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Monarch NC is a provider of innovative support services for people with mental illness, intellectual & developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders. They are based in North Carolina.

A current employee says "This [Monarch] has been by far the worst work experience I've had. Everything that was offered to me during my interview and job offer was taken away after 3 weeks of working. The supervision his horrible and they will let anyone be a supervisor with no experience."


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Behavioral Health Technician (Former Employee) says

"The crisis center in Charlotte,NC is HORRIBL! THE MANAGEMENT,staff, & support is all HORRIBLE. The pay is definitely not worth the trouble...RUN FAR Away from here!"

Administrative (Current Employee) says

"This has been by far the worst work experience I've had. Everything that was offered to me during my interview and job offer was taken away after 3 weeks of working. The supervision his horrible and they will let anyone be a supervisor with no experience."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Your job will be expected to be your life. You'll have no time away, even when you're sick or on vacation. God forbid you use the bathroom. Literally everything that occurs day-to-day will be the mid-level management's responsibility. It will never be enough. When you try to bring concerns to administration, you'll be met with hostility and a junior high mean girl response. Then revenge will be enacted. How dare employees advocate for themselves and others. The people supported are the ones who suffer the most in the midst of the chaos and discord. Don't work here if you want a healthy existence. Cons: Everything else"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Upper management at the main office are rude, have a better-than-you attitude. They hardly ever give raises, while they create and hire more upper management positions. Treat admin assistants like dirt. Try to act like they are so for people they serve, but it is just a show. They treat administrative workers and specialists in the field awful. They will walk all over you."

QP in Supported Employment (Former Employee) says

"Culture is horrible, mgmt will micro manage every minute of your day, patients are treated disrespectfully, and all they care about is billable hours. Cons: Pay, no paid holidays, management is awful"

Behavior Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work. Salary is on the very low end. Guidelines change daily and management will throw staff under the bus to save themselves. All the company seems to care about is billable hours. They don't care about the staff or the people that they support. I worked for the company for 10 years. Would never go back.... Cons: Low pay. Poor Management. Not a lot of opportunities for advancement."

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"Bad environment to work in Supervisor and Team leader will lie on staff to save their job (A.A) (FWB) LEXINGTON OFFICE, unprofessional they need to be fired Cons: No leadership"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Individuals are great. Monarch is awful. Cons: Monarch does not care about anything but money."

QP (Former Employee) says

"Management will cut your throat and throw you in see the bus..mid level ducks up to their will get harassed and management does not seem to,care...they appear and wan thou to beileive they care but really do not..clients suffer because of this."

Lead (Former Employee) says

"Upper management is cut throat and only interested in money. Cons: Management and everything else"

Team Leader/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Supervisors at Monarch was mentally impaired (A.A.) , (F.W.B ) Instead of working for Monarch get some help from Monarch. Team leader didn't know how to lead , It's really sad when the team leader ask the staff everything beacause she didn't know NOTHING I should have been getting their check Cons: Supervisors blame staff instead of holding themself accountable"

Nurse Practitioner (Former Employee) says

"Worked my tail off for Monarch; gave them 100%. Got a call last night letting me know my job had been obsoleted and I was not even allowed to come get my personal belongings; my job had been obsoleted - yet I had done nothing wrong. This company attributing mostly to Regna Branch, supervisor over this area, is corrupt, incompetent, and evil. I am so sorry I ever elected to come to work for Monarch. I have given it my all to have it slammed in my face. Horrible! Corrupt! Evil! All positions in Whiteville were obsoleted at one time due to their complain of lack of patients. Cons: Won't give you a heads up as to when your job will end"

Behavioural Specialist (Current Employee) says

"My position was the floater the job was miserable I had to stay in group homes overnight without pay and the benefits was horrible if I had to do it over again I would not have stayed there for 5 years when it came time for advancement They promoted a crackhead over education which caused me to walk off the job after 6 years and when I told to the higher up bosses about the situation they told me that it wouldn't get back to the manager that did the hiring and the hiring of the crackhead it did get back to the manager and she was then I was called to the office and was told that I would never be promoted in that agency long as she work there that caused me to turn my key and beds in and I walked off the job knowing that I would never be promoted or vans in that company after 6 years Cons: N/a"

Developmental Specialist Residential (Former Employee) says

"I was treated unfairly by both my coworkers and managers. I was accused of something I would never do just because my coworker did not like me."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"This is one of the worst jobs I could ever imagine. This place does not care about patients as we were constantly taking in people we were not equipped to assist (safely) all in attempts to keep the unit full. Management was a joke. Making up new rules as they go and only endorcing them to certain people. The poor nurses were overworked. The unit itself is disgusting and I have no idea how it has passed inspection. Mold. Mildew. Dust. Everywhere. The kitchen is horrendous yet they expect us to serve clients from said kitchen. Absolutely no overtime pay for holidays (except Christmas) which is just ridiculous. Changes were constantly made without consulting all staff members. Just a god awful place. The only good thing is working with clients and having days off even though the 12 hours shifts were rough Cons: Everything"

Prefer not to say (Former Employee) says

"Cannot make quotas! Management cares about billing hours not quality care for clients. Stayed there far too long! Tried very hard and worked over weekly with no overtime pay to attempt to make quota. Cons: Stressful and no support throughout company"

Everything (Current Employee) says

"Low pay without raises. Once you're hired, you will never get a raise. Alot of favoritism. Hostile work environment. Morale is horrible and on a daily basis you see people online applying for jobs elsewhere. The patients don't come first, Patients constantly complaining about how the therapists and Nurse Practitioner treat them. No compassion for patients, They are just a number. Cons: Everything"

Behavioral Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Monarch is not a good place to work. They do not give raises I have worked for the company for two years and have never received a raise and when asked it's always budget cuts or something to that effect. The management is weak and they are constantly piling on the work but with no benefits. Cons: no raises or benefits, no advancement opportunities"

Dev spec (Former Employee) says

"Monarch is not a good company to work with. They lie about staff getting raises. You are over worked and underpaid, they do not care about their staff at all!!! You will not move up in this company at all. Management sucks, nothing is confidential at all. The only people who is making money is the ones sitting in the office!!!!!!"

Developmental Specialist, Vocational (Former Employee) says

"Supervisors are dishonest and those over the supervisors are as well. I have learned that every company does not hire management that will stand for what is right even when there is evidence to prove it. The most enjoyable part of the day is the interaction with the clients themselves. The hardest part of the job is not being adequately compensated and acknowledged for all the hard work you do unless you are in management. Cons: Bad Leadership and management based on lack of honesty and integrity."

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"I worked at Monarch (NC) full-time for more than 3 years Cons: State-funded mental health is a challenging field, regardless of management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Monarch (NC) full-time for more than 5 years Cons: The upper management of this organization cares nothing about their employees. There are way too many Chiefs! Very top heavy. The worst communication of an organization ever! Favoritism is everywhere in this organization. Backstabbing on a daily basis. It compares to a middle school environment. Stay away from this place!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Monarch (NC) full-time for more than a year Cons: poor management, poor pay, expect the most from their least-paid"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Monarch (NC) full-time Cons: Poor management, extremely high employee turnover, horrible benefits, meager pay. If you truly care about the people and do a great job with and for them, you will be on the bottom of the totem pole. If you can speak like a politician with a forked tongue, then you may be able to get decent hours with half decent pay. Never count on decent pay though. The harder you work for Monarch, the more they will take advantage of you without compensating you. I have truly never worked for a more horrible company. The only thing that kept me there were the members of the day program. I strongly advise anyone to think long and hard about working at any Monarch and only do it if you have no other options. If you do decide to work at Monarch, please don’t take your dissatisfaction out on the people served there. I saw this too many times, and it is not their fault Monarch is a sorry company. Seriously, be careful of working at Monarch."

Current Employee - Program Administrator says

"I have been working at Monarch (NC) full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Little pay, unorganized, nepotism, and management that do like marginalized populations."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Monarch (NC) full-time Cons: Clearly there are huge money problems. Staff positions are not being filled that need to be. There are no raises. Salaries are poor to begin with. Everyone has more and more work to do because positions are vacant. Horrible micromanagement. Completely disorganized company with too many high paid leaders and not enough staff doing the work. More and more staff are leaving."

Former Employee - Maintenance Journeyman says

"I worked at Monarch (NC) full-time for more than 5 years Cons: I and many others have experienced tortuous interference after leaving their employment"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Monarch (NC) full-time for more than a year Cons: Low pay and high workload. Employees go along with the flow and shut up. There was about 70% employee turnover over 10 months in our area). Expected to cover a huge area and no one cares how you do it or when. Very poor client service due to excessive turn over. Several people in other agencies told me to find another job before leaving. They said that Monarch's reputation was good in government and "crap" with other mental health field."

Former Employee - Case Manager says

"I worked at Monarch (NC) full-time Cons: Low Salary. Stressful work load."

Current Employee - Developmental Specialist says

"I have been working at Monarch (NC) part-time Cons: Really seems to be no way to move up"

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