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Motiva Enterprises, LLC, is a fully owned affiliate of Saudi Refining Inc. and headquartered in Houston, Texas, United States with revenue of $24 billion during fiscal 2004. Previously, it was a 50–50 joint venture between Shell Oil Company and Saudi Refining Inc.

An angry former employee said "Motiva is one of the worst refineries in the US. In the past it was run by corrupt Good-Ole-Boys who would give lucrative contracts to family and get a free bass boat in return now just Arabs hiring their buddies to bring them in on a K1 visa. HR is moronic. The refinery is unsafe and unprofitable. It will probably be closed or sold soon".


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Former Employee - Terminal Operator says

"management sucks co workers are spineless"

Current Employee - MPO says

"A lot of talent with zero leadership"

Current Employee - Process Operator says

"you have to deal with a bunch of buttholes, nobody ever know what they want, things change on a weekly basis. People wish Shell was still involved."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Dishonest leadership, low morale, toxic culture, declining pension and retirement benefits"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible leadership, Executive leaders are dishonest and not transparent. They say one thing and do another"

Current Employee - Operations says

"This refinery has went straight down hill and people are leaving or looking to leave as soon as possible. Turnover rate says it all. Many people are unhappy. 1 manager controls everything through fear and intimidation. This manager has a history with Shell of carring out the same type of actions but is overlooked because profitability is great! Nothing will change here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Major talent management problem. Lots of corporate politics involved in moving up the ranks. They also preach about diversity, but ultimately want everyone to have the same type of personality"

Current Employee - Personnel says

"No Balance between work and home. I hardly ever see my children. Get repremanded for calling in sick just one day with a doctors excuse. Very unfair work Balance. Many hourly bust thier bottoms working hard with a large work load. Salary personnel hardly do anything but meetings and come and go as they please. Hourly personnel get written up if 1min. Late! Salary personnel are hardly ever reprimanded while hourly are constantly under witch hunting. Management do not care whatsoever. Just care for personal life and bonuses."

Process Operator says

"The relationship between management and workers is poor. The overall morale is poor. Management has just imposed rules that make it difficult for workers to have flexibility in their shift. For example, at one time, operators were allowed to swap shifts with each other. Management has placed a rule restricting swaps over weekends. This takes needed flexibility away from others."

Former Employee - Procurement says

"the company culture can be callous"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst refineries in the US. In the past it was run by corrupt Good-Ole-Boys who would give lucrative contracts to family and get a free bass boat in return now just Arabs hiring their buddies to bring them in on a K1 visa. HR is moronic. The refinery is unsafe and unprofitable. It will probably be closed or sold soon.Still pays better than most jobsIncompetent managers, corruption and favoritism, drugs, drunkenness, and laziness are fine. Trying to do things legit and not the Motiva way will get you fired."

Contract & Sales Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Typical workplace, management had objectives without having all the resources and tools but work still needed to be accomplished. The regular employees are new millennials eager to get their careers started. Like most companies they prefer to run lean and keep costs and wages low. During my tenure the oil and gas industry was globally at an all time low so there was a lot of pressure from all aspects.PeopleOil & Gas Industry at an all-time low"

Purchasing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"As a Contractor at Motiva, there were no advancement opportunities, even though I was recommended by many co-workers. People in Management Positions got their friends/family hired first. Office Politics & favoritism was as bad as I've ever seen it. I eventually left for all of these reasons & more. The only thing I miss was the 9/80 split schedule with every other Friday off."

Load support (Former Employee) says

"This company over all is not bad once you are full time. Employees seem generally happy. Contractors are used up and picked apart and cycled out if you are not a favorite. If you are a person who wants to just be recognized for doing your job alone this is not the place for you. Management is VERY POOR. Favoritism and politics are a huge part of this company. If you can survive the politics you will be ok. Stay away from loading and sales support."

Process Operator (Current Employee) says

"As with most entities that get too big, Motiva has serious issues with checks and balances. I overhead a lead engineer talking saying, "Motiva is like a boat taking on water and operations is trying to pump pail the water out, but the boat is taking on more water than we will EVER be able to get rid of". The plant itself is rather safe compared to most but at what cost? Financially this place is a nightmare. Waste is a huge part of Motiva from the 10k dollar palm trees that line the streets inside the plant to the constant stealing that the employees do. Motiva is also very top heavy as there is at least one salary personnel for every hourly employee. There are dozens maybe hundreds of employees who sit at computers all day long browsing youtube, personal social networking sites, and watching bootleg movies. This company's future was promising at the beginning of the infamous CEP project but after going FAR over budget, looks gloomy now in comparison. The USW (the only union on site) has even turned into a "do nothing union". I'm told by many that the union leadership can be found in the back pocket of the company and getting them to appropriately litigate when the time is necessary may be rather difficult. The only positive thing about this plant is the pay as it is comparable to others in the surrounding area. But, really, why wouldn't it be? If seeking employment here, good luck to you.20-50$ gift cardsFinancially unstable, top heavy as a company, EXTREMELY wasteful"

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"Operators are knowledgeable, management is not, makes unsafe demands. Management does not listen to suggestion of operators who work with the equipment daily.Good payUnsafe"

Manager (retired) says

"They have replaced CEO, CFO--the expat they retired who would say one thing and do another, some directors. Some Managers are new and poorly trained. HR was ineffective and that group was revamped as well. That said if you can work hard under a good manager (there are a few) you'll have lots of opportunities. Beware they've adopted the Enron style of employee forced rankings which leads to some serious back stabbing. Pay is excellent, safety is paramount, and the parent company Saudi Aramco is a behemoth. The Saudis will continue to pump money into their growth. Diversity is important to them. If management sees a problem they will address it.Benefits, pay, powerful parent companyPoorly trained Managers, forced employee rankings"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Company has recently changed owners and it is not clear what the future of the company looks like. This is will continue until new owner decides what Motiva will look like going forward.Pay Benefits / Steady Work Hours"

Trade Floor Support Analyst III (Former Employee) says

"It was quite a experience working for motiva. Company is Fairly new and needs a lot of work in their IT Department. Typical Day: Trade Floor Support Application Deployment and Scripting SCCM Development and Test Distribution Center Management and Support for Central/Eastern US OS development and Deployment PXE Server Development and Testing Batch Scripting Hardest part was the lack of support from other IT teams during the Handover. Enjoyable part was ability to work with different with different projectslack of support from other IT departments"

operator/mastercraft (Former Employee) says

"Worked with good friendly people. Hardest part of the job was the heat. Management for the most part was supportive. Politics were a big part of the company."

Credit/AML Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Motiva's managers were not qualified to be managers. The hardest part of the job was dealing with unprofessional managers. Employees were very knowledgeable and respectful. The most enjoyable part of the job were the people.Free work out facalitiesExpenses healthcare"

Sr. Buyer -Contracts Manager (Former Employee) says

"Motiva offered numerous career building opportunities. Employees are evaluated bi yearly for additional skillset building opportunities to advance their careers."

Industrial Hygienist (Current Employee) says

"Separation from Shell caused unnecessary stress... Hardest part of the job was lack of management support for industrial hygiene. 1500 employees/1 is not a good ratio."

Production Team Leader- Shift Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Wonderful place to work, growing complex. Learned how to work with a team and troubleshoot a process. Understand how a new refinery and old refinery can collaborate as one."

Senior Credit Analyst, Trading and Base Oils (Current Employee) says

"Major changes in company. Reorganization. The company is in the midst of identifying itself after the separation from Shell. Continues to go through growing pains."

Business Operation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Company is a good company to work for. Flexibility and growth opportunities. Worked in Downstream distribution, terminals and support. About average amount of politics, more so in head office.Great benefits package, minimal micromanagingFavortism in promoting, Not always following established protocol and procedure. Lack of process structure"

Samithra Radal says

"I think this is a great tool to help the Pre-med/Medical student. Very easy to navigate, some features have had some trouble for me to utilise. I live in Australia which also limits how I can personally use it. I am looking forward to seeing how it will benefit me over the course of my Pre Medical studies and support me through medical school."

Kyle Salley says

"I love the app itself and the idea behind it, but the app struggles with interface glitches and limitations. I find trying to put in/edit things under activities, volunteering, etc. has issues. After I put something in but want to go back and edit, the typing box does not work and it constantly keeps moving the page back to the top whenever I expand a tab. And I do wish there was some freedom with the calendar as far was categories other than just shadowing/volunteering so I could use the calendar for more related events. Another feature I would like to see is under GPA, I would like to be able to put all my GPA’s from classes and more than one school and have it calculate the overall GPA rather than just the GPA from only one school. I’m a non traditional student so I have a few more variables than what’s allowed on the app. Overall though I do recommend the app, it just needs some fine tuning."

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