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NetNames was a British company that provided online brand protection, as well as domain name management and acquisition services. It was the first specialist domain name registration company. Founded in 1997, it ceased trading under its original name after acquisition by CSC Digital Brand Services.

Ashley, a frequent user shares her experience on, "Have been a NetNames customer for 5+ years with 150 domains. Requests get ignored and it took 4 days for a simple DNS change, only resolved after chasing several times. We have had years of experience like this with them. £19 transfer out fee per domain +90 day contract termination. Customer service for long-standing customers is nonexistent. Attitude is Pay to Move Away or like it and lump it. Not even an apology for poor service."


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Customer Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Very fun but challenging job"

Carl Twyman says

"Worst company I have had the misfortune to deal with."

BF says

"This is a fraudulent company. I have for over a year contacted them by e-mail and called their customer support to try terminate webdomains. They take your call but do nothing, you cannot escalate cases. Mails they just claim have been sent to wrong e-mails even though the email is provided on their invoices. And they keep invoicing you, it's not possible to get off the hook. Fraud Fraud Fraud"

Jesper Christensen says

"Fraudulent or incapable of the most simple tasks I came here to voice my experience with Speednames (part of NetNames), but the reviews in here says it all. I have spent more than 9 months trying to gain access to my account and domain, but the "technicians" are unable to provide me with my username. This company provides less customer service than a temp in a discount store"

Carl Windsor says

"What a pile of SH**E. Over 50 emails to support when my email stopped working. Total frustrating and useless responses blaming the user. After weeks of being locked out of my mail I find by accident that they have done a 'Successful upgrade to my account' My ar$e, it failed and they sent a reset password to the address I was blocked from!! F**king Half-wits. I then had to prove that I was the account holder before they would give me access to my domain. Any apology? NO, f**king Imbeciles. You can't complain or have things escalated and DON'T phone them, it's a premium number and you are on hold for about 1 hour - cost me 40 quid!!! And on top of all this they have now blocked my transfer. Hate and despise are strong words but nowhere near strong enough for these hideous Cretins."

Kevin Easton says

"As someone on the receiving end of this company’s so called service, I wish to warn others that their service and dignity are far from professional and questionable. Don’t waste your money people and avoid this crowd."

James Freeman says

"Awful service. Firstly I've been awaiting a response for several week from our account manager at their new owner"CSC. Secondly earlier in the year we discovered a random charge for several £k for something called multilock. We had never asked for it and after a dispute they credited it, it seems they had arbitrarily added it to our account. Dreadful. Looks like we are moving away"

Nicolai says

"This is my first review ever, i have never created reviews on trustpilot on any company, website,etc. but i must warn others about this company. I dont even know where to start... but other reviews are spot on. Overrated fees, service this company do not know about, Changes not made as promised.... I then decided to move 27 domains away from netnames (speednames sameshit different name), and all domains are not moved yet. This is more than 4 month ago. support at servicedesk and service managers keep asking about the same information over and over again.... frustrating Keep away !!"

Andrieu Antoine says

"Nothing work since the move from netbenefit to netnames, webhosting is down since 10 days, we do not receive emails since 3 days, if you need reliability, service and efficiency, go somewhere else"

Daniel Boggs says

"Prices range from double to ten times market average. When I took over domain service for our company I discovered this and immediately started the process to move away from them. We are 3 weeks in and I still do not have authorization codes. What is worse they are charging us over $4k to cancel our service. Stating ridiculous reasons like "recouping expenses" Considering we have been customers for almost 10 years and (as stated above) they are over charging by excessive amounts they have made PLENTY of profit from us so "recouping expenses" is just an excuse to squeeze every last dime they can from our company. They claim their high fees are for things they have that are "unique in the market"... like Auto-renewals. Yeah, only EVERY other registrar offers that. They were probably innovative 15 years ago, but they have made no effort to compete from either a service or a cost perspective. You would be very hard pressed to find a worse registrar."

Susan says

"This is a feedback for speednames and netnames. The latter sends all the bills. Suddently the company removed our hosting service. Our website was built in the hosting service. So we had to start all over from scratch. They didn't even tell us. Later they send invoice after invoice, billing us for support related to the change of service. Furthermore they billed us for changes of emails etc. Now they bill us the same price as before, when we had the hotels."

Andrew Stagg says

"I deal with hundreds of websites, domains and emails each day, I manage numerous domains for clients. Over the past few weeks I have had the severe misfortune to have to deal with netnames (.com and They do not answer the telephone, they do not have any way of managing your domain online and they charge a fortune for the simplest of tasks. I can only stress do not DO NOT use this company unless you want as little control over your domain as possible."

Jon Rein says

"Some of our customers have previously bought SSL certificates through Netnames. After our most recent experience, that is going to change. It took three weeks and several phone calls to even get them to order the certificate. The certificate then arrived in the wrong format. Since the issuer provides the option for changing certificate format, it requires about two minutes of work for Netnames to login and download the certificate in the correct format. This has so far taken them three business days, during which they have ignored all our mails and their servicedesk hasn't bothered to pick up the phone. We have never had any problems with Netnames previously, but after the lack of professional conduct we have experienced in this case, we are certainly not going to recommend them to any of our customers."

Jim says

"Useless, unhelpful service, immoral business charging practises - the worst experience on the web. Do not expect a phone answered (I suspect a premium call line) will not transfer to better providers (try 123-reg for great service) - tried for over 6 months to move and then was charged to renew at a rip off price without which I could not move Please do not use these people"

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