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Normark Corporation, doing business as Rapala USA, sells fishing products and accessories through the Internet. The Company offers fishing hooks, baits, rods and reels, hunting knives, clothing, backpacks, underwear and boots, lures, and tools and accessories. Rapala USA serves customers worldwide.

A former Office site shared some thoughts about working for Normark in a review published by INDEED: "This is the worst to work for. The high staff turns over. szchyco owners and manager as dumb as anyone can get. they rip off customers with smaller than required plants - poor standard infrastructure work. Office staff also dumb and sczicho in behavior. Do yourself a favor. Stay away or leave ASAP"


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Office site (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst to work for. High staff turn over. szchyco owners and manager as dumb as any one can get."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Normark was an ok company to work for, the people there were very friendly and pleasant to work with. I learned how to assemble different stuff there and learned how to read the numbers on the shelf's when putting products away. Cons: This was a temp job"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Terrible Management. But great Benefits. 2 different locations. Main Office gets treated Excellent. Warehouse other location gets treated terrible and they do all the leg work. If the product isn’t picked and shipped coy, then we make no money."

Order Picker/Shipper (Current Employee) says

"an okay place to work, but the work culture is terrible; people hate you for no reason, talk behind your back. get very territorial over lunch seats, and try to be disrespectful."