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Merillat Industries was founded in Adrian, Michigan as an American manufacturer of kitchen cabinets in 1946 by Orville D. Merillat. Now retired, Richard Merillat, took over from his father as CEO and President.

CASE TEXT WEBSITE exposes the case of Martha Marie West, who was employed for three years as an engineering service manager by Merillat Industries, Inc. ("Merillat"). She alleges that in January of 1998, her supervisor told her that "women did not belong in engineering." She further claims that she was singled out for evaluation in July of 1998 and that she was the only manager turned down for vacation time. She alleges that her discharge on June 3, 1999, was based on her sex. West filed a charge with the EEOC, and on December 10, 1999, less than 180 later, she was issued a right-to-sue notice. The notice indicated that although less than 180 days had elapsed since she filed her complaint, the district director had determined that it was unlikely that the EEOC would be able to complete its administrative processing within 180 days of the filing of the charge. West thereafter filed suit in this court, claiming that Merillat discriminated against her on the basis of her sex in violation of Title VII and the Virginia Human Rights Act.


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Machine Operator says

"It is hot in the plant and the work is very repetitious. When it is very hot (over 90 degrees ) in the plant, we are supposed to get heat breaks. It is up to the discression of the supervisor so we never get them in our department. Merillat has not kept competetive with wages in this area. We have had no salary increase since July of 2007 and before that it had been 18 month since we received a raise.That makes it two and one half years with only a fifty cents raise. It's not keeping up with inflation."

Marketing Assistant/Contracts (Former Employee) says

"It is just a matter of waiting for management to come around with your ticket to leave. They don't value any effort or dedication. It feels like a cut-throat environment because no one knows if they will have a job that day or not. Management trolls the hallways for 4:00 on Friday afternoons to fire a person so that they don't have any "problems".right in adriannever know when you will be fired"

Production Worker and lead (Former Employee) says

"We were overworked and underpaid. Treated bad like we were stealing from the company but the management did that. Management only cared about themselves and ran the company into the ground.NoneFavoritism was overwhelming!"

Denver Distribution Center Manager (Former Employee) says

"The duties of my position at Merillat mirrored the duties of my position at my former employment as Distribution center Operations Manager. I found it very challenging as well as rewarding. There was never a "typical" day at work. Every day brought new and unexpected opportunities as well as challenges. The most enjoyable part of my job was developing and promoting people in my charge.Merillat is a very large corporation.Merillat had high levels of corporate management mostly unfamiliar to the industry."

CNC Router Operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked for them for several years until they closed the plant in my town and moved it to Michigan. people were friendly, but supervisors weren't very ok. close to home.plant closure"

Builder Sales Representative | Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Corporate leadership has ruined this once fine organization through bad decisions and incorrect promotions. Good employees have left and the remaining employees are waiting for the hammer to fallPayUnqualified management"

Data Processing Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed my years working in the company. Very fun to work with both office and plant employees. Fast paced and was on the cutting edge of automation for it's time."

Regional Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"I joined Merillat in 1988 as a regional mgr. (St Louis). Due to a personnel change with the Chicago regional manager. I took that position. Providing a greater challenge and more responsibility. I would provide sales calls & training to all regional distributors & their showrooms. Concurrently, I would also make sales calls to national account locations"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"There were some people who were hard to work with, and managers had their favorites. Just like every factory. If you showed up every day, did your job, it was a good place to work."

shipping/receiving (Former Employee) says

"plant closed was not a good place to work . it was local, easy drive to work company just wanted merillat name did not care about the families that lost their income when they closed."

General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Assembled cabinets and drawers inspecting cabinets repairing and boxing for shippment. Worked in a team environment. Worked directly for team leader to produce quality product in a timely efficient manner."

Team Lead and Quality Control Auditor (Current Employee) says

"This company has great benifits. I come to work to lead my crew to get the best quality cabinets to the customers. I trouble shoot problems, inspect incoming spray stains, calibrate equipment and tools that the team members work with.The hardest part of the job is we never know what ime we are going in from day to day.I have learned how to manage people and been through training on how to manage people the proper way.benefitstook away our incentives."