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Montblanc International is a German manufacturing company of luxury goods, based in Hamburg.

Montblanc produces a wide range of products, including goods for travel, writing implements, watches and jewellery, among other products.

A dissapointed customer said this in a review: "This is like ordering from the Internet 10 years ago. No live information, website is buggy, 1-2 week lead times for shipments, etc. It baffles me Montblanc would accept their brand be tarnished by such a poor online experience".


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"One would think that such a big and renown company would be true to their word. I was promised promotion for years without one although I gave a lot to the company. They used me as much as they could along with my team, reducing the team to the minimum, changing the bonuses so that we would get none. But most of all HQ in France acted like they knew better than local teams what was good for the stores discarding any new idea, treating their operations teams like crap, using and manipulating them, making false promises."

Sales Associate says

"While there are definitely many Pros the Cons are winners hands down. Not a healthy working environment in any way, shape or form. To much politics. Less kissing up and more actual work and training would have been nice."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No one at the company is happy. It's truly a shame. Long hours without ever a kind word."

Former Employee - Undisclosed says

"From the top down this company is mismanaged across all areas of business. High expectations from "The Germans" with little to no knowledge of how to get to the end goal. They want it done yesterday, but don't want to support their employees with any help, budget, or training support. Self-taught which helped my productivity; no recognition whatsoever for increasing sales."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"They lure you in by telling you that as part of the Richemont family, you can transfer to another brand. The executive management is nonexistence, and since they all hate each other, only care about outdoing their peer. As an employee you are either ignored or put in the line of fire."

Former Employee - Sale Assosiet says

"toxic environment and management, you will get nothing."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Childish way of doing business. Lots of internal conflicts Horrible environment Top down decisions all the time They hire talents and tell them what to do Complete lack of communication and transparency People are promised things that won’t happen"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"If you want to take something as a challenge job three you can try to work here . Because they won't give adequate training but they expect you to do more and be professional at all times ! The target is like crazy highest ever seen 60 k after tax z"

Not important (Former Employee) says

"If I could give negative stars I would, worst company to work for. Management are bullies and when you confront them they use it against you. Store manager was manipulative and over worked all members of the team. US retail director hid the abuse and instead of hconfronting them he gave the person a promotion.No prosEverything"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"They tell you the commission is 1-4% but of course 4% is for selling watches that never sell So it is really 1% only They have so many rules. You have to wear suits and ties but they don't even pay for dry cleaning. We have to pay parking too Too many Managers running around acting important Not enough customersNice penswatches never sell"

Sales Personal (Former Employee) says

"Run for your life! They expect you give up your life for 1% commission. They work you 10 days in a row and never approve your vacation timeNoneEverything"

anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Lazy management, trying to get the most out of you and associates do not get rewarded. If goals are met only managers get bonus and associates just have to pretend they are happy! Commission is 1 to 4 percent but it is very unlikely that you get 4 percent because it is only for watches and limited edition pens which do not sell very often! So you should calculate your commission at 1 percent to be realistic! Now that macy's and other retailers have montblanc products and they often give discount on them, it is even more difficult to sell. So make sure managers don't deceive you by giving you high hopes that you make good money from your sales commission! That will be probably your gas money and that's it. The chances of getting promoted in the company is not much! They tend to bring people from outside and do not promote within. If you do not speak chinese (mandarin) you won't get much sales! Most (not all) clients are asians and they like to work with asians. So good luck if you dont speak the language. I compare montblanc to other luxury brands and see montblanc pays the lowest... I have been working for luxury retail companies for several years and montblanc has the worst in-store and upper management.There is not much to do (not necessarily an advantage) it could get boringLow pay, Short breaks, Awful management, Not organized, Not promoting within, Very low commission, Not giving you uniform and many more"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The company is going down they expect you to do the impossible. Management is horrible not fun nor a positive environment! If you love to learn about history this job maybe perfect for you . This job is boring the money is not worth being miserable every time you clock in"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This organization is so messed up, it's hard to know where to begin. I was hired (sort of) but kept in a temp classification. I could never plan my life as I never knew if/when I would get a day off. The Managers are all in fear of being fired and manager from fear. The Regional Mgr actually cried on the store. While I was there- only 6 months- 8 top level people were fired. It's a revolving door of people who can't find work elsewhere. Pathetic company.Hourly rate not bad but commission is 1%Horrible schedules: 10 days in a row"

Joint Venture Accountant (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working closely with all my colleges and was respected by my peers.I gained a lot of corporate experience in the Short time that I was employed there.I work well under pressure and enjoyed the challenge that was presented to me, however I had to leave this company due to a relocation the UAE.teamwork and happy working environment"

Responsabile di negozio (Former Employee) says

"dopo 2 giorni di lavoro mi ha licenziato perché non sono voluto andare ad una cena aziendale... consigliato ricovero psichiatrico"

Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"The leadership quality is very poor. There are inconsistencies in implementations of policies and procedures. Basic working conditions are poor. Very high turn overs.Good products, excellent benefitsLow pay, poor leadership, lack of advancement opportunities, high turnovers."

Part Time Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Part time don’t have any benefit which is fine. They don’t even have any discount. Very bad! Low hourly and very dumb computer system. Super slow and feeling awkward to let customer wait."

Merchandising (Current Employee) says

"Very long hours and management is engaged in every aspect of the business. Analytical skills are a must as management requires many reports, and reports on reports.ColleaguesStrategic direction changes too frequently"

Regional Sales Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The product Montblanc sells is wonderful and enjoyed selling and working with it. However management is very hands off. They walk around with their nose in the air trying to blame employees below them for their mistakes. Their culture was not for me. There is a lot of bullying and HR does very little to stop it. They expect you to work all day with little care or concern for families. Management could careless about employees all that mattered was the BRAND."

Assistant store manager (Former Employee) says

"El dia transcurria con un continuo fluir de ventas. Especial atencion diaria a escaparates.Aprendi a negociar con clientes de todos los rincones del planeta.La direccion un poco despistada y sin suficiente formacion en lujo.Los compañeros extraodinarios. Muchos amigos nuevos.La parte mas dificil fue la interaccion con direccion.Lo que mas me gusto fue el trabajo, las ventas y los clientes tan satisfechos que hice.trato con todas las nacionalidadestrabajar los fines de semana"

National Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great working there until new management came in. No job/life balance. Women do not get the opportunity to advance. Great benefits. Lots of travel."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"If you enjoy working retail, this is the environment just for you. To learn more about the Montblanc product line, visit their website."

Key Account regional (Former Employee) says

"gran marca , gran producto y mala gestión - cierres continuos de puntos de venta.seguridad con una gran marcavision de cierra de mi gestion"

Accounts Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"There’s plenty of work to keep you busy and keep you motivated but advancements/promotions are usually given on friendships not merit. It’s a great learning experience for the pros and cons, you can learn a lot professionally and life isn’t always fair you can work hard to be overlooked for someone who has a friendship with someone in a position to give promotions."

sales (Former Employee) says

"upper management is not looking to help you succeed. They will not help you transfer to another location; they actually make it nearly impossible to do so. Very low foot traffic in the boutique; plan sales in advance or pray that those customers coming into the store are looking to spend a good amount of money. there are multiple price increases throughout the year, which makes clients very unhappy. the commission sucks for the amount of work you put into making/ planning your sales. there is a lot of down time and not much to do during that time. the product and history of the brand are the only things that were enjoyable about this company.hourly pay plus commission, benefitsmanagement, commission rate"

sales (Former Employee) says

"I love this brand..but company need replaced the store manager in garden city...that was big mistakes hired that kind of person without the professional experience also under the moral behavior..."

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"Great company with opportunity for growth as they are part of the Richemont brand. Loyal clients who enjoy and respect the rich history of the product. However a lot of operational tasks that fall upon Management to complete."


"I m very disappointed about the quality and the durance of Mont Blanc ball pen and rolle ball refills..These products last at least the half time than the refills years ago ..Their durance is lees than all the other companies (in the past it was the best,now it’s the worst).Shame of this big company ..I am a big consumer of Greece of Mont Blanc pens and I am very disappointed to see a big company descending quality ..Papadopoulos Antonios Greece"

Michael Bichsel says

"On 12 December 2020, I ordered a Christmas present. This was for a person very close to me. At the time, Montblanc website stated that orders placed by 14 December 2020 were GUARANTEED to be delivered before Christmas (even with standard UPS shipping). Because of this silly GUARANTEE, I was convinced that I did not need express delivery. On 21 December 2020 I received the shipping confirmation from Montblanc. On 23 December I was informed by UPS that the gift would be delivered on 28th December (not as GUARANTEED by Montblanc). We immediately reported this in an email to Montblanc. Montblanc said that UPS should be contacted for deliveries and that Montblanc cannot influence this. This is surprising, as Montblanc has GUARANTEED the delivery date! On 28th December I received another email from UPS with the new delivery date of saying it would be the 29th. Today, 29th December 2020, the parcel has still not been delivered. Today I decided to call UPS. It turned out that this was also an empty promise and that the package will arrive possibly on 30th December 2020 or so.... Or maybe 2021?? Who knows...
Shocking GUARANTEE and service by Montblanc. Also poor service from UPS - do not buy online better go to the Montblanc Boutique if you need their products."

stephen mcdine says

"Terrible online service and no customer care. Bought a pen within the deadline for christmas delivery, paid £25 for next daydleievry expecting maybe a day or so longer. No email confirming teh order, chased it around 15 times now, now even progressed from the warehouse, no phoneline as the closed/ cut it off, no twitter messages, they wont phne you back, apprantly pens dispatched from Italy , well next day delivery is never going to happen but they charge you £25 anyway. no answers from anyone- christmas gift ruined."

James says

"The online customer experience is very poor, some lowlights :(
1. Click and collect at store doesn't work (system error)
2. Takes days for Montblanc to dispatch
3. Dispatched from a different country, further delay
4. With standard UPS but high value, any missed delivery gets stuck, saying collect at UPS point (which you can't)
5. With UPS you can easily get stuck in a doom loop, never to receive your item.
6. The Montblanc Customer Service don't or can't help."

peter kapoor says

"I bought an "Elvis Presley" limited edition pen from Mont Blanc boutique store in Santa Clara California before I went there i talk to "Mahsa" who is the new manager after "Diana" left, Mahsa has very bad customer service skills, no compassion at all, simply "rude" I was told she will offer me 10% discount by offering Inks, notepads, etc. of similar value, when I get there she give me one little box of ink cartridges, valued at $10 max, I had 6 boxes of dried ink cartridges and she did not want to exchange, saying it is old and cannot exchange, and i said this is your ink not mine, also the assistant gave me two little box of cartridges and both boxes half full they used them in their own pens, and want me to use the leftover, like feeding a "Homeless street dog" i will be disputing my charge card for this sort of behavior and they can take me to court this store should be closed for good this is very poorly run store. and the manager needs to go for good.
I have bought two new limited edition pens EACH YEAR for last ten years from Dianna and now that she is gone this boutique is poorly run by an obnoxious person. this store has a very crazy and rude manager get rid of her, she is psychotic you will have no staff with her there, Montblanc needs to put another manager this is very bad for your reputation.
thanks. Peter K."

Lisa Smith says

"Appalling customer service.
My husband sent his mont blanc fountain pen off to be repaired. It was returned not working at all. He returned it and they now want another £80 to undertake a second repair saying this is a different problem even though he hasn't been able to use it since they returned it to him. I thought a premium brand would have good customer service. I can see from other reviews and my own experience that this clearly isnt the case. I have a mont blanc pen , my husband has 3 but I would never buy another one. AVOID"

Tamás Kranauer says

"I have purchased a few items in Dubai Mall last week from Montblanc. A watch, and I got gifted a wallet, a pen, and a bracelet by the shop.

The watch and the wallet are just fine, however the pen and the bracelet are just awful.

The pen feels like I have bought it from the Chinese market, and it is very light, I am very worried about that it is going to break any time.

The bracelet had gold plating which was discolored after 2 days of wearing and now it looks like copper / bronze. The 'leather' bracelet also releases color to my skin and it is awful to wear.

I had high expectations of this brand, however they failed to meet their standards. Awful experience so far.

The customer service took my details, I hope they will fix my issues..."

Tom Jenkins says

"My Mont Blanc fountain pen is without doubt the worst I have ever owned. Whatever position I leave it in - and I've followed all the so-called 'advice' from MB online - it continues to blot and cover my right hand with ink. I have a vintage parker 51 that works perfectly. I haven't talked to MB service as I gather from the revues they are are completely useless as their pens"

raypigman says

- nothing will become true no matter what they claimed online
- no one reply your properly and you can only keep sending them email

Just like a SHXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SHAME ON THIS BRAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

JP says

"HORRIBLE customer service. I have never written a review for more than a decade and I strongly felt I should write one for this. I bought the new headphones MB01 and I wanted to return the product. I typed order number to complete their "return form" as instructed on their website. It came out with an error message so I called the customer service call number. That CS person said he just "unlocked" the ability to write the "return form." How ridiculous is it? It's 2020 and you have to call them to unlock the return form? This company has to learn. But then nothing happened. The return form is still locked and I am unable to return the product. Really bad customer service and nothing worked correctly online. DON'T buy online if you want to buy Montblanc."

A Shameli says

"I have been using Montblanc pens since 2007. The pens I purchased in earlier years (which include a range of Writer’s limited edition fountain pens as well as some 146 and 149 pens in various nib sizes) are all of high build quality and I still use some of them to this day with no major issues.

However Montblanc’s more recent pens (I would say since 2014/2015) are poorly made and crack/break very easily with normal use. This has happened to my JFK pen, UNICEF 146 pen and another mainstream black resin 146 pen twice.

The worst thing is that Montblanc refuses to accept liability even when the issue is clearly of a manufacturing nature.

I thought maybe the resin they use is of poor quality, so after not buying any pens from them for a few years, I purchased a Gold Lead Calligraphy pen in April, as it is mostly made of brass. After a few months of very light use the resin screw part inside the cap came off, making the pen totally unusable.

I took the pen to Montblanc King Street branch in Sydney yesterday and they confirmed that the issue is covered by the warranty. However I received a massage today asking me to pay more than $250 if I want the pen repaired.

I am very disappointed with Montblanc’s recent products and particularly their customer service, especially the King Street branch in Sydney.

My humble advice to whoever reading this is:

- If you like pens, DO NOT buy Montblanc pens. They are no longer of good quality. Get something else, such as Namki, Montegrappa or high-end Pilot or Sailor pens. They are much nicer quality. They do not break left and right like Montblanc does, and they do have much much nicer nibs (particularly Pilot/Namiki pens).

- If you like watches, why wasting your money on a Montblanc watch?! Montblanc are NOT watchmakers!! Buy from a proper watchmaker like Omega, Breitling or Rolex."

Photo Pro says

"What a HORRIBLE experience! A part on the end of my favorite Rollerball was broken. I sent in just the pen and not the cap. After about two months of not hearing anything and several attempts to call them FINALLY someone answered. They said they wouldn't fix the broken part of the pen without the cap. How STUPID is that? There wasn't anything wrong with the cap, (until now). So I sent in the cap of the pen. Never hearing from them AGAIN, I called. They said it would be about $100 to fix my pen. About a week later the pen arrived. My pen cap had fit perfectly before I sent it in. With the slightest effort, the cap would either come off or secure in place. Just how I liked it. When my pen arrived I immediately realized they had taken the part out of my cap that secures it and replaced it. Now I have to smack the cap to put it on and tug to get the cap off. I liked the pen just the way it was. I will never buy another Mont Blanc pen and certainly won't send anything to them for repairs. If it ain't broke don't fix it."

Greg says

"I received a key chain from a friend about 8 weeks ago. I call Montblanc and asked if I can exchange it for a bracelet. They said yes and I shipped the key chain back to them. They received it a couple of days later. The bracelet cost more, so I gave them a cc number and paid the difference. They stated it would take about 3 weeks to receive the bracelet. It's now 8 weeks later and today I called them again for the 3rd time. They claim no record of my call that was made just yesterday. I requested this issue gets escalated to a manager. My experience with this company and the service is not at the level I would expect it to be."

Marky says

"Bought Brand new watch and due to the faulty design or the quality of material cause The incident and issue.
The General Manager don’t want to repair under the warranty and accept the faulty design which need to address for future improvement of products.

Not recommended to buy any watches from Montblanc.

Not happy, since 2005 fan of the brand and collector. Time to stop."

antonello giudici says

"I've called the italian call center to have just a very easy explanation on a product I was willing to buy.
The question was just "I'm buying a Montblanc 2 pen holder. There is a separation inside the case so the pens don't touch each to another or the pens are together?"
The italian Montblanc "ambassador" told me that he has no idea, he will check and write me an email.
Never received any reply, I had to buy a competitor product.
Very unprofessional."

Aven Gers says

"Shocking..! Nothing works properly. Website, emails, communication. Ordered my item. No notification or conformation for 2 days. Email sent. Response a day later informing me that my item will be posted right now. No news for another 2 days. Email sent. Customer service tells me that my item is not shipped yet. Goes on and on. Terribly disappointed. Not recommended at all."

Barbara Garcia-Ruiz says

"Mont Blac customer service is horrible. I have been dealing with their service department since February 19, 2020. It has taken 4 months for my order to be repaired and sent back. Not a single Mont Blanc ambassador is able to tell me the status of my order. You are not able to speak to a supervisor and/or escalate the call. Although I continue to advise them that my order is a family gift graduation, it goes into deaf ears."

JN says

"Do not buy from Mont Blanc online shop! As good as their product might be the service is poor. IAs they did not send the pen I eventually cancelled the order as it was needed for a gift. I only Got sporadic response even if I wrote several mails. After some time Mont Blanc Took payment from my credit cad....needless to say they did not send the pen and have still not done so. I asked the bank to return payment but what a whist of time. So be aware - you will not get service nor your ordered product so find other sources to purchase Mont Blanc products."

arrjun sharma says

"As soon as my dad made me the chairman of his company’s I developed a keen interest in writing ✍️ instruments bought many pens 🖊 from Hublot ,Rolex ,patek Philippe and Mont Blanc most pathetic quality was that of Mont Blanc I bought a star walker the cap started cracking within a month the pen 🖊 dint fall nothing I was like shocked with the pathetic quality no more Mont Blanc for me learnt a lesson"

S SK says

"Buyer Beware! Once upon a time I spent a lot of money on Mont Blanc products. NO LONGER!

13 years ago my wife bought me a classic roller ball pen for approx GBP 300 in the UK. The pen is hardly used yet the top of the cap cracked. The expectation was a pen with this price tag and a premium brand like Mont Blanc, that the cap would be repaired or replaced with no questions asked.

Instead I got a short message basically stating it's a 2 year warranty and tough luck.

If you are looking for a quality writing instrument produced by a company that takes pride in their products then look elsewhere for that company is not Mont Blanc."