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NetSuite Inc. was an American cloud computing company founded in 1998 with headquarters in San Mateo, California that provided software and services to manage business finances, operations, and customer relations. Its software and services were tailored for small, medium-sized and large businesses with modules for ERP, CRM, PSA and e-commerce.

A disappointed customer shares his experience on, "I bought NetSuite in August 2018, and it is now just coming to July 2019 and we're still not live. It has been a completely awful experience. Emails ignored, false embellishment of features, what is included and what is an extra cost, including some outright lies to my face and on calls. It has not solved any problems. It's just caused far more. Most of the staff you communicate with outside of senior management are not from the UK, making it difficult to understand them and for them to understand you. I would avoid and look elsewhere if you want good quality software."


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MANAGER-JAPAC (Current Employee) says

"lack of management and vision. Only cares about numbers not people. No internal advancement. No recognition. No raises. No career development. Myopic view"

Customer Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"no work life balance, low pay for the qualifications that they demand, management or it might be just my supervisor is not a leader. the building has a clean wash room"

Accounting Support Representative (Current Employee) says

"Long holiday hours, no time off for month end unless you have proof you’re in the hospital, don’t ask for time off, management gets very upset over it. If you aren’t glued to your bosses every need you will be treated very poorly. Favoritisms in many departments.Terrible management"

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The engineering culture at NetSuite is incredibly antiquidated. That wouldn't be a problem, given how intelligent the engineering base is especially given the various bleeding-edge ERP companies that NetSuite has acquired over the years. However, for the sake of austerity, the company is adamantly against innovation. While the C-Suite flaunts catchy terminology like 'surging', 'seizing the hill', 'best-in-cloud' and 'owning the tranasction', that is all lost by middle management. Middle management is amateur, often compared to trying to discipline a third-grader. While there, I learned an incredibly deal about how ERP works. However, every lesson regarding how we could do better came with a disclaimer: middle management would never allow it. Individual interations between peers are always pleasant, but as soon as 4 or more persons were meeting productive sank and stonewalling rose. For a perk, I was given the opportunity to travel to Brno, Czech Republic twice.Free softdrinksGreat place for careers to die"

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"This company is a joke. Leadership is thrown into roles without the knowledge and experiance of how to actually sell. Oracle will hopefully absorb them soon and get rid of all the politics.Nice officeSweat shop"

Project Manager, Professional Services (Current Employee) says

"NetSuite still has the feel of a startup even though it has not been one in quite some time. The lack of consistency even within the verticals is disheartening. They say that they offer "unlimited PTO" or vacation but you still have to meet your utilization numbers and that time you've taken off, be vacation or a medical LOA is counted against you because it is not accounted for in the calculation and makes it appear that you are not working enough. When my boss left the company, I sought out assistance as his approach was different from that of the PMO and his direction was what we were to follow. Asking for this help was used against me, stating that I did not understand my job duties and I was directed to use a website for additional information that is consistently inaccurate and in many areas obsolete. There is little clear sense of direction for this company and the turn-a-round numbers prove that.Social eventsClear expectation that this is not a job with work/life balance"

Practice Director - Enterprise & Retail Groups (Current Employee) says

"The culture of Oracle is no secret, it is as advertised. Netsite is a wonderful company with a wonderful culture that they fiercely guarded; however, with the Oracle acquisition they are going to become just another Oracle tack on product.Nice officesPlethora of big company issues"

Director of Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Senior management was not aligned on goals and performance metrics. Use of internal products is an impediment to producing growth beverageslack of teamwork"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"NetSuite is not a job its a site to use for a job. Indeed read it as a job but it really is a computer software to help you organize life at the job you work at."

Professional Services Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"This is a company where its go-go-go, bill as many hours as possible, as often as possible, charge the customer whatever you can, and always focus on making your numbers, its more important to bill a customer than to provide good service. Customers are routinely billed for items they do not need and the focus is on making your numbers by hook or crook. Rapid growth and unchecked focus on revenue over value is leading this company towards a harsh crash in the near term. While they continue to sign more new customers each year for the first time they are now loosing more current customers than new ones they signing up. Which means their overall customer base is starting to drop. The hope is that by increasing costs to the current customer base they will be able conceal these facts. Company Culture is entirely focused on revenue and profit, employees who work 70+ hour weeks are lauded as examples to the other employees. The company will one day be a good text book example of what happens when a successful company changes and the sole focus is entirely based on the $ and not on building a good product or providing good service.Good pay for employees.Poor focus on customer service or value."

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Very political. Not a lot of guidance, expected to figure out a lot of things yourself, and criticized when you inevitably don't do something perfectly. People are afraid to speak up. Poorly assigned territories and rules of engagement. Management is oblivious to reasons why teams aren't hitting quota, and put the focus on the wrong areas. Managers are focused on "face" time and how their manager perceive their team. Very "corporate.""

Account Executive /Corporate Sales (Former Employee) says

"My hiring manager quite and went to work for the competition after 3 months of hiring me. The vertical was new that we were in and it had a lot of challenges."

SR. ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE (Former Employee) says

"I left NetSuite because the company was growing too quickly, which has cause strain for business lines outside of the main mid-market vertical - where NetSuite has really made a name for itself.Relevant technologyPoor communication from leadership, bad sales training/on-boarding program"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Micro-management of every ordinary task is the norm, and original ideas are rarely credited to the employee with the original idea. Not the best place to work if you take pride in doing a great job.lots of challenges.very, very few rewards (like recognition)."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"NetSuite's culture was negatively impacted by inexperienced managers who were permitted to hire and promote people based on personal relationships, rather than qualifications."

Corporate Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"NetSuite is a good place to work. It’s prettu much produce or they will churn you out. In my year at NetSuite my entire team has turned over. You can make money here if cold calling is something you love to do.FlexibilityManagement"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Office needs updating. Poor office layout. Management doesnt really care about employees- lack of team culture because it is mostly remote work. overall not terrible."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I'm still not sure what I think of this company. I liked most of my co-workers very much, but there is a definite attitude bias. Managers and co-workers sometimes lack respectful communication. NetSuite is growing fast, so get on-board that the train if you want a ride on the bullet train. Looks like they may not be gobbled up by Oracle after all. Also keep in mind that a good deed never goes unpunished here. Compensation is all over the map, so be careful with negotiations.Telecommute OptionsDisrespectful co-workers, do not do what they say they will do, you might have to ramp on your own in some departments and nobody wants to help with that"

Systems Engineering Manager (Current Employee) says

"If you're good at adapting and have fun doing new things in different ways than NetSuite is a good place for you to work. NetSuite has gone through many changes in the past years due to the Oracle acquisitions. Executives have left and new ones have taken their place with new ideas and vision for the business. Oracle has also been influential in how things are done."

Technical Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Like most public companies NetSuite's focus is 100% sales growth and stock price. Customer or employee satisfaction are casualties in the relentless pursuit of growth. Employee turn over is in the 25-30% yr. range but not published. The pay is good and it's a good place for people early in their career to get some experience and then move on. If you have experience, don't go to NetSuite since it will not be used...great if your in sales, bad if you're any part of delivery.Lots of travel, overload of work"

Ha says

"I have tried to contact Netsuite for over a week to schedule a demo as I am a prospective customer. Complete silence, but they managed to sign me up for marketing emails even though I didn't select the box to receive them when attempting to sign up for a product demo.

Edit: I emailed them again and received an automatic reply that they were closed until the end of the year. I did not receive this reply in my initial inquiry or my second follow-up request for a demo - it would have been nice to know this over a week ago as I've been expecting someone to reach out - contact form should either acknowledge or have been changed to address this ahead of time."