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Monroe® Shocks and Struts, one of the most respected brands in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2016 with an extensive schedule of programs, promotions and other special activities designed to support the thousands of parts and service providers and millions of consumers worldwide who rely on Monroe products. Monroe shock absorbers, struts and other products are manufactured by Tenneco.

Michael C Grout mentioned, "Ordered two of these Monroe Quick Struts for rear of 2007 Taurus. The mechanic had the old struts removed and was about to install the new ones when I discovered one of the strut boxes had been opened and taped shut. Appears someone had removed the Monroe strut and replaced it with an off-brand strut. The strut in the unopened box had a sticker on it saying it was a Monroe Quick Strut, the other strut had a different sticker and didn't say Monroe. There were other visible differences which appeared to be cosmetic, such as the rubber on the springs being different colors. No way to know if the struts will perform as a matched pair since they aren't the same struts. I couldn't leave the car torn part at the garage while I straightened this out with Monroe so I had to install the struts. I feel ripped off. I paid extra to get two genuine Monroe struts and it appears I only got one. Buyer beware."


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