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"To take it in a digital direction, all of the company’s development efforts have been focused on MindTap for the last several years, but those developing content for it are still not given adequate opportunity to test it in the MindTap environment. Even Detroit recalls automobiles, but we are told that errors discovered in live MindTaps can’t be corrected. The rules for digital ancillaries seem to change daily, yet those who need to know those rules have to stumble on them accidentally. One of new management’s expressed goals is speed, yet we are crippled by a byzantine financial system with its roots in P&L software that dates to the previous millennium. Everything flows from and must be approved through this system, which often slows the necessary investment in and testing and development of new applications. Another of new management’s expressed goals is focus, yet some new product managers are so overburdened and inexperienced that their meetings are case studies in lack of either focus or leadership. In addition, those who must focus the most to get new products out the door are distracted by more assignments, meetings, and trainings than ever. The increased emphasis on MindTap development has led to training aimed at creating a hybrid role involving text development, for which media developers may have neither the experience nor the inclination. It's ironic that media developers probably fear for their future in the organization. One of new management’s expressed goals is collaboration, yet it can take months to discover the right people to get an innovative job done. The corporate in-house website, Inside, where one might find this information, is even more byzantine than the financial system. Individual teams have had to create their own websites "outside of Inside," to enable their staff to find the information they need. Further, other reviewers have expressed this far more eloquently, but there is a culture of cronyism in which personal favorites are promoted and supported, whereas those who do the most creative work operate in relative obscurity."