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Quadient, formerly known as Neopost, is a manufacturer of mailing equipment and provider of mailing-related services. As of 2019, the company had a direct presence in 29 countries, about 5,693 employees, and annual sales of €1.14 billion. Its products and services are sold in about 90 countries. Neopost is listed in compartment A of Euronext Paris and belongs to the SBF 120 index.

A former customer shares his frustrating experience, "For months now, I have been trying to end my relationship with Neopost/Quadient and have been on more than 10 phone calls, email contacts regarding a machine that I do not want. At first, the representative sent us a machine we did not need. We called and informed that we are returning the machine which remained in the box, unopened. It took Alexis months to send the shipping label and I had to go online to generate a shipping label myself. The new machine was returned. I then requested to return my old (current) machine in which I once again, assured, that a shipping label will be generated in which it never has. Now, I received an invoice for a missing machine and meter for $1,631.25. I have tried calling customer service, spoke to the manager, all to no available. I want to send back their machine, I want to end my service with them. This has caused me numerous hours spent and headaches."


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Robert says

"3 years of hell dealing with Neopost / Quadient. It would take pages for me to detail my experiences dealing with my postage machine and contract as well as monies lost due to the unscrupulous business practises of this company. Finally after all contract obligations were met and machine returned with RMA they still kept charging monthly fees to the credit in my postage acct until my credit was nearly dwindled away. Took months to get my final refund which was less than 50% of what they owed me. Never again!"

Funcionário atual - Funcionário confidencial says

"Obrigado por seus comentários e pela honestidade de sua opinião. Eu gostaria de ouvir mais sobre suas experiências. Sinta-se à vontade para entrar em contato comigo em"

Clerical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very Stressful environment with worst management you can possibly encounter. Favoritism plays a key factor as you have people in positions not based on merit but on friendship. The company is based on quantity of work not the quality which makes it difficult to fully serve the customers. Streamlining should be implemented immediately to eliminate high paid administrative assistants who run reports and send e-mails all day everyday. Working at Neopost Sucks the life out of you due to their management and the number of lazy employees who do not take responsibility to follow through but just hand off.Too stressful for minimum compensation"

Karna Kleven says

"Don't use Neopost ..Quadient Signed up thought it was a good deal and a couple free months instead a 3 year lease. The postage machine and customer service from Neopost are awful. Trying to return the machine is a nightmare!!! It too from March to June to get it cancelled and had to pay the whole lease upfront!!! They don’t work with you and don’t care about their customers! We chose to pay all the unreasonable charges to leave....... never use Neopost / Quadient again!!!! Pam Frost is the only person in the company that is good to work with!! Monica Tyler is awful to deal with and is rude! Don the manager doesn’t care either!!! Brand new machine and not will to return without a headache and a huge price to pay!!!!! Never go with Quadient / Neopost!!!!"

Ex-funcionário - Engenheiro De Software says

"Thank you for providing your feedback. Unfortunately, it seems that your work from a home experience was not a positive one. However, we strongly support teams working from a home office through frequent virtual contact: team activities, technical update training, sharing of success stories. In addition, our employees greatly value the regular team face to face get togethers that occur throughout the year. We continue to develop our connections with one another through the use of ever-expanding use of digital tools. We also reviewed your comment on the our Project management software. The system was brought into Quadient after an acquisition and has served the company well in improving our project turnaround times and keeping the sales organization and our customers up to date. We will be looking to improve this process when we consolidate our Project Management software with our new ERP so thank you for the input. Thank you again for your detailed feedback. Should you have any further comments, please feel free to reach out at"

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"The supervisor in the tech support team was incompetent and had zero integrity. She would pick the worst calls to grade at her monthly performance reviews, and that eroded trust completely."

Anonymous User says

"Horrible company to work with. Fail to do what they say they will do causing repeat calls. Incorrect billing causing hours of calls to dead end numbers. When we reached manager Timothy and asked that we be assigned an account rep that will respond to calls or emails, He said he would. Manager said he would be sure to send the new Mailstation, it never arrived. Left a message on his voicemail of which he nor anyone returned the call. the email address he provided and confirmed...bounced. Hate having to do anything at all with this company."

Ex-funcionário - Funcionário confidencial says

"Salário baixo, gestão míope, progressão ruim na carreira"

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"They do not care about you or your home life and the do not honor their STD and LTD policies. They force you to work 12-16 hour shifts during inventory."