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Monrovia is the capital city of the West African country of Liberia. Located on the Atlantic Coast at Cape Mesurado, Monrovia had a population of 1,010,970 as of the 2008 census. With 29% of the total population of Liberia, Monrovia is the country's most populous city.Founded on April 25, 1822, Monrovia was the second permanent African American settlement in Africa after Freetown, Sierra Leone.


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Checker/Inventory Controller (Former Employee) says

"They show favoritism toward the ones that talk and tell them what's going on in the work place. I got terminated from here for trying to stand up for myself."

Sr. Manager (BD) says

"Taking Care of all business activities in the Unit Internationally."

Machines Assistant - Facilities & Support Services (Former Employee) says

"My first day at work was existing and fill with challenging opportunities. I learned how to used a whole lot of equipment and tools. Cons: one hour short break, Free health insurance"

Front Office Administrative Support- (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work, family oriented, awesome place to start your work experience. They even higher high school students for the summer."

jackie Stewart says

"Horrible customer services. I waited 6 wks for a plant I ordered. The company sent the wrong plant and Ms. Lynn only excuse was-"it happens. We have so many truck we're trying to fill and things just happen." She sounded so flippant. In the end it was clear to me she did not care about the mistake her company made. Sourly disappointed and disgusted."

Jason Tucker says

"Ordered directly from the website at Big mistake. Once ordered, email said my shipment would be on its way to an affiliated nursery (45 minutes from me) February 13. Called February 20 to inquire if the shipment left as I didn't get an email as promised. They informed me that they don't ship until my selected nursery orders enough plants to justify sending a truck cross country. That date is unknown as the nursery hasn't yet put in an order. I asked them to change it to a nursery 2 hours away because Monrovia said this nursery has an order on the way later that week. Here we are 2 weeks later and no emails, updates or plants from Monrovia. They do have my money though!"

Martha Dowling says

"I bought 8 Hino Crimson azaleas directly from Monrovia and picked them up at a nearby nursery of their choice. In less than a year all but 2 have died. I planted in the fall. Only 1 bloomed the following spring. I contacted Monrovia several times about these plants not thriving and followed all their suggestions scrupulously. They could never explain why the plants were dying. Finally, I asked for equivalent replacements in another azalea variety. They would not offer me any compensation - just a haughty email. It's not a good idea to do business directly with them. I only did so because I was buying late in the season and the nurseries near me were out of stock. I paid retail prices for these plants. Most of the retail nurseries in my area offer a full 1-year warranty on their plants. Don't deal directly with Monrovia!"

Dennis Oleksuk says

"Manager and Customer Service disappointed me. After living in the South, I fell in love with Crepe Myrtles. Moving back to Ohio, I was encouraged to find an Ohio zone hearty-one on Monrovia and ordered two. After the first winter, all the old growth died off, which would mean that the luscious blossoms and overall growth that they're known for, would not occur. Contacting Monrovia, I was told that an unusually harsh winter was the reason, that I could expect better results the next year. After the second winter, both plants are completely dead. Monrovia has failed to offer any reimbursement or replacement."