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Monsoon Accessorize is a British private limited company. It operates two international retail clothing chains – Monsoon and Accessorize.

An unsatisfied customer wrote the following review online:

I ordered something online in February and now two months later I still haven't received it. I tried contacting their consumer service multiple times and the only answer I keep on getting is that it already arrived at my country. They can't help me. Seriously I paid them, the least they can do is try to figure out where it is and how I can get it. Or refund me because I never received anything. I emailed them so many times. I keep on hearing that they are so sorry and they sincerely apologize, but nothing helpful.

Another unhappy Monsoon Accessorize customer wrote the following negative review:

Cheap clothing expensive prices and below-average customer service. Bought dresses for my wife and this was stolen by Hermes. It took one month of writing and no response to get my refund and there were not apologetic. Fake company.


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Warehouse picker (Current Employee) says

"Boring Job, cold warehouse, managers constantly on your back to meet unachievable picking targets. Pay is very low no benefits no sick pay no job security as you go through an agency and can be dismissed at any time for anything."

Shop assistant (Former Employee) says

"You get treated like a doormat absolute rubbish. Cons: Management"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Exactly what you’d expect from working in an all-female environment. If you don’t have a very specific type of personality you won’t do well there. Awful hours with no consideration or say over your timetable and overtime. You’ll be expected to talk to EVERY SINGLE customer regardless of how busy it it, and disciplined for not doing so. Very cliquy and two-faced workplace. No respect or consideration from managers or supervisors, if you can’t do exactly what they want you to then your punished for it, despite being expected to go above and beyond your job role with no benefits for doing so. The discounts alright until you realise a good deal of their jewellery is poorly made and falls apart within weeks. Essentially, if you aren’t an outgoing person, you’ll be very disposable to them, despite any efforts to try to fit in. Very toxic place to work if you’re a little introverted."

customer service team (Current Employee) says

"Not a good company to work for have to buy your own uniform, wear there jewellery and no other jewellery, get shouted at for talking to other staff, always faulty items in shop such as lights, air con"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management do not care about staff, they expect your life to revolve around the store and not a nice environment to work in. Especially around Christmas, expected to work all hours no matter what Cons: everything else"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"High staff turnover, and very fast paced and busy environment in Merchandising. Cons: High staff turnover, mean staff and management, bullying in the workplace"

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Company policy is very poor; employees do not treat with respect, employ unskilled team leaders, supervisors, managers; send employees to different departments - never know where will work and if there will be a job; there is a big problem with holidays and periods when can take a holiday, the management reports to the agency of employees about small matters where they carry out a conversation (the senselessness is); bulling in the office by an unqualified supervisor; runs a money collection from staff in a company in England (warehouse DC) for people in Asia who sew the clothes for company - it does not make sense. Cons: a lot"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Awful Awful company to work for ! Cons: Everything"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for. I feel relieved when I finally left. Bad management, the pay is good but youre expected to buy your own uniform. I had about 5 different managers while I was there for just a year, the rotas were constantly changed without being told and the managers were not committed and very bullyish. So glad I got out of there! Would not recommend. Cons: Unorganised, bullyish, bad management"

Key-holder (Former Employee) says

"Poor company in how they treat staff Cons: too many to list"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Such a badly run company I don't know where to start! From store managers getting away with having every other day off sick, to unsupportive area managers. HR do not have a clue what they are doing and the pay for management is terrible with extreme stress. Avoid at all costs."

branch manager (Former Employee) says

"Little training for any staff of all levels, Cons: Long unpaid hours, area management, poor communication between stores and head office, zero training, managers expected to run store with little staff and a lot of floor moves."

Senior Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The staff are rude and the management team are most lazy and pointless members of staff who just spend most there day off shop floor hiding away,"

branch manager (Former Employee) says

"I was store manager of the Lancaster branch and was subjected to bullying from accsorises manager and her staff Work was far to much for the level of staffing given the conpany was not Upton date with technology like working in the middle ages back of house terrible for staff and health and safety issues would never Work for them again Cons: the company as a whole"

sales associate (Former Employee) says

"Monsoon is not very organized and management and corporate have not a clue of what they are doing. It took weeks before I received my paycheck. The stores are not making any money. They expect parents to spend $114 dollars on a dress for a child that will grow out of it in month."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Lack of English even from the management, you are treated like garbage even if you're sick or injured the wouldn't think twice of getting rid of you and humiliating you in front of everyone, if you're English prepare for some isolation and cold stares. Cons: Lack of Communication, Selfish Management, Hostile Atmosphere"

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work. Cons: Everything apart from the pay. Long hours, management, uniform out of your own wage, the atmosphere and environment, the company as a whole."

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"It was hard to develop but I was driven by abitions to learn something new and I am happy that got the opportunity to work as an admin in this company.. Cons: No pay rise, bonuses, sick pay, hard to develop"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Expectations change every week. There is no consistency in the role at all. Senior Managers are some of the worst I've ever worked with. No professionalism at all, and there is an awful culture of gossiping. If you're not friends with other mangers you're an outcast. You need to kiss up to make any kind of impression. Pay is standard for retail but there are zero benefits. Most companies at least have Christmas bonuses of some sort but you'd be lucky to get a Christmas card here. One week you can follow this guideline, next week you can't. Cons: Hours, changing deadlines, unrealistic, most biased company I've worked for."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked in an accessorize branch for a year doing only a 4 hour contract. On my first week of starting work here, there was a problem with the rota's as management had short staffed one day in the week, once the manager had realised, she had told me I was meant to be in which I actually wasn't. I went to my line manager about this and it went to investigation. As I had taken a photo of the rota's, it was proved that my manager had changed the rota's after that day and tried to blame it on me, she got a disciplinary and training for this. Due to this, me and my manager started off on a bad foot. After this, there had been many problems with the rota's and many arguments over them. After the first occasion, I always had a bad feeling about my manager, she was very rude to me and never acknowledged any good work I did, only the negative aspects. Over time, our relationship got worse. Eventually I had to report her and move stores. Nothing came of the grevience as I expected which made me feel resentment against the company as I had been put through months of bullying and tears from my manager. I thought it was finally over but the new store was even worse. It seemed that none of the management ever went out of their way to help you and it was incredibly hard to request holiday. Both stores were unorganised and usually forgot about you on the shop floor. I loved all of the girls I worked with but the management just seems to be very unorganised and not very helpful or committed to their staff. The whole time I was there, I felt very unvaluved and was indirectly reminded that I Cons: Short breaks, poor management, hard to book holiday, bullying"

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