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Oberthur Technologies was a French digital security company, providing secure technology solutions for Smart Transactions, Mobile Financial Services, Machine-to-Machine, Digital Identity and Transport & Access Control. As of 2008, Oberthur's revenue was €882 million.

A former manager shares his experience on indeed.com, "Oberthur has been bought out by another company so I am not sure if it has changed but during my tenure, the management was only focused on cutting cost. It was to the point that we once had a meeting about people using too much toilet paper. They also kept the pens and other office supplies under lock and key."


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Manager (Former Employee) says

"Oberthur has been bought out by another company so I am not sure if it has changed but during my tenure, the management was only focused on cutting cost. It was to the point that we once had a meeting about people using too much toilet paper. They also kept the pens and other office supplies under lock and key."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"The most horrible job to work for, they don't care about nothing but production of credit cards. When people don't show up for work sometime the manger make you run two machines. Everything is mandatory overtime, if you love making me money and not having a life this is the job for you. Machine operators get less pay than quality control. Oh yeah don't accidentally miss place a card because they running cameras back and if they can't find it you fired or if they find it they writing you up. They expect you to be perfect after working a 12 hour shift, no room for mistakes.NoneEverything"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"They use you by working you to death, me 12hrs daily 5 days a week and the pay sux. Then when you need to take time off for procedures, they do not allow you to, unless doctors note, but then they terminate you...NothingEverything"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend working here management sucks and you only get a half hour for lunch machine break down too often and training sucks they don't train you long enoughnothingeverything"

Laminator (Former Employee) says

"Mandatory overtime that cut into our lives away from work. Disappointing, below average raises. Management only cared about numbers not people.I met a few nice people i'm still friends with.Everything!"

conditionnement (Current Employee) says

"Une catastrophe, management incompétent, tout est basé sur la délation, aucune perspective d’évolution, à moins de trahir le voisin... hiérarchie en surnombre, changeant tout les 2 ans, et culture de l’injustice. Heureusement il y a quelques personnes vraiment intègres et sympathique qui relève le niveau de cet immonde cloaque (service maintenance, conde manuel..) mais cette entreprise est à fuir. D’ailleurs la durée de vie d’un employé est très courte la bas (3 ans max) et les arrêts de travail un record. Ne compter pas sur le syndicat pour vous défendre ou s’intéresser à vos problèmes, pour cela il vous faudra faire parti du club privé.Quelques bonnes personnes sur qui compterBeaucoup trop pour en faire une liste exhaustive"

Senior Software Project Lead (Current Employee) says

"typical day is undefined, driven by customer facing support, variety of technologies to learn, fun co-workers, hardest part - too flat an organization, no career progressQuiet placeno advancement"

Salarié polyvalent (Former Employee) says

"Je n'ai pas du tout apprécié cet environnement où on est constamment "fliqués".Le restaurant inter entreprise, la salle de sport, les 10 € de bienvenue pour la cantineFlicage, petit peuple, petit salaire"

Operator/Finisher (Current Employee) says

"i loved my job when i first started but after a couple months the way they really run the place is obvious, its a friendly environment if you know someone that works there for the most part its a very cliquish environment not much advancement, alot of drama, lets just say i have been here for about 8 months and i hate it here now, im looking for new employment, somewhere where i can actually advancenothing....but mandatory overtimedrama, no first shift option, monotonous job, mandatory weekends 7 day weeks at times"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend this job if you want to work in a non stressful environment. The work load is very extensive due to there being too much work and not enough employees.great people to work withextensive work load"

Operador de Máquinas (Former Employee) says

"Empresa gráfica com Seguimento de cartões e chips de celular uma das empresas que aprendi muito em questão produtividade.Não temBaixo indiçe"

Chef de projet international MBA (Former Employee) says

"statut de monopolemétier à partsociété très franco-française"

Press Operator (Current Employee) says

"Was at least tolerable when I started years ago. HR department is a joke. No real chance for advancement unless you’re one of the favorites. Cut corners every chance they get. Give you inferior supplies and expect superior products. Management is horrible, only taking care of the employees who brown-nose. If you’re offered a job, just run away.Some employees are good.Almost everything"

Software Engineer II (Current Employee) says

"-Poor planning -Great team -Very Bad Upper Management -Poor Culture -The Company jumps from one idea to another without listening to feedback -The turnover rate is high, people want you to leavebad healthcare, no breaks"

Client Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Not a good company to work for. All head management people are in France. You don’t get any bonuses or compensated for your hard work that you do. The moral is very low. People always saying they don’t care about there employees.Flexible with timeDon’t care about there employees"

Credit Card Operations (Current Employee) says

"Oberthur Technologies has their employees and they have temporary employees. Temporary employees are treated horrible, and temporary employees do just as much work, if not more."

Technical Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"There is no job security and work culture not exists. It has flex timings however they do not have any product in the group I was working andFlexible timingNo job security, No work culture."

Machine Operator (hotstamp) says

"This place is funny how its still in operation the training is terrible but lets be honest what job currently trains properly. The micromanaging that goes on here is ridiculous to the point it actually affects performance of the workers. The jobs themselves I'll admit are not too bad but since the training is so bad that you will have a lot of trouble in the beginning just trying to learn everything and how to operate your equipment. And sadly this company like many others are going in the direction of hiring pure temps which luckily they do hire full time but now I do not know, you are also treated like dog dookie as a temp Pretty much this place sucks!!!!!!!Air conditioning and the co workers weren't too bad.Working random schedules, would come in to no work, constant changes after one system is in place and you get comfortable bam it changes, upper management don't know their head from their buttcheeks"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"They have unrealistic expectations at times, and they try to work you as much as possible while paying you very little. If you speak up on unfair rules/regulations, you get in trouble. Hours are ridiculous, 12+ hour shifts and favoritism is displayed a lot. They hire and fire temps at least twice a year or whenever they feel like it."

Business Services (Former Employee) says

"Typical local employer. Most staff are average at best, and those who are good aren't noticed or rewarded and those who are bad are left to carry on that way. The people are mostly very nice and welcoming."