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Neato Robotics is a robotics company located in San Jose, California. Their best-known products, the Neato XV-series (and as of 2014 the expanded BotVac series) robotic vacuum cleaner, began selling in 2010 for US$399.00. The company has approximately 65 employees. The design work is done in California, with contract manufacturing in China.

User "Gadget Guy" writes a negative "Amazon" review on Neato Robotics D7 Robot vacuum cleaner with laser guide on July 11, 2018:

"DOESN'T Connect, so DOESN'T WORK, and Neato Support IS NO HELP AT ALL in fixing! August 2020: The newer Neato has begun to fail now as well. It stops in the middle of cleaning, with the error info on the iOS app telling me that I need to reboot the Neato. I do that, and nothing happens. I have to pick it up, put it on the base, FULL RESET, delete it from the iOS app, and repair it. When I do that, it seems to take about an hour before it recovers from its confused state, and then it works again. Wow.

I am not going through the amount of work I undertook with the first Neato. I've bought another Roomba S9 and am going to take my 2 Neato D7's to an electronics recycling place. I guess all of the spare parts I have on hand (filters, brushes) will just go into the trash. WHAT A WASTE...

      • end of August update **

After less than 2 years of once/week use, my Neato D7 stopped working after a firmware and iOS app update. I own two of these D7's, and this one, the older of the two, stopped "talking" to my iOS app. Because Neato does not offer any sort of web interface, I have no idea if the problem is with the app, the firmware change, or both. Oddly, my newer Neato is still working fine, so my guess is the firmware. Problem is, the Neato support staff seems utterly uninterested in having me do anything other than re-configuring my network, which isn't addressing the problem. Neato FINALLY sent me an RMA and I shipped my D(effective)7 back to them for repair or replacement. Oddly, the very day it arrived, they shipped a D7 back to me. Wow, perhaps that means it is a new or refurbished robot? After arrival, I tried to connect it to my network. Guess what? IT DIDN'T WORK. It also came back with a fine mesh screen instead of a filter in the dustbin. Odd -- I sent it in with a filter in place. As part of trying to connect the supposedly repaired D7, I noticed that the MAC Address is the same, indicating that it is the same exact D(effective)7 that I shipped back to them. I thought that perhaps they had reflashed the ROM or something. Sadly, from all appearances, Neato did NOTHING to fix the beast. They simply slapped a new label on it the same day it arrived and shipped it back. Or, if they did anything in the few hours it was in their hands, it did nothing to solve the problem. Wow -- that has to be the WORST RMA service I've ever had the displeasure to experience."

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