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Nextdoor is a hyperlocal social networking service for neighborhoods. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in San Francisco, California. Nextdoor launched in the United States in October 2011, and is currently available in 11 countries. Users of Nextdoor are required to submit their real names and addresses (or street without the exact number) to the website; posts made to the website are


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Hello former Neighbor, It must have been a while since you were with us; we have not had a CRO at the company in many months, though have been actively recruiting!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The culture under the CMO/CRO is garbage. There is always unhealthy tension to get things done faster. They've crossed the line of the optimal work/life balance where the companies I've previously worked for have danced around it. Back then I felt pushed, but still happy and productive. Here, I was just tense...for years! Regular scenario: "What's an optimistic timeline for this project?" After giving a response... "Ok, please get it done sooner thanks." Tomorrow: "Hey can I get a status update? Any way we can pull that in?" You are encouraged to respond to late night pings which happen regularly. There are abrupt shifts in focus. There is an incredibly high turnover rate in this org of Nextdoor, so much so it's surprising there's any culture at all. Worst of all, performance and reviews mean nothing. I have been praised for regularly exceeding expectations, told I am making "company wide" impact, and thanked for putting in some serious crunch time. Thanks for that <4% raise. So that's why I'd give Nextdoor a 1/5. Don't lead me on for years with little to no reward. If you're in the bay area, there are a plethora of better options."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Run like a dysfunctional family business...cover-ups of real issues, manipulations of people, playing favorites, pitting people against each other. Terribly odd relationship between Sarah and Nirav that plays out with belittling and bullying by both of them. Very very slow to make product improvements, little employee (or expert) input. Mgmt team sweats the details and ignores the big picture. Thank god there is a change at the top coming."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In an environment like SF and Silicon Valley, where company culture is king, Nextdoor really falls short. There is no belief in culture and no company identity. The people at the top set a tone of insincerity. There's a blatant divide between the old and the new employees. While the mission of the product is promising, it doesn't really bleed into the culture of the company which is disappointing...there's absolutely NO community which is ironic considering the product. If this company does well, it will be because the founders care about making a buck...not because they truly care about employees or the product's mission. It's all a facade. As an overall company, Nextdoor may do well, however, employee satisfaction isn't high on their list of priorities, so if being a satisfied, engaged, and developed employee matter to you, you'd be better off working elsewhere...."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Toxic work environment. Toxic product leader openly belittles people who's ideas or perspectives don't align with her own. Backstabbing is rampant, even blatant lies in order to advance agendas. CPO hires based on personal relationships instead of fitness for roles. Little-to-no vision from CPO, mostly micromanaging and arguing about executional details. How the org actually operates is in conflict with the stated mission and values of the business."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"My observations so far = seems like we are still ways away from creating a safe and productive environment for employees to be able to reach their potential HR seems to be in a constant state of disarray. Maybe because company is growing so fast but there seem to be noticeable cases of people leaving within a short period after their start. But nobody talks about what we’re doing to solve for this. Teams across the board seem understaffed, reactive, and lack clear leadership from a senior-middle management perspective CEO is making an effort for better transparency at the top but the way communications gets cascaded through the next ranks has been weird. It feels like there are still a lot of “he said she said” and “closed door communications”. The work environment feels inefficient and has eroded trust in managers. Misalignment and tension amongst senior leadership causes disruption to work for the rest of the team. Work gets delegated that is not necessarily in the best interest of the customer but out of pressure to pump out sales Lack of transparency on hiring on a team level. It’s like hunger games. One day you have headcount and then you don’t. It’s all so mysterious. And puts you on edge. Makes you feel like a number and a nameless employee. Lack of diversity compared to other companies No clear career development plans or investment"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to begin.. Nextdoor has aggressively hired from Twitter in the Sales Org. This has led to a toxic work environment with leftover politics from a prior employer. There is also limited transparency with job requirements, KPIs, and career growth. This level of ambiguity leads to a lot of miscommunication and unclear expectations (with many people working below their abilities), in addition to toxicity from the leadership."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Hello Former Neighbor,Thank you for your meaningful contribution at Nextdoor. Please know that we value this important feedback and have shared it with the appropriate teams and leadership to guide internal discussions. The reality is that designing sales targets and incentive structures around evolving products is always a challenge for fast-growing companies, but we%E2%80%99re committed to ongoing iterations to ensure changes work for our team, customers and neighbors around the world. Your feedback will be incorporated into future iterations. We appreciate your time at Nextdoor, and thank you again for the feedback.The Nextdoor People Team"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"*LOTS of turnover in every department, especially at the executive level *PTO is accrued at only 3 weeks/year, which is pretty bad... some departments don't document it at all as a work-around, but others have to... WFH not encouraged *no commuter stipend *we don't have holidays like Veteran's Day, President's Day, etc. off, so if you're a parent, you have to take PTO to stay home with your kids *absolutely no focus on diversity at the company"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Maybe this is team specific, but management plays favorites and communication doesn't feel open. A growing company has certain burdens, and there's a lot of change happening right now, but they need to realize the talent they have within the company instead of sticking their employees in a hole they can't get out of. Or be upfront about the difficulty/lack of ability to move up/chance of increased responsibility. Basically feels like a dead end job."

Operations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Very well known product used by people all over America, which is great. But Nextdoor has a very opaque product development and marketing process. Very limited resources for new projects, and nearly impossible to get mid-level or exec buy-in. Favoritism runs rampant.Cool to work on a product used by neighborhoods all over USALack of trust in employees, always changing goals"

Babysitter (Former Employee) says

"I enjoy Nextdoor because it is collaborative, friendly and flexible. I learned how to manage my own work hours and find what is best for me. It is great!Flexible ScheduleNon paid vacations"

Community Organizer (self-employment) says

"I was able to meet many people, I learned how to engage neighbors and use critical thinking skills. This company was a very unique place to work, I had a great team working together, and the communication was clear and understandable.great teamno insurace and no room for advancement"

Little Blue says

"Free Speech Censoring Leftists. They deleted my News Group and Republican Group. And because I'm conservative, as punishment, they deleted my Dog Group, which was totally harmless (we ONLY talked about dogs!). Combined, my groups had over 300 members but Nextdoor doesn't care - if you don't stick with their liberal agenda, they want you gone. You have no voice unless you support Democrats, BLM and love vicious unleashed ghetto dogs (Pitbulls). I recently posted an incident regarding an unleashed Rottweiler attack and my account was suspended (because someone was "offended"). A similar post was deleted 3 months ago about pitbull. Neo-Marxist admins (chat monitors) will single you out and delete your posts if you don't adhere to their mainstream liberal narrative. Videos posted from my security cameras were REMOVED because they were deemed "racist". (Yes, a Security Cam showing someone STEALING is "racist".) The feature where posts (regarding crimes) could be sent to your local police was also eliminated because it was deemed "racial profiling". You have little opportunity to communicate your opinion without "offending" someone and subsequently being deleted. Basically what's left on Nextdoor are messages about lost kittens, gerbils and handyman requests. At this juncture, Nextdoor has become totally boring and full of knuckleheads. Should be called "GROUPTHINK Nextdoor dot com". ZERO stars."

Your name says

"When I logged into my account for nextdoor, it said it was disabled. I emailed the service team about it and they said I had to email them a picture of my ID, and send them unnessescary information. I emailed them MULTIPLE times and they kept ignoring me and not responding to my emails. I was using Nextdoor as a platform to make money because my father's 50th birthday is coming up and I don't have any money to buy him his dream gift, and now I can't make any more money due to Nextdoor LACK OF COMMUNICATION AND POOR COSTUMER SERVICE"

Sahar Fardanesh-kouklani says

"I can say one of the worst app I ever had. I tried 3 times to get involved and I got disappointed every time. You can not help the neighborhood, you can not talk openly, you get disconnected for stupid comments others make on your topic . You get terminated if you want to help your neighborhood in disasters time like coved19. I do not recommend to waste your time on this app at all."

Deedee says

"I say we all gather together and sue the crap out of this platform because it is quite clear their agenda is anything LEFT, LIBERAL OR DEMOCRAT. I’m game, let’s hit them where it HURTS. THEIR WALLET."