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Myf Warhurst’s Nice is a six-part series that will take viewers on a cultural crusade to explore some of Myf’s favourite things from her youth in music, food, fashion, photography, art, and design. It’s a show that embraces cultural icons of the past and takes a closer look at what surrounded us - the stuff you'd find in your own living room rather than in a gallery or museum. It's a celebration of all the things that are just, well...‘nice’.

Myf tv series became annoying with forced jokes and laughter and pushing a reasonable format for too long, Miltonmunster claims at

"Become annoying. Sadly another case of pushing a reasonable format for too long, the forced jokes & even more forced overdone laughter has worn far too thin. Even the what the hell are they cackling about looks on international guest's faces is becoming ever more apparent."


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