incompetent and love micromanagement guy, hunt people, and is a yes sir ... that is your place to apply for a job. Workplace culture - CEO crazy for acquire more and more companies even if the company debt increase, because he can cut your RRSP match, reduce your salary, layoff very good people and make you double the double or the triple, and if you don't smile after that is an enemy. The hardest part of the job - See the management doing everything upside down and the company sinking. Sooner who buy stocks will have a surprise. The company is imploding and losing excellent employees because of the administration, and HR is conniving with the situation laying and covering the administration. The most enjoyable part of the job - See the management hitting heads and bent rules to try lay off people just because they are afraid you take their positions . Also they try to hire people senior employees paying junior salaries and convince you that your new backup colleague will decrease your load. Management convince you that you lost benefits and is not demoted. The company is no longer what it was, people are sad and stressed, talkingIt was a wonderful companyThey are sinking by the Administration and Management, benefits cuts, demotion, no raise, no promotion, no training, stress and toxic environment, liar management, freezes every time, no career path"

Lead Data Center Analyst - Tier 2 - 3rd Shift (Former Employee) says

"The people you work with everyday are great but the management.and higher ups could care less about their employees. I was a shift lead and was forced to be the management role for the shift with no pay raise. Didn't even get a pay raise for becoming lead. Get yelled at for everything but never get told you are appreciated. Basically a horrible place to work."

IT Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company had happy people, the environment was funny, but year after year the scenario changed and in the last 2 years the worst arrived. Unreachable goal, people sad, several old and knowledgeable employees are just leaving because they are tired of the all management levels. But the company management doesn't care of lose the knowledge and people who built the pillars of the company. They are losing so many people that HR no longer ask why is the reason. Customer and Investors will fell sooner the shock of this when they will not be attended or the profits goes down. The company now is postponing the raises and delay evaluations to buy a new company with focus on cloud, but even cloud team cannot hold their senior technicians. The number of people leaving now is superior of layoffs that now is aprox 80 to 90% of the cases. New employees fells alone since there is nobody to really help. Several extra benefits were cutoff. CEO is no longer in the headquarter just stay in US having no view the destruction is happening in the main office. In resume, less experienced people, double or triple of work for the remaining, customers upset and management playing the monkeys (no see, no talk, no listen). Pros Very good people Cons lower and upper Management, toxic environment, no raises or career growing , so many acquisitions"

Consultant (Current Employee) says

"The mission of Opentext is maximizing the bottom line. There are quarterly layoffs and the job of those laid off is dumped on the remaining employees. Only the standard benefits are offered at your expense, and the culture is very dated. No opportunity for advancement. This is an okay place to work for people who want to do what they've always done. But if you're a millennial or motivated this place will ruin you."

Projects (Former Employee) says

"This place is a hole relative to other tech companies. PMO director in Seattle has absolutely zero people skills. Very arrogant and defended by higher management. It's a cult here only looking after higher management. The peasants are screwed everyday and fired on the spot for management failures.Good working level peopleSenior management in IT above the directors is a cult, . Very arrogant and they least care about employees"

Customer Support Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is quickly turning into a cutthroat workplace. Management is pushing down directives to do more with less. Very much a sweatshop environment from what it use to be.Not muchManagement is awful"

Enterprise Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Mgt is locked on legacy base, has little in way of innovation to offer. Company is tired, only value is in selling base - innovation lacking, sales management old school and not able to keep up with changing landscape of tech and emerging opps"

Channels Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Too much to explain. Always new managerial changes that do not make any sense. Sales management flawed, company culture weak."

Account Development Representitive (Former Employee) says

"The account Development rep position is a high pressure call centre role. They can’t keep anyone in this role, it’s permanently open on indeed because it’s absolutely garbage. The manager in Gaithersburg, MD is so far detached from WAterloo and is trigger happy to fire anyone that misses the target even for 1 week. They can’t keep a manager for longer than 6 mos in this role and the role itself is absolutely impossible to do: cold-calling large US-based corporations to get an in person meeting booked (for the on site rep) to buy a $200k/year software suite. Good luck!! Do yourself a favour and keep looking elsewhere. P.S. they have mass layoffs once a yearNice HQ building, free coffeeLay offs, impossible KPI’s, revolving door of managers"

Senior Technical Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"OpenText constantly acquires other businesses which results in excessive people in the same role. There is no job security and while you are employed, expect to work very long hours and 7 days a week."

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"I honestly have not seen one thing good of substance from this company which is sad. This company does not innovate, it just buys companies. They are not tech focused. They're just business people and negotiators. They seem a lot like used car sales people frequently. They don't care about employees. That will do anything to save money. They will try to convince you that they are the greatest and most noble company in the universe and you should consider it a privilege to work for them. CEO is a reality distortion field master so much that I think he even buys his own delusions. If you're intelligent this is not the place for you. Your skills and abilities will not be valued. You will be constantly frustrated by all the deception and misrepresentation of the truth. If you try to propose that facts should be considered to help the company's bottom line (despite the fact the CEO claims to embrace facts and science) you will be considered an outsider even though you're trying to help them succeed by doing real work that adds real value to the bottom line.some decent co-workers, sometimes work from homevery stingy on money, very chaotic, very little substance, lots of hype and buzz words, so much deception, will tell us one thing then back pedal two months later, can't trust them"

Monitor & Response Analyst (Current Employee) says

"it was decent company that did not want to do me right this company bought out my last company and took the software from this company now the culture is terribleit was decentit was decent"

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