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Micros Systems, Inc.; now owned by Oracle Corporation and renamed Oracle Food and Beverage and Oracle Hospitality (two of the global business units at Oracle Corporation), was headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, United States (as is the business unit is still based there). The company manufactured and sold computer hardware, software, and services for the restaurant point of sale, hotel, hospitality, sports and entertainment venues, casinos, cruise lines, specialty retail markets, and other similar markets.

A former employee shares his disappointing experience on indeed.com, "The Oracle overall is not a bad company to work for, but it is not with Oracle Hospitality group. The problem was Oracle inherited it from Micros Systems, Inc. Most of the managers or the top officers were not properly fit for their jobs. For example: a person with no knowledge or experience of software development was in charge of software development, it took more than a decade just to have the software working. The statement "Not what you know but who you know" is always applicable here. Besides, hourly working culture 'Clock-in Clock-out' attitude from most managers has never changed, employees' morality was low and resentment with management was high. There were cases of management retaliation that had happened."


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Programing and Installation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"If there was anything good about this company besides leaving it, it would be the client. I met many chefs, owners, and food industry workers that have become life long friends and inspirations. On the flip side, I did learn a great deal from my highly intelligent coworkers.The direct deposit made it into the bank.Everything."

Customer Support Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management was terrible. Training was terrible. Over all just a bad experience. Everyone in the customer support role was miserable and actively looking to get out. Run while you can."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Assist stores and office calling in with technical issue’s regarding store equipment cash registers, printers, fax machines, etc. Troubleshoot issue’s accordingly and get store back up to running status.Skip LunchNone"

Test Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Micros was bought out by Oracle in 2014 and once that happen nothing was the same. The work was given to outside consulting company's and the employee's where left with no work and then layoffs began,"

Senior Implementation Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The worst company by far that I've ever worked for. No respect for their employees, poor benefits, total failure to provide training or the tools necessary to do your job. Micromanagement that borders on babysitting. No flexibility with office hours, expected to be at your desk from 8:30 to 5 regardless of how many hours you have to put in at night or on weekends. Worked for an implementation manager that had no technical aptitude and no previous experience managing people, apparently got the job through connections with a corporate VP. The entire office, and especially the implementation department was a revolving door. Talented employees quickly move on, weak employees hang around forever. Salary ranges are so low they attract only people looking to stop waiting tables.income if you have no other optionspretty much everything"

Operation manager (Former Employee) says

" Monitor cleaning jobs grease traps in restaurants around the island.  Sale of cleaning and maintenance of grease traps.  Attracting new customersI dont have any time with my family"

Q.A Inspector (Current Employee) says

"My day at work is okay. It's not to bad or to good. There is no over time, time is not manage will ( you put your own time card in but you can't work over the mins).Short Breaks"

CNC Machinist/Setup (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work...... Management is unreliable, unmanageable. Work is thrown around and the programmers are not good."

IT Product Inventory Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work for me at Micros was managing and coordinating multiple projects and accounts simultaneously. Much of my day consisted of planning, scheduling, and reporting of current accounts and client installations that were approaching deadlines or currently being performed.The environment was fast-paced complete with aggressive deadlines and could be somewhat chaotic.Problem-solving skills and a collaborative attitude was a must!The hardest part of the job was the company culture of fear-based management and low compensation despite superior performance and consistently hitting targeted company objectives.Thus, I focused on my work and my customers.I found a way to achieve enjoyment through my work responsibilities. I hammered out my assignments and installation campaigns, happily supervised and monitored my projects and accounts and took great pleasure in building my business relationships while providing excellent customer service.The most enjoyable part of my job was the project management aspect of my responsibilities and being able to successfully manage and coordinate accounts and client installations ensuring collaborative work with various teams, departments, and my customers.programming and implementation experience, customer-facing interactions, on-site meetings, working in cofear culture, low pay"

Systems Implementation Lead (Former Employee) says

"For a company with such fantastic products and so many talented individuals, the culture while I was there was marked by burnout, frustration, poor communication, and lack of concern for employees. Severely underpaid, too."

Senior Electronics Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Sales were made, and everyone involved would dissappear. Forcing the feild technician and customer to figure out what was sold, where it goes, and will it work. Asking a customer what needs to be done. Is embarrassing for you. Sales Motivated."

Helpdesk Support Analyst / 1st Line Support (Current Employee) says

"dealing with customers inquiries over the phone and email, and giving support within SLAS. dealing with hardware and software issues and defining what fixes or exulation processes need to be made. i have learnt alot within this job role i have not been a technical person and was not before this job, but now i feel i am good at my job as i am willing to learn new things. i have a good relationship with my co-workers and can work well within a team. the hardest part of my job is the limit staff we have at the moment which is causing more stress and more pressure on us as a team. the best part of my day is seeing all my work friends and getting to spent time with them. the management is very poor within this work place and it isnt a great place to work and the pay is very poor as well.long hours, no progression, poor management, unappreciated and very poorly paid."

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The software that is churned out of this place is horrible. When something works, it's because of a "lucky" build, not because of actual process.Management is non-existent. There are some great co-workers however. This is a great place to work if you just want something on your resume, nothing else.none reallyeverything"

Multiple Positions (Former Employee) says

"During the Oracle acquisition process, all departments were grossly understaffed resulting in lots of uncompensated overtime and very poor work/life balance"

District Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"No longer in tune with their potential customer base. Gave up on their bread-and-butter. Could not mine their own data. Strangely out-of-touch with the industry."

R & D Test Specialist I (Former Employee) says

"Overall not a bad place to work, but as bland as oatmeal. No career advancement. Every day is groundhog day. The work itself was pretty easy, though. So quiet in the office you could hear a pindrop and felt like you couldn't speak.noneunderpaid"

Electrical Technician Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Installed monitoring and control systems for monitoring applications; performed conduit and cable pulling for industrial application; trained in the use of soldering and test equipment; trained in electronic circuit repair."

E-Business Implementation Product Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Compensation is not competitive with the industry. Good company to work for if fresh out of college, but not for mid level professionalswork/life balanceCompensation"

Knowledge Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Its a decent place to work my only gripe is the pay structure for a commission sales environment you spend an unreasonable amount of time not selling and doing other projects."

Major Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"When I started it was a billed as a career; soon after it became just a job. There is not not too much more I can say.... ixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

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