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Niels Eje (born Copenhagen 1954) is a Danish composer and oboist. Niels Eje was educated at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Denmark 1974 to 1979. Thereafter he studied with Lothar Koch of the Berlin Philharmonic. His career included a position as principal oboist in the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, (1979 to 1990) performances in Europe, USA and Japan as soloist and chamber musician. He is one of the inventors of the specially composed and evidence-based music ‘MusiCure’, as well as producing nature films with atmospheres from all over the world, carefully edited to the MusiCure music, and without speak. As innovative entrepreneurs, they have also developed the special 'MusiCure Pillow', with built-in speakers with high-quality sound, and established their own streaming service 'MusiCureStream'.

Petra shares her disappointing experience on Amazon, "After I was enthusiastic about MusiCure 4, I also bought the No. 1. But this CD disappointed me. It is much too calm and lengthy for me. Heard it a couple of times but the spark doesn't jump."


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