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Surgical Care Affiliates, Inc. (SCA), is one of the largest providers of outpatient surgery in the United States. Based in Deerfield, Illinois, the company has a network of 210 ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) in 35 states performing 1 million procedures a year. Monarch Healthcare, A Medical Group, Inc. filed as a Articles of Incorporation in the State of California on Thursday, December 30, 1993 and is approximately twenty-seven years old, according to public records filed with California Secretary of State.

An IT former employee said this in a review “In Monarch Healthcare, as far as managers go typically you can get two types one is a more financial/business background Manager who actually only knows the basics of IT, or more less common an actual IT person that ends up as your manager. I had the latter, and typically you would expect that to be a good thing. Well not really, what we got was someone that has a personality that is prevalent with IT engineers/techs. Someone who is more a good tech but has absolutely zero people skills or leadership skills. This individual is known to call out an individual either in a meeting or in a fully visible email blast with very little actual coaching skills. Let's call it more like berating and if you don't know this you have no place here. There was no collaborative sense on his team sharing knowledge is not encouraged. Not knowing something is a cause of concern for him instead of a coaching opportunity. These types of managers can push people to learn but in a more breaking down less building up sort of way. Being hostile and being known for that to me is not a good thing at all."


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