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Nedbank Group is a financial services group in South Africa offering wholesale and retail banking services as well as insurance, asset management, and wealth management. Nedbank Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nedbank Group.

Refilwe is a very disappointed client who shared his experience on, "I would like to complain about Nedbank Soshanguve Crossing. The customer service is very poor and even the branch manager doesn't care in resolving the customer queries. They don't take care of the pensioners. I was waiting on a que for 2 hours plus standing outside along with pensioners which they have been waiting for more than 2 hours as well standing outside without getting assisted. I spoke to the Branch Manager Pitso about it but he didn't do anything. I even called the customer service and laid a complaint Ref no:**********2. My reason for going to the bank was to make a settlement deposit but I had to wait for hours before I can be assisted."


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Current Employee - Graduate Trainee says

"Lack of Ownership, assuming accountability and responsibility."

Former Employee - Senior Project Manager says

"Small company mentality People have been there to long. No new ideas Arrogant management Treat perm and contractors like badly No urgency in what ever they do No innovation Kill your career by joining them There is a reason why they no longer one of the big four banks. They have ignorant pot plants as management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Demand, time management, respect, honestly, hatred"

Former Employee - Associate says

"Old systems, no training"

Current Employee - Procurement Analyst says

"Inequality treatment of staff . Not everyone has the same experience"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There seems to be a misalignment of priorities of what executive management expects and what is actually implemented."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Very political. Not meritocratic from a bonus perspective"

Current Employee - Administrative says

"Work life balance, stressful"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Not ready for millenial way of working"

Current Employee - Sales Consultant says

"Retail space hence no time"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"Nedbank do not see their staff as an asset and are unfair in their labour practices. They expect long hours but do not pay overtime. Their managers are unprofessionalNoneUnfair treatment, long hours, non payment of overtime"

Call agent (Former Employee) says

"It's now a terrible place to work. Highly stressful. staff are treated very badly. Bad shifting. Bad management. If you want to die from stress then accept a job here. Management comes stands behind you once you are taking long to help a client. Not to help you but rush you. Does not matter what the client wants. This department went to the dogs. It's a joke really. Staff are being abused.NoneExtended hours. Bad management. You are just a number."

call agent (Former Employee) says

"worse place to work at. you are forced to sign flexy contrect to work long hours and management think u got no life. they stand behind u and rush u when u on long call. theres no respect or care they treat us like trash. u have to sit in teas and lunches to call clients. they want u to help clients on products u dont even know. wrong ways they have. promotions is given to managers favoretes even if they not qualefy for job. if u tell something then u get victimised and embarased in front of evryone. managers dont take manager calls. they give it to agents and make it our problem. managers are lazy. only know how to gossip laugh and take long lunch. senor management is worse. only want sales but not looking after clients they have. staff was treated like chuldren. left that h#ll.nonpoor management. long hours. no respect"

Call agent (Former Employee) says

"You are treated like a child no matter how long you have been working there. Management has no respect for the employees. Forced to work extra extended hours... 3 Saturdays a month is no life. They making their staff assist clients on products that they haven't received any training on.... Shud t this be illigal.... Working at the Nedbank contact Centre is like working in a he## hole.NoneExtended hours. Bad management. You are just a number."

Merchandising Executions/Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"In my 15 years at Nedbank the environment, management and culture morphed into a green monster in the last 3 years. I worked for and was passionate about this organisation and loved to go to work starting by choice at 4.30am. Nedbank, over the last 3 years has lost its values of being people centred and retaining talent through bad management. Nedbank still operates with an old hierarchy Management style and silo approach instead of a Leadership and people centric approach. People don't leave organisations, they leave Managers.nothing is freebad management"

multi skilled consultant (Current Employee) says

"In the company you work under pressure with lots of work there is no work life balance.There is no growth I have been doing what I started doing long time when I startedstaff rateslong hours"

Personal Loans Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Having to go out on foot to meet clients and spent so much money that wasn't re-embust and management wasn't so great to work with. co workers were good to know and helped when things got bad.self managementNot enough Growth"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"on the daily basis i was opening Mzansi accounts to new clients, selling and promoting new products and addresses customers queries."

Senior Manager: Credit Risk (Former Employee) says

"I learnt a lot about auditing, especially how to identify risks. I also had a very good team of auditors. the hardest part was sometimes getting agreement on findings"

external sales cosnultant (Former Employee) says

"it was my first job after school so i learnt everything i know now from this companythe was a basic salary and commisionwalking in the sun the whole day canvassing for new clients"

Customer care, Admin, Call Centre (Former Employee) says

"Mostly every day was a new day Was not much to learn but to stay focus Hardes was dealing with clients that don't understand never but have fundays on fridays8 to 4"

Business manager (Former Employee) says

"The culture was not good for upliftment and progress.Very racist organisation in Durban.good peerspoor treatment of staff"

Relationship Manager (Former Employee) says

"There is a lot that need to be done with regard to management as i strongly feel that they abuse their powers and not supportive at all when comes to staff. Most of them are bosses not leaders which set a very bad example and in terms of leadership and affect the company s reputationCulture not practiced wellNo fairness"

Teller/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"as an employee its required to meet your targets and make sure the client is happy that is delivered but the manangement is unfair and disrespectfull to the point were buy most of my colleques are unfairly dimissednothinglong hours"

Multi-skilled Banker (Current Employee) says

"A day at Nedbank Contact Centre is spent mostly sitting down on calls back to back, sometimes there's not even time to take lunch you end up eating at your desk. I learnt about banking and how to handle clients from all walks of life, I have dealt with wonderful friendly clients as well as angry clients and got to learn a few things about myself. The good thing about management is they don't micro manage you, even team leaders don't, you are given a target to meet monthly, how you make that happen totally depends on you. The hardest part of this job is the stress and pressure that one works under and the impact it has on an individual, you get home and all you want to do is eat, bath and sleep like a dead person. The changes that take place are not implemented strategically, its either you swim or you die that's how they implement changes. The most enjoyable part of the job is the laughter, the jokes and the team spirit within fellow team mates.NoneStress and pressure"

Test Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Not a good to company work on . The company is managed by micromanagement and the also showing racism by managers. There is one manager who shows lot of racism and treating the employees as workers .Please be cautious with him."

call center agent (Former Employee) says

"This place stinks because of the bad attitude of Management. Managers show no respect for agents. #you are just a number. They can't even do their own work. Agents are forced to take Manager calls and their excuse is that it is part of the development plan. Utter rubbish and nonsense. Managers behave like they own the place. Agents do all their dirty work and they take the credit. You are forced to work 3 Saturdays a month. You must help other areas when they haven't even trained you on a product. When you ask a question then you are victimised.Come again?Horrible attitude of Management. Terrible working hours"

Call Centre Agent (Former Employee) says

"#Resigning last week was the best thing I did. The Contact Center has gone to the dogs. Ncc used to be a great place to work at but since they started giving power to the wrong people and making them MANAGERS it has reached junk status. Managers do not respect agents and just treat them badly. They ain't even good enough to take Manager calls. You are expected to rush clients who call for help because your Manager and other managers are standing behind you and rushing you. is this how things are supposed to work? they are responsible for putting people in hospital and forcing them to resign. Managers are not even properly trained to answer questions that clients ask. pathetic. they push you for sales but don't even give u time to call a client that wants to be called back. u must sit in your 30 minutes lunch to call a client. what a joke.ZeroBad management, bad decisionmaking, bad working hours"

Agent (Former Employee) says

"It was good a few years ago but REAP messed it up. Instead of undoing the wrongs they go and mess it up further by introducing the BANKER SKILL. Agents running around trying to help the client because no training was provided. Introducing FLEXIBLE HOURS to try and undo the wrongs. Making Agents come in on 3 Saturdays a month and thinking that they have nothing better to do. Managers not respecting Agents and behaving like Dictators. You will get to see this if you decide to accept a job here.You must be jokingPoor management. Long hours. No respect or care by Management"

Financial Officer (Former Employee) says

"I had a bad experience, When I started they took duties of 2 extra vacant position to my plate to save salary cost. .Flexable hoursno attractive benefits"

Sizwe John says

"Nedbank allowed me to Deposit money internationally and i deposited the money 200$ and after the deposit i was charged R270 rands i called the customer service told me it was the rating of currency next day i called customer service for my statement to be emailed they charged me R25 i was supposed to get 180$ from international but no they said i am not allowed to recieve that amount i was tossed around told me to go to the branch they told me their calls have been stopped due to covid the card is fine stay away from such people scam they took 30$ out of that money and returned the 150$ back this is insane dont ever trust such people who take peoples money without permission the customer service is bad global stuff are all stupid making me look stupid"

Johannah Tebatso says

"Hi On Thursday 2nd of July I went to one of your branches at Mall of Africa to request early release of funds from my 32 day notice account. On Friday the 3rd when I checked my balance in the investment account I was left with R10000 when initially I had R11500, before requesting the funds. However my current account was never updated to show I got my funds. Right now when I check my balance, the current account still has no money on it but my investment account furthermore decreased to R8500. Meaning an amount of R3000 is now missing from my investment account and I still haven't recieved it in my current account. I am really annoyed by how my accounts are being handled because the last time requested an early release of funds it took about 6 days for me to get my funds. Please remind why I bank with you again while the level of service I get is nothing but stressful. I entrusted my hard earned money on this bank and I am dissatisfied. Please fix this whole situation as soon as possible and I better not lose my money because of your incompetence."

Nadia Ameen-Randles says

"I bought 3 tickets to see swan lake on a site called Viagogo - Viagogo charred my R 5,500 for 3 tickets - which actually cost R 1,600 - I immediately called Nedbnk to request that they freeze the transaction and instead of immediately freezing the transaction they asked me to fill in forms. I do not have the tickets - I am R 5,500 down - I reported the fraud and there is no response? Viagogo refuses to refund me they say I must resell my tickets - with no guarantee that I will receive my money back - Why is Nedbank not doing everything to mitigate the loss to me. Nedbank is my bank and supposed to protect the customer In these circumstances and not tell me that it will take 40 days to fix - in 40 days my Money is gone - I dont understand why the consultant i8 spoke to cant freeze the transaction and reverse the money back to me!!!!"

brandon prakash says

"Worst customer service experience i ever had! Nedbank froze my account with no notification whatsoever and the best part they do it at wait in a queue at the ATM only to find a statement say "transaction cancelled contact your nearest branch " So i go to the bank and wait in a queue with just 1 teller dealing with queries on a month end where they close early on a Saturday only to find out it was a FICA issue which i knew nothing about then when i finally reached the counter the guy says i will only be able to access my funds in 72 hours.I then ask for my funds and my account to be closed but they cant do it.They asked for supporting documents but by the time I got back the lady stands inside, smiles and say " come back Monday".As for the helpers at the ATM are worthless and have a don't care attitude.The Phoenix Plaza branch is the worst ever. Cant wait to get rid of this bank account."