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The Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. (日産自動車株式会社, Nissan Jidōsha kabushiki gaisha) trading as the Nissan Motor Corporation and usually shortened to Nissan (US: , UK: or AU/NZ: ; Japanese pronunciation: [ɲissaɴ]), is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama. The company sells its cars under the Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun brands with in-house performance tuning products labeled Nismo. The company traces its name to the Nissan zaibatsu, now called Nissan Group.

In November 2019 HUMPHREY BWAYO wrote a piece for HOT CARS in which he ranked the worst Nissan car models:

2007 Nissan Sentra SE-R The redesign came with a CVT transmission, and critics ripped it apart, saying it was a mix of thinly veiled disappointment and stiff politeness. While you could go the Spec V way, according to fans, the Sentra wasn’t meant to be a tuner car.

Nissan Cube To be honest, the Nissan Cube is an exceptionally functional car despite its side-hinged tail-lights. However, the American market was still not ready to drive a box-shaped automobile to work or school.

Nissan Murano Cabriolet The idea of a convertible truck is cool, Jeep and Suzuki have made a killing out of it, and for most 90s teenagers, Spring and Summer breaks wouldn’t have been the same. However, you can't say the same about the Nissan Murano Cabriolet.

Nissan Juke Granted, the Nissan Juke is a fun car to drive, with a roomier cargo room, but that’s where all the fun ends. While it had a following that didn’t mind its design, the Juke was organized chaos, and perhaps one of the worst designs from the manufacturer.

Nissan Quest It also lacked the right mix of features and received a poor rating from the IIHS. Quest owners were constantly at the service shops doing repairs, and the model received its fair share of recalls. Yes, Nissan Quest is by far the worst Nissan model drive out of Nissan’s showroom.


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Current Employee - Customer Service says

"Nothing to said, good company"

Current Employee - Consumer Credit says

"90% of promotions are inside jobs. Posting of positions is a joke. It’s about who you know and not the quality of your work or resume."

Current Employee - Production Technician says

"Management Favorites Talk to some employees any type of way"


"Terrible managers hold control of people. Incompetent and completely non technical person leading the mobility and machine learning group. If you are in Data or ML field do not go this place. A couple of narcissist and incompetent personalities hold down talent. Not much advanced research happens. just a show shop presence in silicon valley. Difficult to deal with internal politics."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Insurance sucks way to pricey"

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"Although there are some good people here, most everyone is a bully. They have little knowledge and understanding of what they're doing, It's a constant demeaning environment intended to control you. Not too many people here are happy and looking for their next job - you will too if you go to work for Nissan."

Former Employee - Consumer Credit Analyst says

"No work life balance, poor management job of developing employees, good ole boys network, management does not care about employees- so far as trashing employees in earshot of others andx find it funny if can pick up enough paper trail to fire someone, very nitpicky, would go so far as to say one female manager will not promote if her staff does not look like her."

Former Employee - Maintenance Technician says

"The management is "good old boy" network filled with uneducated adult children. The health care benefits have been reduced to a sad joke. Huge increase in use of "temp" employees."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Nissan has a slow promotion process. Your promotion is based more on how long you have been in the company than what you know."


"The company don't care about ther employees"

Automotive Technician (Former Employee) says

"A slave camp. Slavery of the 21 century. Every seconds count. Can't even go to the bathroom when you have to or when you need to. Floor supervisors and managers love women. No matter how good and how experienced you are a new comer female will be perfered for positions. I had perfect attendance and when I ask for a.sick day they were mad at me, and those who have attendance issues can take off whenever they please..NoneLeave this place while you still healthy"

Gerente de negocios (Former Employee) says

"No tienen bien ambiente de trabajo en la agencia, no cumplen lo que prometen, muy mala relación laboral, nula comunicación"

Asesor Profesional de ventas (Former Employee) says

"el trabajo en equipo es nulo, no existe capacitaciòn alguna, no dan equipo de trabajo y las areas no se ayudan entre siningunono es un buen lugar para trabajar"

Internet Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Even though i only worked there for 4 days. You have to make 60 calls a day and try from all those numbers to get 5 or more people into Nissan. If you don't then 4 "managers" will go in and ask why you can't bring anyone in. Also make bets on you and get hit on endlessly. The environment is stressful and you can't be late or you will have a manager on your back. If you are attractive women be careful with the sales people. I have a employee who i didn't give my number to harass me.Very unprofessional sales manager."

Service Porter (Former Employee) says

"Overworked & extremely underpaid. Advancement is only based on who kisses a** at work. Parts department ok. Sales department no good.Service department no good.2x a year lunches/raffel. Thanksgiving & Christmas."

Porter (Former Employee) says

"Honestly this place is terrible to work for and the work is not worth the money at all. Do yourself a favor and work for any other dealership and especially one NOT owned by Greenway. Also there is no training or advancement so don't buy into that.Literally nothing.Pay, no respect, overworked, management is terrible, no professionalism"

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don’t expect to be paid... they find every reason to deduct things from your check, if you get a check! The owner makes you beg for your check. He never pays on time. Everyone that has a heart beat is hired... run don’t walk away from this place, don’t waste your time. This place is a revolving door and the owner is a horrible person to work for. He has a anger issue and has been known to become violent. It’s a jobSee paragraph...."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Nissan claims to be very diversified when in fact it is not. White people are a minority at nissan but the majority of upper management in the company is black. My time there was not pleasant and I will never work for them again."

Assembly Operative (Former Employee) says

"Rubbish horrible company to work for. If you're not well or have an injury they still put you to work horrible horrible nightmare... wouldn't go back for all the money in the world"

Sales Manager/service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"They hired, lied to me then refused to pay properly with no justification to how they came up with their numbers . I still stayed n asked to be transferred . Then they did the same. Had me learn myself with no training from management who then decided to go a different direction..... I wasn’t apart of the crew there in Hemet bc I didn’t wear an ankle bracelet..... they rip off and lie to customer. bunch of Justin Timberlake lovers. Lol. Timberlake"

Project Engineer/Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Typical day is heavy management over site with customer oriented approach. Work life balance is also very limited with minimal flexibility for remote work. Compensations/Benefits are also adequate. Job security and employee growth is easy to achieve with heavy turnover rate."

Detail Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"I hated working here. The managers are jokes and rude to every single employee. let the employees sleep with eachother as well. Never will come here ever again"

asesor de ventas (Former Employee) says

"La empresa carece de valores y es poco estable, el pago es mínimo. No valoran al capital humano, sobre explotan al empleado e incluso los limita en horarios de comida."

Title Mail Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Upper management & employees are extremely unprofessional & unproductive. Employees, supervisor’s & management conduct themselves with biased behavior.NothingEverything"

Plastic Components Cost Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Management is the worse. HR is very pro management and you as a salary worker does not have a chance for support. People are forced out if you are not wanted be management. Please look else where for a career."

Manufacturing Operator (Former Employee) says

"Lied to constantly by management. Best workers do not get progression. Friends of supervisors do. Worst company I’ve ever worked for comfortably. Would not recommend."

Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The only thing saving this dealership is the product they represent. Run poorly, run with skeleton crew and never thinking about the future. They would rather put out fires when they spark instead of be proactive, they are always reactive! Forget about offering suggestions, it will just go on deaf ears, until they say it at a later date and take credit for it. Even though you work there day in and day out every hour and know more about how each day goes, their unrealistic expectations must be met instead. This dealership could be great if it was run properly."

Mid-stage Collections (30-59 dpd) says

"You can only move up if you know someone. They are always outsourcing for candidates in upper management positions. They have had multiple directors and Vice Presidents each year for the last 5-6 years."

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"This place not only does it try to take unneeded money from its customers, but the manager is a joke only listens and does what the head tech says. Complete and uder favoritism all the way around. The pay even with years of experience and a list of trainings and knowledge was only able to start at 13 an hour then moved to 15 as a tech only getting paid for the work produced. With the head tech getting all the good jobs it's almost impossible make your 40. And if you upset the head tech off you will get fired ."

Operador de Produção (Former Employee) says

"Pior empresa automotiva. Demitem quando vc fica doente.chefia bao entendem oa funcionarios .3minutos para ir ao banheiro.quando vc comsegue irSabe iludir o trabalhadorTudo"

Jim Bob McKrakken says

"My 2015 Nissan Leaf sucks. Two months out of warranty the regenerative brakes failed while I was driving. Fortunately, I was going slow and some speed bumps helped me to slow down enough for the hydraulic brakes to bring me to a stop. $6,400 repair. "

MarianneSmith says

"Transmission failed at 89,000 miles! Poor customer service and poor quality car. Most companies stand behind their product and at least negotiate towards a solution.. they just said "so sorry, we will pay for zero of the cost". Didn't even call me back when I reached out to them. Didnt even cover the $250 for diagnostics. Go elsewhere for a new or used car!"

Frank Dyball says

"Purchased a Nissan Juke in July 2018 from a Sandicliffe dealership in Loughborough. This year despite 3 visits to site and numerous telephone calls today I have had to call out the RAC because neither of the electric keys would work THIS ISTHE FOURTH TIME THIS YEAR WITH EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM"

Gillian Barker says

"I purchased a Nissan Pathfinder 3 years ago, perfect service history and very well maintained which came out of warranty this year Feb 2020 and only has 43,000 Km. There is slight fraying in one of the panels of the driver seat. I have just been informed after a week of notifying Nissan and having to do the follow-up call that this will need to be repaired at my own expense. This is very disappointing as this is not a cheap car, and I would expect my leather seats to wear better as the car is only 3 years old. I would have thought some sort of good will gesture would have been suggested. I offered to meet half way. Very disappointing ."

John says

"May this be a warning to anyone thinking od buying a Nissan Teckna. I bought a Brand New Teckna in Nov 2019. Whilst driving it a few weeks ago the DPF light came on, so I managed to book the car into Nissan Charles Hurst in Mallusk. I was informed I might have to pay for this , which I thought no way, It's only 7 to 8 months old and has less than 7000 miles on the clock. When I arrived to pick the car up the receptionist informed me that i would have to pay £170 which is discounted for fixing the DPF warning light.I Then asked for the manager, a man of the name Declan Teggart, one of the most arrogant, obnoxious with no customer skills person i have ever met. He said to me that I was driving the car too slow and that I need to give the car a good burst of speed and stop driving on short journeys to clear the DPF. I can't believe he said such a thing, he was wanting me to speed. I informed him that i stick to the speed limits, and if thats the case the DPF light will be coming on again. Absolutely disgraceful from Declan Teggart, and he's a manager.I had to pay £170.00 for work to be carried out on a car with less than 7k miles and not even a year old
.Signed GW


Binu Sasidharan says

"Extremely poor service.
Never opt this vehicle."

Cool Panda says

"I had a 2014 Nissan Pathfinder and that pile of poop had a transmission issue and a air condition they could never fix all at 150 KMs after 3 years. Meanwhile, I was driving the Toyota Highlander for 10 years and racked up 300KM and never had the any major issues. I hate Nissan and traded it in for a 2020 Highlander"

tom raden says

"Right now not my cup of tea. Try with other automobile that is lower prices and better quality of breaking systems"

Julian Villa says

"I had a 05 Nissan Pathfinder that gave me serious radiator cross contamination with the transmission. I had to do the repairs on my own because Nissan said it was out of warranty. I looked for the least expensive repair shop to repair my Nissan . This issue soon after went into class action after my repairs but because my repairs were not to the qualify amount that Nissan applied for the refund amount they still refused to help me . I have own two pathfinders in my life and I can honestly say DO NOT BUY A NISSAN . Tell your friends to stay away from all the products Nissan does not care at all for there customers. I was left in the dark with this matter . There quality has disappeared."

Riyaz says

"I had a full service. Not a service I accepted , no detail paper work to explain what they don for the money we pay for them. Totally disappointed."

Juan says

"I've had Nissan Altima 2006 with a transmission problem, now I have Nissan Sentra 2015 also with a transmission problem, I think I've learned my lesson this time.
Google "Nissan with transmission problems", and you will see how many complains, you'll also find lawsuits.

Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere, there are plenty of good options out there with reliable cars."

Sue Atkins says

"In under four years and of course the car was just out of warranty the air con packed up (£800 to repair due to a design fault) and then the battery, common faults Nissan know about but choose to ignore! Terrible customer service once bitten! I will never buy Nissan again buyer beware!"

Ciro Duarte says

"Don't buy Nissan, even worse if you buy at caetano power in Lisbon ...
Because of the engine light that turned on and off, I took my Xtray 2017, 3 times and it went:
1. I called because I had a warning to change the oil and the engine light turning on and off. As the car was 6 months after the last review they said it didn't need to. Since the light wasn't on when I took it, they said they couldn't know what it had. The conclusion was, there is nothing to repair.
2. They did a reset of I don't know what, get out of there and days later ...light is back on ...
3. Now it has resulted in a repair of almost 700 €. A sensor is missing and they don't even know where it comes from ... It's been a week and we only know that someday the sensor will arrive. We asked a lot but not even an answer. If the sensor has already been sent, if they know when it arrives, if they know where it comes from, why it takes long, they know nothing, and just say: wait.

Everything happened in the last month in a car under 2.5 years, an automatic and full version of xtray ...
As if they don't care and nobody answers, never.
Not a solution, not a car, not a date, nothing, we only know that it will cost almost 700 €.

Honestly it's a lack of respect and it is a very very bad and expensive product because. Every year you have to spend an average of 2000 € on repairs ... yes, even if it's new.

My name is Alberto and the car is at Nissan de Benfica

Não comprem Nissan, ainda pior se compram na caetano power de Lisboa...
Por causa da luz do motor que ligava e desligava, levei a minha Xtray 2017, 3 vezes a assim correu:
1. Liguei porque tinha um aviso para mudar o azeite e a luz do motor ligava e desligava. Como o carro tinha 6 meses depois da ultima revisão disseram que não precisava. Como a luz não estava ligada quando o levei, disseram que não podiam saber o que tinha. A conclusão foi, não tem nada.
2. Fizeram um “reset” de não sei o que, sai dali e dias depois volto a ligar-se...
3. Agora resultou numa reparação de quase 700€. Falta um sensor que eles mesmos nem sabem de onde vem... Jà tem uma semana e a gente só sabe que algum dia o sensor chegara. Preguntamos muita coisa e nem uma resposta. Se o sensor jà foi enviado, se sabem quando chega, se sabem de onde vem, porque tarda, nada, eles não sabem nada, e só aguardar.

Tudo esto no ultimo mês numa viatura com menos de 2.5 anos, uma x-tray automática e full...
Como se for pouco a gente liga e ninguém responde, nunca.
Nem uma solução, nem uma viatura de assistência, nem um data, nada, só sabemos que custará quase 700€.

Honestamente é uma falta de respeito e um produto muito muito mau e custoso porque cada ano tens que gastar em media 2000€ em reparações... sim, inclusive se é novo.

O meu nome é Alberto e a viatura esta na Nissan de Benfica"

Tiffany Jessen - Goss says

"I have leased through Nissan the past 8-10 years. I got married last year to someone in the Navy and now we are being restationed to Japan. When my husband turned in his leased vehicle to Mazda, he was not charged a single dime for any “excessive wear” or a disposition fee as IT IS NOT OUR CHOICE to move. I am SO disappointed that I am now being charged $673.19 for a CHIPPED (not cracked as it states) windshield and a disposition fee. It is absolutely outrageous that you are still charging for something out of my control. Do I think I should pay $359 for a CHIPPED windshield, absolutely not. The chip was about 1-2inches wide and the entire windshield does not need to be replaced. Additionally, $395 for a “disposition fee” that is out of my control is just pitiful."

Kayleigh says

"Brought a Nissan car from a dealership, car ended up in the garage more then I had it in 6 months. When I tried to return it best they offered was to take the car and give me 3 grand off another one! Customer service useless and so are their dealerships never have another one of their cars again!"

Megan Mattei says

"Nissan is SOOOOO TERRIBLE! I will NEVER buy or lease a car from them again! The Nissan Finance customer service is a JOKE! I had faxed information to them for wear on my car. Weeks later I got my statement with the full price of the wear that I already fixed! Called Nissan and she said I had faxed it to the wrong number??? Oh so your saying your information on your OWN nissan email is wrong cause I faxed the number that you gave me! Like what the heck??? Had to fax it again. Keep in mind that it cost like eight dollars to fax and I did it twice. I should have just paid for the wear instead of having to call them every day and keep faxing them crap. She tells me that my fee would only be up to $395. BULLLL CRAP. Called back and the lady did not even put my new fax in my account. They DO NOT tell you the truth they lie to you and are sneaky. Do yourself a favor and buy a TOYOTA they last longer and better cars anyways. My nissan car was trash!!"

Bob says

"Nissan Canada is a terrible Company. Absolutely zero customer care. Head Office is a mangled mess. No one is running the business. Completely out of touch with their customers, they have out sourced their customer care dept. to a telemarketing firm that knows nothing about cars or Nissans. Concentrix handles customers complaints. Then they do nothing. No one at Nissan HO gives a hoot about the consumers. Nissan senior management has their heads buried in sand and only care about their bonuses. Never, never buy any Nissan product. If you own one now get rid of it fast."

Lesley says

"Customer service is terrible!
Purchased my new car in 2017 and wonderful service couldn’t fault. (Full of salesman promises) Air con was to be all checked and re-gassed and fully serviced as new!
January 2018 returned to Nissan due to faults with the electrics, apparently was due to battery. Replaced with new battery at my expense.
May 2018 first MOT carried out and a service at an extortionate cost. Also informed that my Car Health Check -
1. Air con needed attention. Rated RED for efficiency and temperature.
2. Front brakes. RED (no explanation)!!!
I questioned this Air Con and explained that the system was checked and serviced when I purchased the car and should not be faulty. Apparently I had no written proof of this and so that was null and void!
The brakes were RED When telephoned for an explanation, I was informed “oh don’t worry then, it’s only for information purposes!
Also at this time I was instructed that my Warranty was running out and if I didn’t sign there and then for another year, it would be too late to extend.
Explaining that I couldn’t physically afford to at that moment in time, I was bullied into putting the cost onto a credit card there and then as I would miss the opportunity to do so at a later date.
Within 2 days I learnt this was utter rubbish and then started the long battle to cancel the extended warranty and fight for a refund. (There was an option for a 10 month payment plan) the salesman instructed me that there wasn’t!
I eventually received the refund after almost 3 months and countless telephone calls!
Within a few days of the service, a warning light started illuminating. (Usually part of a service) I called Nissan and was informed it was not part of the service!
Several days later another warning illuminated, apparently this also was also not part of the service!
I paid £269 for a service on my car!
Just taken my car (for this years)MOT and service to another garage. Utter shock and fuming that the MOT has an urgent advisory that the battery clamp is totally missing!
Called Nissan and apparently that was fitted in January 2018 and would no way be an error of their excellent mechanic!
They are not accepting responsibility and someone else is at fault! I can not say who because Nissan are the only garage that have lifted my bonnet and fitted a battery.
Nissan will order me a replacement clamp at the cost of £40.00!
There customer service is non existent, they are patronising and totally unhelpful.
I would never purchase another car from them!
They are not even worthy of one star!"

Tyler says

"Unresponsive website with interface that looks ancient"

Joseph C says

"Door spot welds cracked. Nissan refused to fix this. Car was 6 years old."

steve says

"I have had 3 maxima's, 3 Altima's, 1 sentra, and 1 -1976 Datsun 200sx .and never had much trouble with them."

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