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Nestlé Nespresso S.A., trading as Nespresso, is an operating unit of the Nestlé Group, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Nespresso machines brew espresso and coffee from coffee capsules, or pods in machines for home or professional use, a type of pre-apportioned single-use container of ground coffee beans, sometimes with added flavorings. Once inserted into a machine, the capsules are pierced and processed, water is then forced against a heating element at high pressure meaning that only the quantity for a single cup is warmed.

Fried Coffee mentioned how used Nespresso coffee capsules affect the environment, "Nespresso creates a lot of waste that goes un-recycled, hence contributing to the pollution at an alarming rate. ... The single-serve Nespresso pods are not recycled properly and they end up in the landfills. The time a single aluminum coffee pod takes to completely breakdown in a landfill is 150-500 years."


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Préparatrice (Former Employee) says

"une chaleur épouvantable dans le depot, se bagarre pour avoir le ventilateur, grosse pression pour faire de la prod et viré sans motif, vous ne faites jamais une journée complete, si au bout de 3h y a plus de taf ils vous font partir"

Coffee Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The they was very long. Most of people working there were bored about this job. Cons: poor management"

Préparatrice (Former Employee) says

"contrat le lundi et samedi, tout se passe bien et d'un coup le contrat s'arrete sans raison, le responsable est content, d'autres non personne ne dit la meme chose, personnel changeant sans cesse, on doit s'adapter en fonction de leurs horaires a eux"

Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Management was unreasonable, they micro-managed, forced sales instead of encouraging the team to perform well. Not a great overall experience. There was no room for growth."

Coffee specialist (Former Employee) says

"Life balance: you will get messages when not at work."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Poor selection of upper management. Management did not know how to run a boutique in Short Hills NJ in any way from hiring, to training and everything in between. Management picked favorites and left unfavored with un desire able jobs everyday while favorites got to run events and learn the business. The only thing good about this company is the coffee and generous product discounts."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Wouldnt recommend the company to anyone, the training was sub standard to put it polite. We were trained for one role in particular and instead of doing that role ,thrust into something completely different without further training"

Match Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Even though Nespresso is pushing to reach targets the manager privilege surprisingly employees who do the minimum of what is expecting."

Specialista caffè (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente dittatoriale dove non cresci per meritocrazia ma con inganni e falsità. Cons: Si lavorava e si era trattati come trent'anni fà, diritti sulla carta ma non applicati. Tutta una facciata."

Boutique Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Poor and Unprofessional managers! If you like having hours cut and being called out on the floor infront of customers over simple mistakes then this is the company for you!"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"If you have the chance, run, don't walk! This company looks good on the outside but is a total mess on the inside. Lot's of haters work here and it's super sad because they act like standing on their feet all day is the LIFE! Losers! Don't be one. Cons: Over priced coffee bad attitude managers who put their hands on you"

Chef de secteur (Current Employee) says

"Autonomie large. Prospection des cafés, hôtels et restaurants sur 5 département. Marché très concurrencé par les us et coutumes du produits "Café" dans les cafés et restaurants. Il faut rencontrer énormément de prospects pour déclencher des prises de commandes. Cons: traitement humain"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"they didnt really care about thier employees"

employed (Former Employee) says

"years ago the company was great, but changes have meant things are not going so well ar the moment, it is not as fun and exciting as it was, a luxury brand running on poundland standards doesnt work"


"Management unprofessional, constantly out of product to sell, no structure to pay or commission base. Favoritism runs rampant!"

Sales specialist (Former Employee) says

"Yes, they make it sound so great in the interview, but the drama is awful, the tension in the store is awful, Cons: The whole work environment"

Operateur de lignes automatisées (Former Employee) says

"Les échanges entres opérateurs et autres services permettent d’apprendre à échanger et s’entraider à tout les niveaux, jusqu’à ce que les échanges soient faciles et enrichissants pour pouvoir s’exprimer dans un groupe ou même jusqu’à faire des présentations et des formations."

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Ran by people with giant egos, no real advancement options for employees. Unfair and unethical practices of having employees sell machines that they are aware have issues in order to reach sale goals. Not paying employees correctly for overtime and produce a scare tactic for employees to not speak up. If you like pettiness, being micromanaged for bathroom breaks, never get promoted then its the job for you. Promotions come not based on performance but who likes you. Cons: Everything except for the free metro card."

Coffee Advisor (Current Employee) says

"They do not train you enough, and they do not support you enough. Your manager will almost never check up on you, and your manager very much seems to not care at all what you're doing. Making sales entirely depends on the store you're working in. They do not give you enough hours for a living wage, this job is for retired folks. Cons: Lack of management effort, lack of training, no hours, less than satisfying commission pay."

Opérateur de production (Former Employee) says

"Je pense que tout le monde ayant passé des tests a Nespresso à droit d avoir une chance même pour 3 mois il y a aussi bcp de discrimination même si ils font croire le contraire EX: il y a des Portugais qui ne s expriment même pas en français mais travaille lasur quel base il ont été recrutés il y a bcp d injustice dans cette société Cons: Les horaires et le travail du weekend"

Former Employee - Boutique Specialist says

"I worked at Nespresso part-time for more than a year Cons: No room for growth, understaffed, hire you for less hours and work you more."

Current Employee - Coffee Specialist says

"I have been working at Nespresso part-time for more than 3 years Cons: *Note to those reading who are looking to work here: First and foremost this is a sales job. Period. You are pushed - and pushed hard, to sell, sell sell! (and sell some more) Not necessarily a con - the bonuses are terrific when you do well. Some of our best employees either quit or transferred to other stores last year, and several of us that are still here are now exploring work opportunities elsewhere. Why? The management. It's not a place where I enjoy working. It's a grind. Morale is terrible. I put on a happy face, but have started to hate it. The last 6 months especially. Gossip. Managers share mean spirited gossip about other employees (past and present). Note to managers: It gets back to us. Rushed training. Manager is hard to communicate with. Mood swings. Spends a lot of the time in the back office, and not on the floor to help or motivate. Can be very condescending. Does not give recognition easily, and it feels forced when it happens. Team Leads are overworked, stressed, and get very little recognition. No work/life balance. Often short-staffed. The holiday/Christmas/New Year period in 2019/2020 was a mess. Toxic environment. Unhappy, resentful employees. It's usually easier to just suffer through each shift than to try and talk to management about anything. After trying a few times and getting nowhere, it's not worth the stress. No backup, so why bother. The company is fantastic, but this store is a mess. Being off during the pandemic has been great and I am questioning even going back at all. I may try to transfer to another location since I believe in the company and love what I do."

Former Employee - Sales Supervisor says

"I worked at Nespresso full-time for more than a year Cons: Not enough staff to work Store , way too many tasks , employees hate the job so it makes it depressing to work there, customers are the worst and the company just sees u like a money sign you are just a number to them."

Current Employee - Specialist says

"I have been working at Nespresso part-time for more than 3 years Cons: Lack of communication and very poor manager and Team Leads"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Nespresso full-time Cons: very bad management in canada"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Nespresso full-time Cons: Pay, management, no work life balance what so ever. Management is a complete joke and have absolutely NO interest or care into your personal growth in the company. Favoritism and nepotism are the only ways to move up in this company. Do not waste your time applying for a position within the Boutiques and call center. You can try for the corp offices but like I said if you dont have connections you wont get hired. They open positions online to act like they're looking to hire but they're not interested as they already know and have the person they want in the position. They just try to save face"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Nespresso full-time Cons: Very insular and nepotistic decision making and mobility; very disjointed from global iniatives"

Former Employee - Stock Specialist says

"I worked at Nespresso full-time for more than a year Cons: Massive amount of pay roll errors, abusive management, was verbally assaulted, threatened, watched employees brought to tears on two occasions, had payroll mysteriously edited by abusive manager, corporate management refused to acknowledge in investigation, lots of colossal errors nested with blame culture, personal information from another unknown employee was accidentally emailed to me after my employment ended. Overall poor experience, lots of incompetence across the board, I ended up losing my home because of it."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Nespresso full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Work-life balance. 24x7 mentality. Inadequate business processes and operations. To demonstrate lack of focus on operations, the head of Finance doubled as the head of operations. Should be a conflict of interest. Technology not fit for purpose - home grown."

Boutique Manager says

"I worked at Nespresso Cons: CRAZY hours of work, 50-70 hours per week. Zero respect for life balance. All about the unrealistic numbers."

Joke says

"If only there was an option for negative- less-than-ZERO stars. I have been a loyal member for 6 years, but now I am cancelling my Nespresso account. I am actually ashamed to admit that I allowed them 5 chances to redeem themselves. I am now on package number 5 to NEVER BE DELIVERED. In December of 2020, Deliver-It never delivered it. Nespresso replaced the order in January of 2021, but Deliver-It still didn\'t deliver it. I waited another month. Nespresso offered to send the 3rd attempt via UPS to a UPS pick-up location (they would not allow UPS delivery to my house...). Supposedly, the UPS location refused the package, and re-routed it to another UPS location that claims they never received it. I called to complain, AGAIN, and Nespresso offered to re-send a 4th package via US Postal service. I was told I could call them a few days later to obtain a tracking number, so, NINE days later, I called Nespresso to get that tracking number. When I entered that tracking number into the USPS tracking system, it showed that the package never reached USPS to be sent out. The package NEVER left Nespresso. I called back to inquire why, and to cancel my account, and they insisted on sending a 5th replacement!!! What a Joke. Still no coffee, still no refund. Of course Amazon can deliver it in 2 days, but without the recycling option. After seeing how they do business, it is more likely that Nespresso has never recycled a single pod. The entire company is a scam. "

Judy says

"The coffee is great, but the machine constantly malfunctions. Very frustrating. Especially on a Monday morning when you really need a cup of coffee."

CK says

"A ridiculously inefficient, unintelligent and sly company, bought a new machine last year, which came with \"free\" coffee, told 4 different stories, from \"nope, it\'s not free coffee, it\'s pod holders\" to \"register an account first\" then \"send proof of purchase\" and then \"your promotion is different to the one we\'re running, goto the store you purchased machine from\" yeah right, to this day, I have not had one response or seen a single free coffee pod, considering the free coffee offer was for ZAR1500 or around 100 pods. Either, nespresso doesn\'t do any quality control to their franchises / retail outlets or they\'re just crooks that ran with customer money, expecting everyone to just quit after bangging their heads against the wall. I will not be purchasing a single nespresso pod ever again, generics all the way."

Amanda says

"Rude Instagram/Social Media Manager. Nespresso should do better than this. Is not friendly or welcoming at all, and has a rude undertone in any generic response. For such a large brand, not sure why they wouldn't hire someone more friendly and approachable. Customer service speaks volumes to a brand."

Ray Chew says

"Im a long time Nespresso customer and promoter. However recent changes to reordering coffee pods have me rethinking Nespresso entirely. I have an "easy order" that is showing on the web site as shipped since Jan 2nd. I called customer service, which has been taken over by a third party. I was not told when I will receive my coffee pods. This is the second order with an unexpected unexplained delay. If your considering buying a new machine, suggest you consider Nespresso distribution challenges."

Daniel Watts says

"Great customer service, terrible delivery system. They use Deliver-it and it’s absolute trash. I’ve been waiting over 4 weeks for my coffee order. Absolutely ridiculous."

Mrs Walton says

"Shocking Customer Service, purchased a machine going on for 3 weeks, and told that the incentive to buy the machine was £100 worth of free pods, ridiculously I can by these for NEXT DAY DELIVERY if I buy them now, however, to get the free ones I am entitled to I have to wait ANOTHER 14 DAYS...I'm appalled. What the website states in NOT what customer service state...cant escalate the issue, call centres are all off shore and their English is bad. Wouldn't buy one again, go else where terrible service go else where please they are as bad as customers and its clear why they are 1.5 stars..."

John Greenawalt says

"Gifted a Nespresso from Italy friend, but of course it doesn't work here with its European plug. Bought the adapter which works on our other euro chargers but still the machine doesn't even turn on once. "Customer service" on US side was sneering and scornful, unable to help since the machine leaving Italy voided the warranty. "Send it back," she laughed, after we told her it costs $200+ to ship, way more than the machine is worth. I understand if the US side can't refund, but find something helpful to suggest, instead of making fun of us when we (and the gifter) are royally screwed."

idan sims says

"Terrible phone order experience for pods through the Nespresso Club. Website is a horror show. Put on long holds repeatedly. Last hold was when the order taker went to find out why the order was $6.50 more than the product cost. I hung up. She calls back five mins later to say it was a mistake. I asked what it was for. She said shipping, but she deleted it. I told her to cancel my order and go for retraining. Nespresso phone ordering has gotten much worse over the past couple of years. I can order at the same price from Amazon Prime in ten seconds. Amazon doesn't offer recycling bags."

Robbie Mill says

"Contacted Nespresso after our virtuo started leaking water from its main housing after just 50 days use. Spoke to a lady who 'alledgedly' was based in their technical dept... Now I wouldn't say she was bad, but I certainly wouldn't want her advice on fixing anything more sophisticated than a cycle chain!! What made matters worse was that her service was so poor, I went from trying to arrange a repair to just demanding a new machine!! I NEVER got the call back i was promised either. As a result of such poor service, neither my wife or I will be signing up to their coffee pods site."

Mary King says

"Been trying to place an "easy order" for 3 days - it's impossible - website errors repeatedly. Now the coffee I wanted to order is sold out anyway. Worthless website and unreliable product availability. Oh, and my VertuoPlus died within 4 months of purchase, with 1-2 cups usage per day. They did repair the machine but it took a few weeks back in March 2020."

OST3 says

"Appalling lack of accountability by Nespresso. If you want coffee for your machine, do not buy a machine expecting to use a hastle free on line service. Ordering is a disaster with random issues and problems thereby not enabling one to place an order. If you eventually do get around to ordering, be aware in the UK delivery is with Yodel and this presents a whole new set of disasters. Yodel say they deliver, no proof provided, no delivery happens. Yodel inform Nespresso they have delivered and they inform the household they have but with a different version of events. Our order was apparently left in the porch to our house: we don't have a porch!! Go figure that one, especially when Yodel repeat their claims and do nothing about it and you're £40 something out of pocket. Try involving Nespresso and you're given the run around by 3 sometimes 4 people who are all equally inept at resolving delivery issues. So, you may like coffee, and indeed our machine and what coffee we do get is great, but getting coffee is a nightmare that takes call after call to resolve. We have now had to resort to a collection point 2 KM from our house: this speaks volumes about Nespresso's delivery issues. For such a large multi national company, you would have thought Nespresso would want good customer service, good word of mouth and not a catalogue of complaints. Come on Nespresso, treat your customers and their loyalty better. Do something, STOP being inept."

Dean says

"This company is a joke, I had an order for $100 worth of coffee through Nespresso it was already on the way when my machine decided not to work anymore after 6 months of use. I called Nespresso about my issue and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they would send me a box and a shipping label to my home and all I had to do was called the company to pick it up. I just got off the phone again for the third time since December 17th telling me they will contact whoever sends the boxes to send the machine back in 3 times now and no action, I’m like why has it taken 3 weeks and still nothing. Then I learn that they would email me a label and I’d have to print it out on January 6th first I’d heard of this. January 6th the person I spoke to was supposed to send me a label through the mail, when I called this evening I was told they don’t do that so whoever told me that on January 6th was just trying to get me off the phone I think. Overall I would give this company a negative out of 5 rating, once I get my machine fixed and if it breaks down again I will go back to my burr grinder and CHEMEX pour over. Just wish I could wash my hands of Nespresso for good."

Travis says

"Given that we have a newborn, and he is up all night and doesn’t nap well, we were thrilled to have the Nespresso machine. However, only 3 weeks in and it simply stopped working. Customer service wasn’t at all helpful. Do not purchase this product."

Adam says

"I bought an Nespresso Machine in September 2020. During December 2020 Nespresso sent me both a box of salted caramel chocolates and then a invoice for 5 Euros that seems to be outstanding having bought a machine in store. Seems a very confused way to get customer loyalty."

Lerne von Amazon says

"Still waiting for the refund from a return. It has been 5 weeks now. Horrible logistics. Switched to another coffee maker after several bad experiences in the last year. Nespresso, stop blaming everything to Covid-19! Blame it to your incompetency and/or greed."

SeattleBella says

"Purchased as a gift. Expected delays in delivery. Selected option of text updates. Shock: Vendor indicated Undelivered, no text updates, found out via f/up on website. CS reissued order. Pros: Good quality of coffee, CS is professional, friendly Cons: website is horrible, tracking is horrible, text tracking status is horrible and unreliable. Recommendations: locate a store, order pickup, save time, and headaches. The telephone CS is very professional."

alina ciora says

"The worst site ever, nothing is working, you shoud be ashamed of that Nespresso!!! To buy a machine took me freaking 2 hours and 3 calls...nothing work properly on the is delayed and you can t get to the pay page...just a drama. CS sucks too! Now I logged in for coffie and took 30 min to order, same problem. Shame on you!!!!!"

Meena Nathan says

"I went to the Chadstone stone store on Saturday 16th Jan to buy some capsules and had a lovely young man serve us. We ended up buying for couple of 100 dollars. As soon as we paid the server went to get a bigger bag for us and while we were waiting the lady manager was keen in getting rid of us and wanted us to leave before our product was packed and was rude and insistent we go and stand in the corner or outside. All they want is to get the money and kick us of, no customer service or common etiquette. Terrible service!"

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