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Netspend is a leading provider of prepaid debit cards for personal & commercial use.

Alex shares her frustrating experience on, "Had no issues with Netspend until they closed my account and wouldn't tell me why. I have been unable to receive the money that was in my account for months now. Over $700 gone. I wouldn't recommend this bank to anyone."


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Trainer (Former Employee) says

"There are expectations that are not clearly defined nor is there clear support working in a team environment. There is much criticism with little constructive feedback to support professional development."

Customer Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I talk on the phone to people who were bad about the cards fee everyday A typical day about 100 people calling you names over the phone I leaned I di not like phone jobs Cons: yyou have sell something i did not use"

Fraud Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The worst company I have ever worked for. It is super ghetto and the call center looks like a Nike sweat shop in the Philippines. Cons: everything"


"Draconian policies and low pay. Don't bother. They will exploit you and not even offer a competitive salary."

ScrumMaster (Former Employee) says

"Company permits discrimination and allows hostile managers to oppress immigrant workers."

Fraud Analyst (Former Employee) says

"This company is horrible to work for, training is horrible, work hours are 12 to 14 hours no complaining. Unprofessional. No balance for work life. Management is all over the place with policies and guidelines. Cons: Managmemt is the worse on all levels, One trainer and hes knowledgeable but unprofessional in everyway"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Pay is decent. Company sucks management does not speak and or know English well. Very hard to understand and train. Would not recommend company to anyone."

Email Campaign Manager/Producer (Former Employee) says

"Do not give employees information needed to perform. Instead of communicating items needed, they prefer to give a written warning. Managers sometimes go a month or more without speaking directly to their employees (only email or IM)."

Fraud Analyst, Fraud Department (Current Employee) says

"there is little advancement in the company, and even less opportunities for further job training or growth. The company culture is... separate. At the corporate level it tries to resemble a start up, with monthly thank you events where they bring a keg and invite those that work there to mingle across departments. Cons: too many"

UI Developer (Former Employee) says

"Management on the creative team, as well as the VP, don't really care much for their employees. Management is too caught up on making themselves look good on paper, and don't do much to help their employees succeed, or progress in their field. The creative director isn't fit for the title he was given, and tends to step on the toes of people that are actually qualified in their field. Management also got a reputation for treating employees they don't like, terribly, in hopes they will quit. Word of behavior like this got around, which is when I started thinking about leaving. I had 2.5 great years at Netspend, before this new management came in, then the job became terrible. Took me two more years to finally quick. If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it.. Cons: terrible work/life balance. They are extremely against remote working, under you are dying or something."

Fraud Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I started as a temp and was selected out of 19 others to come aboard full time. Once aboard, the role didn't really change and I felt my management was not appreciative of any steps I would make to go above and beyond. Morale always seemed to be at a low and felt throughout the company Cons: Bad management, horrible outdated processes"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management is disorganized and employee morale is low. The workplace culture in this small Ca branch office is different than the Austin home office. There's little to no job training. A formal mentorship program would be helpful."

Client Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"This is a great company but the management could be better. It is also hard for advancement here. The company was great when i first started and its still okay but it just needs to be more organized."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Let me start by saying that I didn't want another call center job when I started working here but I was out of work for a little over a year and took what came my way. I've worked for this company for almost a year now and at first it was an acceptable work option with potential for possible quick advancement. They only hire for my department from tem agencies. After being a temp for 3 months I became a perm employee and that is around the time things started to change and I started to see that this may not be the best place to work for me. I am anemic and don't like to be too cold it causes all kinds of problems for me. Well one of them is the loss of my voice. Since this is a call center if you can't speak you can't work. I was sent home early due to not being able to work. I didn't return to work another day after going to the doctor and being advised that I had a sinus infection. I brought a doctor's note to get my absence excused but still got the attendance point. I was told that the absence would not negatively affect me but it did. A few months later I ended up having more issues with my health and missed two more days of work and I brought another doctor's note and was told again that it wouldn't affect me. I ended up on a verbal warning for attendance that I wasn't even told about until 6 months later when the point started to roll off. I started to get super stressed out behind all of this and had an anxiety attack at work. Instead of showing concern for my well being I was told that I might need to find another job if this job was causing me stress. My supervisor Cons: everything else"

smartOne Prepaid, Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"Decent enough they seem to care about their customer base, change management strategy is quite poor."

Document Analyst (Former Employee) says

"It is a company in which you can grow, but the people who operate there do not have the human factor, they do not care about the employee as a person only to solve the problems that arise there"

Operations Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyable environment to work at. Great people to work with. The compensation could be better for some of the positions. The management could be more professional. Cons: pay, management"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The team leads and coworkers were the best part of the job helped you out . Mangers have favoritism and talk about you to other coworkers. Very toxic workplace . High volume calls ."

Quality Assurance Automation Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Can be a very political environment; this may not be true for all groups. Not all coworkers are cooperative with their colleagues."

Vice President, Strategic Business Development (Current Employee) says

"Netspend was started with a vision to help underserved consumers become self banked. Having a job that you know helps others is a wonderful opportunity."

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