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Moroni may refer to:

Moroni (name) House of Moroni, an Italian noble family Moroni, Comoros Moroni, Utah Moroni (Book of Mormon prophet) Angel Moroni, the angel that Joseph Smith, Jr. claimed visited him Book of Moroni, a book of the Book of Mormon Captain Moroni, a figure in the Book of Moroni


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Moroni part-time for less than a year Cons: - desk area is a mess -Customer service is terrible due to one person management -The warehouse fan makes terrible noises constantly. -Company has large debts that takes too long to pay"

Customer says

"Pushy sales people and lengthy contracts with ridiculous buy out fees, even when your business has no employees or need for their services."

Trev axi says

"The Health and Safety service is very poor. i was told on the phone a new Health and Safety person has joined but even the team fear for more of the same old same old. Our businesses are changing unfortunately yours isn't to meet our new needs. i wont be renewing sadly i just dont have the confidence in the level of knowledge."

PaulW6 says

"Really can not understand why this company is so unthoughtful in the middle of Covid19. Informed them that I will have to close my company due to lack of trade. Stated that I have to give 6 months notice before my renewal date or they will continue to charge me for 5 years. They have offered only another year. 6 months notice for me would have been Feb 2020 and if I could have predicted Covid19 I would have given them the heads up. Totally Insensitive to an owner of a micro business closing and making people redundant. Since the first posting of this review a staff member from the directors office contacted me directly, and showed support and consideration of the situation. Then provided me with a very helpful solution to my issues. I do agree that all companies can learn from mistakes and improve"

Andy Pennington says

"I am being harassed by these horrendous people, NEVER give these people your contact details or agree to attend their sales seminar, We didn't attend the seminar but I have never been phoned so often and no matter how often I ask to be removed from the list they call every week. Please understand, I will NEVER buy a service from you. Stop calling me..."

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