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Mouser Electronics is an authorized global distributor of semiconductors and electronic components. With $1.9 billion in annual revenue, Mouser is ranked as the seventh-largest electronic component distributor in the world. The company has 27 locations globally and more than 2,500 employees. Mouser is part of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies.

Tommy, a former customer shares his experience on, "We have purchased electronic components through Mouser, while the ones we have purchased are long-lasting and do the job fine, are overall experience with the company has been negative. When we have gone with them they have a limited selection, a high price, and bad customer service. Because of this we no longer use them as a supplier for our computer/electronic products. The customer service is so slow, that when they say that you are on hold, they never get back to you in one case. I strongly do not recommend them as a supplier of electronic products."


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Stock Control Associate Level 3 (Former Employee) says

"Grateful to having a job at the time but over time i become frustrated with the company.too much racism ¬ enough of communication & loyalty.i did my job with my eyes closed but still they found a reason to cheat me out My pay! The quarter bonus was a joke! U give ya all in putting the work out & they want to give u $100 depending on how long u was employed; if a temp; u dont get nothing! ddontddshinothing;nsm"

Stock Control Associate (Current Employee) says

"Mouser promotes people that fit into their brand and it takes a long time to get recognized. Mouser has slowly lost its family value and taken more and more things from employees Mouser would do in honor or appreciation. They don't promote people with an outstanding personality."

Costing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Senior management is so pathetic, even the Hr team is of no use. They just want to make you slave. No work to do.... They just want you to sit there for 9 hrs. No respect, low salary, no hike."

Collections Representative (Former Employee) says

"Called customers on past due invoices and used credits to clear accounts or get them current. Emailed invoices and scanned payments with receipts. Cod Plus on ordersLearned on Cod Pluscut throat"

Stock Control Associate (Current Employee) says

"Find some place else unless you are positive you can kiss your way into a favored position. If you aren’t a favorite you aren’t anything. Mandatory 10 hour mondays. Most supervisors have never done your job."

Customer Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"Overall, working at Mouser Electronics, in Finance, was a horrible experience. Advancement was frowned upon, and pay is too low. Management definitely needs more HR training in keeping the affairs of others private. The work culture's motto: Hire and keep low-level thinking people who will not go anywhere and are content at making less than industry standards. Most people stay because they get caught in a rut and don't want to drive far for better pay. After awhile the mentality and horrible work culture drains on the psyche and you become wrapped up in contentment and being stuck in an environment you don't see a way out of. This company is great for younger kids starting out, especially in the warehouse part; but not for the career-minded individual.Close to homeEverything else, paying being at the top of the list."

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"Instead of raises you receive T-shirts and a free lunch and the lunch is not that great. Family as in people related to president are very well taken care of. Playing favorites is what the managers do and that is who they take care of and promote. The whole move up from within is now gone, if you do not have a degree you can forget about moving up in the company. The company also does not want people that think on their own. What the president wants is what is done and nothing changes from that. Most employees looking for work else where.Low wages, favorites"

Stock Associate (Current Employee) says

"This is by far the worst company I ever worked for the overnight work hours 8pm-7am are extremely tiring, they have a point system that you must follow you have to at least have an average of 85% for the whole 4 week period unless you want to get written up. The overnight manager Ken Alfonso abuses his power very lazy, sneaky, and harasses his co-workers. This place has favortism no matter how hard of a worker you are if the upper management doesn't like you their is no chance of you earning a promotion. The inspectors also create errors in the system like "lost product" to get people documented for ter minatoonNoneHorrible Management, Rude Staff, Work Hours, Point system"

Order Puller (Former Employee) says

"It's an ok place to work , just don't get sick. Most of the staff is friendly The restaurants are a bit pricey The coolers need to be worked on, they leak and they need to be bigger, and the doors sometimes don't close all the way."

Order Puller (Former Employee) says

"This company cares only about numbers not employees.I recently had some family issues that needed be taken care of.did mouser care no what they cared about was how much missed time I had.needless to say I lost my job over itCo workersPoor management"

Office employee (Current Employee) says

"Daily I am informed of the errors I make amongst my peers that creates no incentive to care for the job. There is no training so errors are made due to lack of Mouser business knowledge. Processes are not visible and management does not have time to explain or train appropriately. Upper management will not change the antiquated business processes to match current business needs. Unrealistic duties are assigned to perform in the time frame given. The manager of my department take numerous days off, with the expectation of the department to run without his presence but many procedures are controlled solely by the manager. Many hoops to jump through to perform the job ending with unsuccessful performances.Allow blue jeans at work, not manyUnrealistic goals, pay below local average, health insurance poor"

Production Artist (Former Employee) says

"Training was subpar, management was unbearable. Do NOT recommend."

IS Operations (Current Employee) says

"learn what you can and go elsewhere, because there are no opportunities to grow financially. If you don't need money, it's a fine place to wither and die.good work/lifenon-competitive pay"

Customer Service Assistant (Current Employee) says

"This company has many cons. There is much favoritism. Employees that have worked there for many years are promoted with not much knowledge of what they are going foodtoo many"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Advancement is usually those who have bachelor degrees Pay raises are not guaranteed with high level performance reviews Management is awful, they need to be better trained to be managers It's not uncommon for the environment to be hostile for working conditions Compensation is low due to its location and competitors Hr is not there for the employees Be sure everything is documentedspecial events, free lunches for employee appreciation and free gifts from vendors on the sales team, one hour lunch breaks, locationmanagement, Hr, micromanaged work, gossip, massive workloads and unrealistic expectations of entry level employees, rarely get pay increases, only the favorites get promoted"

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"High School all over again! It is a shame that management and hr turns their head to libelous and cruel treatment to people they deem as not as important. I thoroughly agree with the other posts....if you are not a favorite, management will treat you poorly. Abusive, demeaning and blatant disregard from direct supervisor/manager regarding people's feelings.Social EventsUnprofessional Management with High School Mentality"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Only lasted there a few days because I felt the training was tough. I wasn't told training for this role was going to be so intense and 3 MONTHS LONG. Most importantly......little to do with customer service. More to do with data entry, learning a whole new computer system and being told off 'during training period' (my second day) for making few errors, in my data entry on this system. Stressful training environment and personally didn't find the manager very pleasant. If you have any issues you have no one else to speak to because the head office is in Texas and constantly patronised from day 2.......'you've seen the pace these people are working at, you have to be too' (well you would have thought working there 5 years, they're going to work a lot faster than someone who's worked and is learning everything on their second day). day 3.......'lets see how many entries you've done......227.......I've done 158 and all my work on top of that's been you're most productive day so far, but it still shows I'm more capable of doing things' Well you know what, they don't really allow you to train properly, as the manager is constantly stressing over each mistake you make and that is the worst feeling to be put through as a new starter. And to add to that, not learn from that mistake, make you feel guilty for what you did, because it's caused such a problem. (You can't really say sorry because your new, your training, mistakes should be expected?) It's almost as if they don't allow themselves to train you, but they do because they 'invest a lot of time and money'.Fair SalaryNon-supportive training from management, Disability discrimination, Patronising, Hostile"

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Company has everything to offer. Big company Great building Make tons of $ Low compensation Poor benefits Horrible management (lazy managers ever) Directors do not care - only numbers matters HR does not get involved in any type of incentive for employees development5pm and you're outOnly "their" people have the chance to grow"

Information Systems Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Micro-managers; extremely high turn-over rate, negative environment, below average pay, stressful environment, hard to please supervisors, work load too heavy. The management of this company brings down morale and people leave.Not manyManagement"

Stock Control Associate (Current Employee) says

"This experience is something good to put on my resume but this was not the best work experience for me. Management was not good at all, co-workers were great a good hearted people to work with and build relationships with.Always changing things and not worried about the employees take on anything"

Thomas Nilsson says

"Horrible service. Says they ships the same day and 2-3 days shipping time. After three days they still haven't even shipped the goods and all they can say is they are busy, my order is "almost" ready and will "hopefully" ship "soon"."

Jake Withecombe says

"My experience with Mouser has honestly been one of my worst ever experiences. Placed an order, 2 days later (after promising to ship the order immediately), they ship it. They screw up the shipping information so Fedex reject the order and send it back to them. They do nothing. I chase, they say I have to wait for them to handle the 'return' before they can reship it. They eventually reorder it for me 9 days later and the order STILL HASN'T SHIPPED. What is wrong with these people? They are utterly incompetent at fixing a mistake. To make matters worse, their customer service teams just tell lies and the complaint escalation form on their website doesn't get answered after 72 hours. ORDER NO. 252946633"