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Niumba is an online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays. The website has 334,000 listings, 22% of which are located in Spain. It is a subsidiary of TripAdvisor.

Unhappy Niumba user Leon M. posted the following review online:

It is a pity that good landlords with good properties use Niumba service. As it turned out Niumba gave terrible service. Moreover, they overcharged me almost 10% without any explanations. I discovered this in my credit card bill. So, do check details or book via a different service.


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Allen Feldman says

"I booked through trip advisor but there were no booking defails on that site! The booking should be shown on both sites! And when I did the initial booking there was no mention of Niumba involvement. The name meant nothing to me. I only was told when I complained that there were no booking info on the trip advisor site. There is no transparency here. And this was very stressful searching and making multiple calls to get the info. Trip advisor does not make its human interface phone number readily visible for helping clients The policy of not enabling contact between guest and host after the initial deposit is placed is stupid and inhospitable. Another vacation rental site that I am not allowed to name in this review according to Niumba ( who objected when I did so in an earlier version of this review) puts host and guest in direct communication upon the placement of the initial deposit. This policy allows the 2 parties to build trust between them. And responding by citing that if I pay the full rental in advance if I want to talk to the host directly cancels out the safeguard and security of the deposit arrangement. This policy is too rigid, contrary to hospitality and would prevent me from using your services again. This is not how you build customer loyalty. It is counter productive and would be the main reason why I would use Other services that permit earlier direct contact between host and guest over your service. If you seeking foreign guests it is shortsighted not to have an English version of your web site and your email messages. It is an inconvenience and short sighted if you want to be an international service."

A. Rosa Castillo says

"The appartment I visited was colder than I thought and there was no heating in the room. The owner was friendly with us though we also forgot to activate the heating on the bathroom, so we could not have a hot shower that day."

Judith says

"the spanish equivalent of TripADvisor I assume? always communicates in Spansih even though I reply in English - hard work!"

maria del mar rodriguez says

"The booking process for a holidaymaker is good, I have rented a house for Christmas and everything went smooth regarding the booking since I have not yet occupied the house. As an owner of two properties advertised on the site I have not a very good view. This summer I received the payment of a rental 90 days late, which caused me a lot of stress and made spent time chasing the financial department."

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