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Moncler S.p.A is a luxury fashion brand mostly known for its skiwear. Founded in 1952 by René Ramillon and André Vincent, Moncler took its name from the abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont, an Alpine town near Grenoble, France. The brand was bought by the Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini in 2003, who listed the company on the stock exchange in 2013.

Valentina Za Back on November 2014, wrote a piece for Reuters by the title “Luxury coat maker Moncler denies mistreating geese as shares fall”

Moncler denied on Monday allegations of animal mistreatment after a television programme accused down jacket makers of using inhumane methods to pluck geese, sending shares in the Italian luxury outerwear brand down as much as 6 percent.

Moncler said in statement it only used goose down from suppliers who were bound by contract to protect the welfare of animals. The company's comment followed footage broadcast on Italian television on Sunday night that showed geese in Hungary being plucked in a way that left many of them badly injured.


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Current Employee - Senior Client Advisor says

"Micromanagement is horrendous. Heavy hand management style from corporate and new regional position. Corporate team is very unorganized and not the best support system. commission is very low. No room for growth. Only one person of color in corporate team."

Current Employee - Client Advisor says

"-low pay and no commission -the Beverly Hills store management is awful. The leadership team do not care for each other and it shows -no room for growth -micromanagement -too many corporate visits in which HQ team complain about store management and performance."

Current Employee - Client Advisor says

"-Terrible management that always micromanage people, especially the Beverly Hills store. -Management play Favoritism and act like being fair -Talk about promotion from inside and step on your head say you are not qualify (Hello? you refuse to teach and stop people learn and gown to be a leader) -No commission and pressure you do a lot of things even stock job -Cut associates hour 10-18hours/week and tell store business don't need so many people working. (Company only allow 2 full time sales associates in each store and all other are part time) -Medical insurance covers almost nothing and you pay $90 each paycheck -Super unprofessional supervisor always gives negative common and stab you on your back -management double stander on associates while they use store phone mocking other store with their "friend" -End of Month Bonus is a joke to sales associate, $100 if store makes 100% sales goal -No recognition from management"

Retail Sales Consultant says

"stress, hustle, control, micro management, drama"

Life Draining Environment says

"Supervisors are awful from corporate to sales floor. Favoritism and poor management selection run rampant. Management untrained, no experience, with degrees in irrelevant fields such as dance or theater. Bad management ruin client relationships as well as employee engagement, morale, and development. Pay restructured to remove bonuses. Micromanaging is the daily order of business. Watch out for the snakes that are looking for promotion."

Former Employee - Client Advisor says

"Upper management are abusive toward staff, tyrannical, and don’t know how to treat people with common decency respect. They also engage in shady sales tactics, shifting sales month to month to meet their budgets, don’t abide by Australian consumer laws etc the list goes on"

Former Employee - Client Advisor says

"- I was working in the most luxurious department store in London and Moncler Management was really poor. They are not team players. - Unfair and unbalanced shifts. - Not flexible at all with when requesting days off. - Impossible to reach targets to get the monthly commission. - No training whatsoever, leaving you on the shop floor pretending you to sell their garments without even knowing their characteristics. - Understaffed during peak season."

Former Employee - Senior Advisor says

"The worst management ever. HR from Hong Kong also don't care at all. For the first Moncler store in Sydney I was expecting more much. Not luxury at all."

Former Employee - Client Advisor says

"Moncler - a complete and utter mess! A brand that is attempting to be luxurious but far from it. No training given. No uniform. Incorrect payments every month. Over time is not paid - give your time away, for free, to a multimillion dollar company! HR personnel are unresponsive - do not respond to any emails. Management are extremely condescending & the ultimate fabricators. Commission? - Ha! Impossible as the targets are set so high."

Former Employee - Client Advisor says

"Managers actively encourage bullying colleagues. Unpaid time, doctored time sheets Not paid correctly all the time Doesnt adhere to Australian workplace laws Alot of brown nosing Manager doesn't actually do work and wears the clothes Manager makes alot of the staff cry"

operaio generico (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente lavorativo pieno di tensione non è permesso interloquire con i colleghi (nemmeno una parola) le persone vengono sfruttate al massimo nella consapevolezza che hanno bisogno di un lavoro umanità zero!!!!"

controllo qualità (Current Employee) says

"Azienda seria e molto stimolante....purtroppo team leader e capi turno nn competentiPiumini da favolaMobbig"

Sales Associate/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"absolutely zero work life balance. if you want a weekend off you need to take vacation during which you may be called in. the pay is very poor and beyond average. also very physical as youre not allowed to sit down. expect to do things that arent in your job description, that you never recieved in the first place. they will feed you talk about possible advancement but i have not seen 1 internal promotion on the retail level within my 2 years there."

David Santos (Former Employee) says

"From the working hours, to pay, to the particular manager they had at the time, I did not enjoy my time working there in the least. The overall culture was not something I enjoyed either."

Addetta al controllo qualità (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente formato da donne che sono in competizione con tutte e fanno di tutto per metterti a disagio,soprattutto le capolinea,e alla fine ti lasciano senza lavoro,e scelgono in base all'amicizia o se provieni dallo stesso paese(stato straniero).Nessuno, ti trattano maleTutti"

Client Advisor (Former Employee) says

"This is not a great place to work. Store management at the Beverly Hills store is some of the worst management I have ever seen. Not only uninspiring but they often fight with each other which can be very awkward for client advisors as they expect you to take sides. Regional/corporate management would also make derogatory comments about local managers and it got old fast.Product Discount, other Client AdvisorsLow pay"

Senior Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"very busy days I have learned how to deal with angry customers with a manner Poor management Co-workers was fine Hardest part was standing all day at the shop Most enjoyable part was a happy customers and being awarded as a one of the best sellersfree luncheslong hours, not very friendly atmosphere between colleagues"

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"From the working hours, to pay, to the particular manager they had at the time, I did not enjoy my time working there in the least. The overall culture was not something I enjoyed either.50% Discount on items that are impossible to afford on your payEverything"

Conseillère de vente (Former Employee) says

"Environnement de travail agréable, clientèle diverse et cosmopolite, espace de vente sur deux etages."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Busy on weekends, making selling products more successful, A day in Moncler will teach you you can sell anything if you strive for it, you can transform a browser into a buyer, just within matching a outfit together or suggesting things a customer wouldn’t of had in mind, or a simple alternative if there isn’t what the customer is looking for in stock.Hour breakLate finishes up to 10pm"

Sponsorhip Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"L'azienda è in continua evoluzione, è un ambiente stimolante e creativo, di giovani, la mole di lavoro da gestire è in sempre in aumento e bisogna continuamente ri-adattarsi e organizzarsi per supportare la crescita e il cambiamento, i nuovi colleghi, le nuove procedure. dopo la quotazione l'azienda si sta strutturando molto.vicinanza a casa, buoni pasto, ambiente giovaneno pause caffè, no premi e bonus, no straordinari."

SALES ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"was a good position with learning how to interact with customer. the salary is retively low with others brands. sometimes can be crazy heavy for work load."

Nadine Caron says

"Terrible!!! Will not buy from again! I made a purchase three days ago and called Moncler customer service telephone number to find out if it has shipped. A "supervisor" by the name of Priscilla was extremely rude. She would not allow me to speak to another representative or supervisor after offering no support. I asked her for an email address to make a complaint and she responded that there was no email address to provide me. For the prices of Moncler clothes, I expect the highest standard of service. This was the lowest standard of service. Never again!"

Daniel says

"Don’t really write reviews think they’re a waste of time but if even 5 people read this and avoid moncler then it’s worth it. Ordered a t-shirt and after one delivery attempt UPS returned it to them. 10 days later and I still have no refund. They emailed me three times saying the refund will be done “directly” and if I want free shipping on my next order.... but still no refund and all they talk about is my next order, when I’m pretty sure there won’t be one. I’ve had to get Amex to take the money from them, not normal. Amazing products but really bad service."

Mo Ahmed says

"Terrible honestly . I’m tryna but a coat and they cancel my order and say the bank didn’t approve . I call bank they say they approved and moncler collect . Call moncler they say my own bank is wrong and to place another order . So now I have to wait for refund . But no real explanation as to why it was cancelled. Also all the colleague when u call sound like they’re under water and if u ask them for an answer to question they won’t answer it clearly they will just defer u to ur bank to get rid of you . Also Martina is one of the workers who just put u on mute and wait for you to hang up and if u don’t she will cut u off in 5-10 mins . I literally just wanna but a coat 🌚🌚🌚. Canada goose it is people 😂"

Andrew says

"I don’t usually write reviews but I felt like I had to. I placed an order with Moncler and I made my mistake and didn’t put the house number on the delivery address. I contacted moncler straight away and they refused to amend it. They said I’d now have to wait for UPS to try and deliver it. They attempted to delivery it but obviously couldn’t. I thought I’d call UPS and get them to add the house number but no they said the sender has to alter it. I contact the seller and they’re saying I can change it but I can’t. Poor from myself for missing the house number off but the customer service is shocking, not helpful at all"