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Midland is an American country music group formed in 2016 in Dripping Springs, Texas. The band members are Mark Wystrach (lead vocals, guitar), Jess Carson (guitar, vocals), and Cameron Duddy (bass guitar, vocals). Through Big Machine Records, the band has released a self-titled EP and two studio albums, On the Rocks and Let It Roll.

A member from the public mentioned, "I can’t stand these Midland guys. I can’t stand their faces, I can’t stand their bullshit Tom Selleck circa 1985 mustaches, I can’t stand their stupid getups, or the fact that they’re making a mockery of the authenticity of scores of Austin-based country artists, and legions of traditional country performers across the globe with their false narrative about beating it down the highway for years and paying dues in dives bars and honky tonks."


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