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OTELCO, Inc. is a publicly traded telecommunications holding company based in Oneonta, Alabama. The company owns small, independent telephone companies in West Virginia, Missouri, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Alabama. Its services include local and long distance telephone, network access, cable television and other related services. It is the parent company of Mid-Maine Communications.

A dissatisfied customer says, "Im sick & tired of trying to get this hit & miss crumby service [Otelco] to work properly. I'm paying for a certain speed, but rarely get it.Terrible service! We pay for a service. But the service we pay for versus the service speed is way off. And it seems that in the evening...when they don't have anyone to take the complaints, the speed of said service plummets. I had DSL from another provider at our previous home that actually had better speeds than our current Fiberoptic (understand that they s was over 10 years ago). Unfortunately, there isn't another internet service provider available at our current home and Otelco certainly takes advantage of the monopoly. And my wife, who is a school teacher in the local school system tried to get some assistance with the terrible service and was all but told tough toenails."


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