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Naspers Limited is a multinational Internet group which is known for its principal operations in Internet communication, entertainment, gaming and e-commerce. It was founded in 1915, in South Africa, by Jannie Marais of Coetsenburg and W.A. Hofmeyr, with the support of Jan Christiaan Smuts, Louis Botha, and National Party founding president J.B.M. Hertzog.

A former employee said this in a review: "Naspers Limited is the worst place to work, as bad as the relation with co-workers. No flexible working arrangements. There's no company culture centered around a work hard-play hard environment.


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Radzio Balcer says

"I cooperate with It`s horrible. I`m a seller on marketplace. Iam selling products from another country to Romanian market. If I have problem with something with "emag academy" they said that I have to use "google" and "google translator" to understand their concept. From one week I try to unblock my account because I have to resolve test ... but I don`t have any knowlede because it is unavailable in english. Wow is a backward place with rude staff."

Adi Gibea says

"They used to be good however recently they have started to sell chinese garbage from shifty sellers. You order something only to find out that your order has been cancelled without notice or explanation as to why. When you receive what you have ordered it is usually broken or something completely different than advertised. Returns are handled in the worst possible manner, having to pay huge amounts for the delivery fee and contacting them every two days to remind them that you have a return waiting to be picked up. The customer service is good at least and they usually come up with a solution. Avoid as it is too much of a gamble to order from them."

Noaptes Cristian says

"Horrible experience, playd for the product plus shipping, product was faulty I asked for a voucher refund took too long but the voucher was just for the purchase itself not also so for the shipping cost. I would never recommend them to someone"

Mr james gerakaris says

"e mag guarantees all full of nothing, they should not be trusted. i bought a tv 2 weeks ago and i installed it. in exactly 2 weeks it stopped working. i called emag and had the unit picked up and i explained that i did not want another tv from the same factory. 4 weeks later they dont know what to do and im sorry i ever used emag to buy a tv from them"

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