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NVR, Inc. is a company engaged in home construction. It also operates a mortgage banking and title services business. The company primarily operates on the East Coast of the United States. In 2018, 23% of home settlements occurred in the Washington metropolitan area and 8% of home settlements occurred in the Baltimore metropolitan area. The company operates under the Ryan Homes, NVHomes and Heartland Homes brands. The company typically does not engage in land development; it acquires finished land lots that are ready for building, which mitigates risk. NVR currently constructs homes in 14 states and 32 metropolitan areas.

A upset former employee said this in a review about the work environment "Absolutely no room for advancement at NVR. Management is more interested in pining employees against one another and belittling employees then creating a positive work environment. Management is the only one that receives bonuses for the metrics the employees make or exceed. There is no work/life balance and vacation days are not encouraged."


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Former Employee - Loan Closer says

"Working at NVR was not a good environment to work in. They did not have a diverse management team at all, did not know how to lead or mentor or include a diverse workforce and specifically for the few black employees that worked in the Fairfax VA office. There were so many cons to mention. You don’t get the sense that they want to work with a diverse group of people. They promote the same people and someone said it best, “the culture takes me back to high school and a popularity contest”"

Former Employee - Loan Officer says

"No Training, No Direction, Management is clueless"

Post Closer says

"So much drama and favoritism"

Former Employee - Loan Officer says

"Middle management has no direction. Extremely high turnover."

Former Employee - Loan Processor says

"Micro management is constant and exhausting. With all loan processors having huge workloads, they schedule 2 or 3 long, worthless meetings (taking away time we could be working) per week for updates/status of files. During these, they belittle employees in front of their peers and needless to say, moral was extremely low. Raises are very low. Overtime is rarely (like never) approved so you'll be working from home on your laptop that they gladly issue to you. They tell you that you can't do this (wink wink) but will call you at the next meeting out if everything's not done."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Force you to work multiple position in information technology, you dont get compensated fairly, and if you do get internal promoted, they only give you 8-10% salary increase from your base salary, this place is a joke, if you like a director that has no technical background and micromanage you, work here, if not, avoid at all cost"

Current Employee - Architectural Designer says

"CEO out of touch with employees. Everything is numbers driven. Year after year we have record years. However, if we don't meet the demands of the shareholders everyone outside of upper management suffers. Its capitalism at its finest. Good luck trying to get a decent raise, the paltry 1%-2% annual raise is mandated by board members. Paul Saville was kind enough to give himself a 16% raise in 2018. I guess thats where the new corporate tax rate went..."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"bad management horrible traffic mind numbing work"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Demeaning and manipulative management, including, but not limited to, extremely illegal conduct. Attempts to report such behavior is actually laughed at. Zero opportunity to advance. Departments within the company are hostile to each other. Unless you are able to look the other way and accept being uncomfortable on a daily basis, I would look elsewhere."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Severe waste of my time."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"The company doctors incident reports and continually violates OSHA regulations preaches on teamwork but managers and supervisors consistently quote "not my chair not my problem." They're are.cliques inside each shift that recive more help employee feedback is generally dismissed and any idea an employee has the management steals the credit numerous drug users present even caught doing drugs on job with no consequences the company is a continuous revolving door average length employee stays maybe a month product is poor materials are worse cheap mold.covered warped wood no real leadership everyone's a boss willing to give orders no one willing to truly help and lead by example anytime you may have a question about stock or anything technical no one knows the answer company needs shut down"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Do your best to get into the click. You’ll understand what I mean, if you take a position with WFR division. There are definitely “the favorites”. This place will always have you watching your back. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to work, this isn’t it. Salary is very low for this type of work. Bonus is good, but hard to achieve full potential. My advice is to stay away"

Manufacturing Production Trim Carpenter (Current Employee) says

"they dont care about the employee, promise false growth opportunities, id not recommend to work in a place that plays with employees time, no overtime, if you ever work OT they make come early and leave early so you still not working 40+"

A little man that cowtails to the so called managers. (Former Employee) says

"Not a bad place to work if you don't like thinking about better ways of doing your job. they seem how much money they can make for themselves - meaning people at the top, How much money can one spend in a year, They have people running the various entities who have never done the job - just ask how many sr managers have ever taken a loan application or sold a house, They value the people that will not ask questions and do the things that make no sense or risk being terminated., Too many people drink the tea and believe me most people really think this but are afraid to discuss it. They make up reasons to get rid of people and it would seen that at some locations age is an issue - just an observation and maybe it ain't so. It is really to bad as it used to be a nice place to work - 1980s. More cons because the space one can write is limited - Management does seem to like to hire or keep experience people -- too much money to be paid for people that have other ideas and the Company seems not to want that, What a novel idea - they want yes men and yes women - The NVR way, nothing but an army that has peter principle managers again do not ask questionsI can't think of any right now that make any sense, I am sure there are bu it wold overwork my brain to come up with themdifferences between seem to be mostly trim, NV is puts trim around the windows and so on and build a bigger house - why?, It is because of the money and the show off the company."

Loan Processor (Former Employee) says

"Employees were yelled at and treated horribly. Daily crying and upset. Managers were clicky and unwilling to be supportive. They were often non approachable and unhelpful in daily needs The pay was very good but did not matter in such a hostile environmentPayManagement"

Sales and Marketing Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you are a top sales person you are better off working somewhere else. They pay you less than any other builder. I sold 30 homes in 1 year of being on the floor and I earned less than 70k. Mind you all the homes I sold were average price of 290k.Shared floorPay is little, and more reports are due than any other builder."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for almost 9 months they make it sound like a wonderful place but no pay raises like promised, No advancement opportunity. They pick favorites and move those employee's up while everyone else is worked like dogs. The hours were horrible. One week we would work 30 hours and the next was 55 hours. Awful management and communication. On the weeks you would work short hours you would have to use your vacation days to get a full paycheck. They make promises they don't keep and management would yell and treat everyone poorly. I was the only women on my shift and harassed by management. Everything about that place was horrible. I tried to switch shifts and no one would talk to me about it. They say to go to management for any issues, that's really hard when management is the issue. Very high turnover rate due to management.NothingEverything"

Sales and Marketing Representative (Current Employee) says

"I regret working here everyday. Management, workplace culture, career development and growth are disappointing and below expectation. Certainly many opportunities to work on improving these areas for a productive working environment.Management"

Labor (Former Employee) says

"The pay sucked they expect you to Bust your butt for low amounts of money and everyone that worked there were trash and very ignorant and didn't give new people a chance to learn they act like you should know how to do the job after 3 days of training the supervisors and management were a joke . . . .NoneEverything"

Bander (Former Employee) says

"When you interview, you're told 8hrs a day and then you are done. Well once you get in you find out that every week is mandatory overtime. People have families and schedules that look for 8hrs a week. The leadership is a joke and cannot manage the personal under them.noneshort breaks, bad leadership"

Craftsman (Current Employee) says

"Laid off so that new employees hired at a lower rate could take my postition. Not a good company, does not care about its employees. Never took a day off, was never late and my job was given to a someone who had no experience therefore they could pay them less."

Ignored Production Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I applied for a accounting position and a production assistant position with this company. I have 26 years of accounting, office management experience. I have also worked as a Project Superintendent for the last 17 years. So my advice if you qualify for a position. Do Not Apply as you will be ignored. Don't waste your time.None they ignore qualified applicantsNone they ignore qualified applicants"

General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"No communication or lack of Gender stereotypes and sexism Racism and not welcoming of people from different backgrounds. Raises are very bias Not focused on employees or family friendly Very little opportunity to advance Poor management Stressful and unhappy work environment Poor Training A"

Laborer/Equipment Operator (Former Employee) says

"Long story short, not a good company! It’s ran like a dictatorship. It’s an unorganized chaos filled job! The managers and team leads are all egotistical narcissistic jerks that have no clue what they’re doing and are not even close to being good leaders! It’s like a blind man trying to find a light switch in a dark room! They are so low they would have to jump up to touch bottom! They will lie to you in the interview. They’ll basically tell you what every new hire wants to hear! They’ll offer one position and place you in a completely different department. They say the hours are 6am-2:30pm there really 5am-2:30am. The employees are not welcoming at all. They seemed annoyed that they have to train a new guy because their “numbers” would go down. The company’s only concern is production above all else. Your safety and health does not matter to them. There is no house keeping. The place is filthy! No social distancing is taking place and no mask policy is enforced! COVID didn’t come from China it came from this place! You’re just a tool to make the big wigs richer you will be used and abused. I was fired for voicing my concern on safety issues to my team lead. He ran right back to the higher ups and they quickly sat me down and told me I was a trouble maker because of my concerns and fired me! You’ve been warned! Stay away!"

Settlement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely no room for advancement. Management is more interested in pining employees against one another and belittling employees then creating a positive work environment. Management is the only one that receives bonuses for the metrics the employees make or exceed. There is no work/life balance and vacation days are not encouraged.None"

Office Clerk (Current Employee) says

"If you want to be treated like a valued team player and be recognized for your achievements and a positive upbeat environment, then this is not the place for you."

Mortgage Loan Originator (Current Employee) says

"The customers are incentivized to use you, so management holds sales team accountable and responsible for all roles in office. There is no accountability for the inside staff. Management is never present or around. Turn-over is incredibly high. Company runs off of a culture of intimidation and bullying. Often worked 60 or more hours in a week. They sell you on "all of the money you can make" but it's not nearly as much as they make it seem.incentivized businesshours worked, stress, poor management, no job security"

Associate Loan Officer (Former Employee) says

"There were a lot of good lessons to learn from this company, unfortunately not all of them were good but you definitely come out a stronger individual"

Sales and Marketing Representative (Former Employee) says

"You are truly just a number. The division I worked in had terrible management, lied to employees and customers. People are not treated equally and they do not care about your work life balance. Worst years of my life. Money was ok, but not consistent and didn't make up for mistreatment. Turn over reports say it all.Work in a fully functioning model home; stock optionsNo lunch breaks, sales folks not encouraged to take days off or vacation, bad management, questionable ethics"

machine operator (Former Employee) says

"to much micro managing took long time to get things done because of that"

Mark Cox says

"Ordered the wireless CCTV NVR system in May, I couldn't connect wirelessly after a few days in contact with Zosi support. They instructed to send the NVR back and they'd replace it as well as reimburse my postage. They did replace the NVR but no reimbursement. The NVR still didn't work so after numerous emails I was told the cameras won't work wirelessly and to connect them via cable. I ordered the 'WIRELESS' system!?!?!? Eventually they said to return the whole system for a full refund which I did. This was in May, its now August and I still haven't received the refund! I keep asking and I keep getting told 'its been refunded' or 'there was a problem with the refund' or lately it was 'the finance dept wouldn't allow the refund to go through', etc etc. Disgusted in this company. I'm now having to go through my bank to try and get my money back. I will never use this company again, terrible customer service, constantly lying!"

Jane Pyast says

"I received the cameras through Amazon. They broke after two months and the customer service representatives don’t reply to the emails or calls. Unsure what the issue is since it happened very randomly and everything is still connected to the network and wires. We have tried everything in their guide and restarting the system as well as completely setting it up again. Very cheaper technology and terrible instructions. The two year warranty is a scam and the overall customer service is a scam. Unfortunately cannot return it as a month has passed on Amazon. I would not recommend getting this system as it is a completely waste of money and time."

Antonio Morrison says

"Multiple connectivity issues. Video does not always connect when using a mobile device. The video takes a long time to load and often receive messages that the device is offline. I never had these issues with Zmodo. I regret switching from Zmodo. If I could give it a 1/2 star rating I would."

Stephane Fantoni says

"Steeler They just don t send item, write it is with the delivery company and don't refund you. They are just steeler, never seen à company like this on Aliexpress"

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