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MISSMAY is a retro style clothing brand.Our Brand are specializing in providing high quality and vintage style dresses for you. Missmay are perfect for a wide variety of party, from formal cocktail party to evening party and home coming party.

A disappointed customer shared this on Amazon "I ordered a Missmay dress by the measurements and it is either larger than it should be or the pattern is just awkward. I should have returned this dress when I got it but I got distracted. There was a lot of loose thread on the inner bottom part of the skirt - it was literally everywhere. I cut some of it off but it was a ridiculous amount. The fabric for the skirt is thick but it reminds me of fabric for a window curtain. Would not recommend".


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Sati Marie Frost says

"I’ve shopped with LoveHoney for a decade or more. I’m in adult entertainment, so I buy a variety of products. Some of them have been good, some not so good, as you expect with any store. I wrote a review for a wand last week, stating that I’ve had two of them (at £49.99 each) and both have broken in a dangerous way: with the first, the bottom broke off leaving exposed wires after less than a year, and the second started burning me within 5 seconds a little more than a year after I bought it. I didn’t ask for a refund since it was after the warranty expired, but I wanted other customers to know there was an issue. I received the following email today: “Hi there, Thanks for taking the time to write a review. I am sorry to hear that your item developed a fault. We do offer a full years return period, however as you bought this on 25/06/2019 you are no longer covered. Please do keep in mind for future and let us know as soon as there is any issue as we will always do our best to resolve matters. As your review is of a faulty product, is it okay not to display this on our product page? We do prefer to display reviews of fully operational toys so that customers can get an idea of how the toy works. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards Lydia Lovehoney Customer Care -- Lovehoney Ltd, 100 Locksbrook Road, Bath BA1 3EN UK Registered Company Number: 04637868” To which I replied: “Hello Lydia, Yes, I’m aware that the guarantee is only a year. The product developed a fault right after the year was up, which is why I didn’t try to get my money back. It is your site, and you have the right to hide or refuse any reviews you like. However, I find it extremely disappointing that you would do so. I have always considered LoveHoney to be an honest brand, and I would expect you to want honest reviews, whether positive or negative. The fact that I have bought this product twice (in different colours) and they have both developed faults rendering them unusable speaks to the quality of the product, and is valid information that other customers might like to know. Faults occur sometimes. Products being faulty would not prevent me from continuing to use your store. However, the suggestion that my review should not be published makes me question the validity of other reviews (how many other negative reviews have been hidden or refused?) and makes me significantly less likely to return in future, or to recommend your store to others in my line of work. Regards, Sati Marie Frost Courtesan and Sexual Surrogate” And received a reply a few hours later, stating clearly that they do not post reviews about faulty items because “they do not reflect how the item works” and warning me that they would take legal action if I shared the second email with anyone. (As you can see, I have not shared the second email. The first had no such warning.) I’m extremely disappointed. The faulty product was not a big issue - sometimes products have faults, it happens. I didn’t even want a refund. Suppressing my honest review, and indicating that they do the same with any reviews about dangerous products, made me not want to shop there anymore, after more than a decade of doing so. Threatening me with legal action if I tell people? That has irretrievably damaged my relationship with this company. I currently have -£1.66 in the bank, and am disabled with almost no earning potential, so... *shrugs*"

Bigtel says

"The items I don't think you're worth the money and one of them supposed to be a Queen size but no way is it so not very happy at all"

Ian Hill says

"Still waiting for my delivery which should have been here on the 4th of September"

Cassandra says

"A product I bought which is quite expensive is not good. I keep getting sent replacements of the same product but I would rather a credit note toward something else or my money back. A very dissatisfied customer"