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Newey and Eyre was an electrical wholesaler based in the UK. Founded in 1927, the company is now part of Rexel UK and has now been rebranded as such. Newey and Eyre also hold a range of over 3.500 own branded products called Newlec.

Newlec has poor management as an employer, an awful delivery structure for drivers, and low salary , according to a former driver at

"Staff gave up, never any useful sign of management. Awful delivery structure with sales demanding more and more from 1 driver. Pay is pathetic as a driver."

User "vintage33javlin" says that Newlec "Need better quality control" in a review of Newlec Double to Triple Socket Converter on the "ebay" website on June 22, 2016:

"When fitted, the metal part of two of the holes didn't line up with the plastic cover. I had to use a small file to widen the brass connectors."


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MB says

"I ordered two light bulbs, though packaged very well and appeared in good working order, neither actually worked."

Thomas Backhouse says

"I ordered a lightbulb for next day delivery and it’s now been nearly 2 weeks and it still has not arrived. I have continuously been told it will arrive today and everyday it doesn’t arrive. The courier was also unhelpful and I still don’t know if I will ever receive my product. 100% would not recommend."

Paul says

"One out of three non-standard bulbs did not work"

JJ says

"Something that was show as 2£ ended up being 8£ after VAT and shipping cost. next day I received a newsletter on my email then the invoice but no news of the product, which arrived more that a week later, when I already solved the problem in another way. I'm sticking to buying on Amazon, the price and delivery times are what they show."

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