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Founded in 1971, Melissa is a global footwear brand with origins in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Melissa has an international presence in more than 80 countries, including Brazil, Australia and Philippines. The brand has grown to become one of the world’s largest footwear manufacturers, operating 12 factories and hiring more than 20,000 employees. It produces 176 million pairs of shoes and launches 400 new products per year. Their success has propelled the brand to become the top performing brand under its parent company, Grendene. They sell a wide selection of jelly shoes, bags, jewelry, and fragrances. Its hallmark jelly shoes are made of plastic that is 100% recyclable.

Shu Hua, an unsatisfied customer tells us, "I am very disappointed with the [Melissa] online store. Both the website and delivery are very irresponsive and do not provide timely update. Delivery took 2 week, return and refund take another 2 weeks."

Dee Elf shares her bad experience at one brick-and-mortar store, "I went to the [Melissa] store at Wheelock on Sunday morning but my presence was not acknowledged. There were 2 staff members who were talking loudly amongst themselves, oblivious to my presence. When a group of Indonesian tourists came, they greeted them with a smile. Probably because they may get bigger sales from them. I put the shoes away and left."


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