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NoPhone is a company that manufactures a plastic object that resembles a smartphone. It was created as part of the backlash against smartphone addiction. The company manufactures four different types, the NoPhone, NoPhone Zero, and NoPhone Air and NoPhone Selfie. The solid bricks of plastic are marketed as being "completely toilet-bowl resistant.

A former employee said this in a review: "At NoPhone there's no communication with office staff and very disorganized. They only care about their staff in Houston instead of the employees they hire for other regions. They promised a lot of opportunities and work. I left a good job for this mess. Never again."


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Ryan says

"No like it, very bad"

Jane Sexton says

"Had to visit Hereford store three times to have a sim validated . The lady who i assume was the manage was so rude it made us feel like an inconvenience to be there . She left me a young lad that was clue less whilst she sat at the counter telling the other staff about what she had for lunch , the hunks at the gym the night before and how useless the estate agent was who was handling her move (that made me laugh she called somebody else useless) Its OK complaining about the high street shops closing but with this couldn't care less attitude you can see why . I have four phones with Vodafone and shall be moving them in in a few months when the contract expire . I dont want to be a burden on the Hereford Store do i"

Mark tolman says

"Broadband is absolutely terrible The speeds were no where Near what they Garrenty and trying to cancel the contract was nightmare! In fact the company as whole are hard to work with they just want you to sign up to a contract once your in the service is disgusting they are not willing to resolve any problems or allow you to leave the contract! I would tread very carefully before entering a contract with vodaphone I will not ever be doing it again personally And will advise everyone I know not to. As this company kept trying to take direct debits from my account after cancelling my contract with out a single letter which has left me with A poor credit Rating! I’m a 36 year old professional with a Morgage and many years of other wise faultless credit There attitude is very much you are in a contract you must pay! Even though what you have signed up for is not what you are receiving they are a massive company that do not care!"

leon says

"Mines is a long story. In January I signed up for Vodafone Gigafast as they have exclusive rights for true fibre in my area. Any for 6 months I was only getting 100mbps when I was paying for 900mbps so for that whole time I was emailing and phoning all the time to try and get this fixed. For 6 months Vodafone kept saying it must be something wrong with my computer or Ethernet cables. I know this wasn’t true as I tried multiple devices and cable and the issue was always the same. Eventually Vodafone confesses the issue was their fault after 6 months as the had an issue on their system were new 900mbps customer were actually put on the 100mbps service. Anyway to fix this Vodafone had to change the contract again when I signed up my deal was £56 a month but when fixing it Vodafone changed my bill to £60 a month. They assured me this was only until they had fixed my speed problem and it would revert back to the £56 a month deal I signed up for. Three months later guess what still being over charge due to Vodafone issues. 9 months of waste time, calls and emails and I have still not managed to get Vodafone to sort my problems which are all caused by Vodafone. 9 months with the worse customer service I have ever had from any company in my life. If it wasn’t for the fact cityfibre has given Vodafone exclusive rights for the internet in my area I would have left the contract and went with a different company. As soon as I can change company in my area I will be leaving the very first day possible."