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Meggitt plc is a UK based international company specialising in components and sub-systems for the aerospace, defence and selected energy markets. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.


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Current Employee - Manufacturing says

"Toxic work environment. Management doesn't know what they are doing. Bad parts get sent out to the customer-lack of quality control."

Current Employee - Customer Service Specialist says

"We are sorry to hear that you are currently unhappy with your situation. Our San Diego facility is undergoing some major changes in terms of production methods and processes, the management team is also newly established and we are confident that we have a strong team in place to ensure we continue to provide professional and organised leadership for all our colleagues."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We are so sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your current situation. Please make sure you share your thoughts with your senior manager and local HR teams to ask for their support and advice."

Current Employee - Operations Leader says

"We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the changes that we are making at our San Diego facility. Please be assured that we have a clear vision and strategy, underpinned by our core values of teamwork, integrity and excellence. To this end, we have invested significantly in employee engagement, through our work on our high performance culture and inclusion and diversity initiatives, ensuring that everybody has a voice and all opinions are listened to and respected. We started a process last year to better align our operations with the needs of our customers, to make it easier to do business with us. This means transforming our site operations. We are standardising our processes and metrics across all our global locations, familiar teams are being rebuilt and new partnerships are being forged for the long-term benefit of us all. We’d like to reassure you that we are creating a stronger organisation built on teamwork, so please talk to your manager or a member of the HR team, if you are unhappy or uncertain as to why these changes are happening."

Former Employee - Composite Technician says

"Hello, your review is concerning to us, we are not certain which of our global locations you worked from. If you can please get in touch with more detail that would give us a better understanding of the situation and help us improve for the future."

Former Employee - Composite Technician says

"The people who work in building 2 (older, dirtier, hotter) are considered 2nd class, compared to the people who work in building 3 (newer, cleaner, air-conditioned). Management is horrible at this place if they like you, they will accept you if not then you are not part of the clique. Favoritism plays a huge role when deciding for promotions or job transfers."

Former Employee - Project Engineer says

"- Management does not care about career development of employees. - Stuck with some off-the-shelf design for new products. - Very sluggish to adopt with changes in the industry. - Only interested in finding people who are this region of Los Angeles. - Engineering Department is occupied with few Senior positions who only care about their job securities."

Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely don’t go there what a shambles treat you like something of there shoe there is no loyalty there ,they make excuses for you to lose job apart from a few the place is enough said!!NoneManagement"

Production Planner/Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"Works on a wide variety of complex planning activities where production techniques are new or variable Plans recent schedules and inventory control parameters for products consistent with requirements."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"I went in on a temp position and all I got to say stay away no proper training and a few full time employees are bullies management is horrible just stay away its your health and sanity comes first look elsewhere for employment trust me this place is bad news"

Buyer (Former Employee) says

"Company is very cliquey. You have to brown nose in order to move up. Management was not supportive and training was nonsense. The turn over rate is ridiculous. Everyone just leaves and goes. When someone leaves, they expect you to pick up the slack, so you are basically work a two person job."

Shipping and Receiving Clerk (Former Employee) says

"You either have to really work hard to the point where your stressing your self out and you also have to know people to move up in the company. Don’t expect great things.Some people will help you at times.You will get over worked."

Rudders (Former Employee) says

"They don't like when you are a hard fast worker. They have great pay most people are really friendly. The bosses help when needed. Just don't get hurt you will get fired."

Gatekeeper/Picker (Former Employee) says

"I had a good group of co-workers and a good supervisor. the group I worked with had good work ethic. unfortunately not all there are like that. there is favoritism unfortunately."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Just run. Leadership is a revolving door. Leaders do not treat their peers or employees with respect. High performance culture is lip service at best."

Floorworker (Current Employee) says

"Meggitt discriminates against employees and is a horrible company to work for. Managers do not care about the employees the harder you work the worse they treat you as a employee"

Conpsite tech 3 (Former Employee) says

"Worst management they work you as much as possible every other weekend mandatory and you dont mean anything I was told by the vice president he could fire anyone just for the way you look"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work , management, TERRIBLE , HR, I was working with a BULLY I did the former complain and HR didn't do anything for me and I was working in a HOSTAL ENVIROMENT and the put me to work with the enemy ( really ) , and I have to quit, I rather to have sanity. You can go to Meggitt but don't work , second Shift in VBV Bond, just be careful. This person was doing All day facetime , abusing overtime, and nobody, nobody did anything, and still keeping this person. Open your eyes HR people and management. Just WOW!!! ."

Planner/Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"The company is a hot mess with far too much management and not much positive change to keep good people. They take a step forward then take ten steps back. Not very productive in fixing the major issues that could make Meggitt a great and functional company that keeps great workers. They have a great deal of potential and a couple of great leaders. However, the right-hand does not communicate with the left hand and therefore it is a hot mess. Hopefully, they will address the elephants in the room and fix the high turnover to keep better people. Sad to see how the good ones struggle to make things better until they break and move on out of frustration. They really need to show better organization and treatment for their employees, so they can attract the right crowd to stay.Some really nice peopleRather dirty, unorganized, no template on how to do anything, complacent employees."

Product Test Technician (Former Employee) says

"Do not work there unless you love working 14 hour days, 7 days a week Extremely poor work life balance and managers that work you to death. No time off."

Composite Technician (Former Employee) says

"The work here was not bad. The compensation for the job is very very low. You work hard but they will not pay you what the position is worth. The supervisor I worked for like to try and intimidate his employees. He was a big guy but he acted like a school yard bully I never cared for the way he treated people. If he did not like someone he would look for a reason to get them terminated. I am glad I left when I did cause the pay was horrible and dealing with that man was not a professional experience"

detooler (Former Employee) says

"If you plan on working for this place DONT the wost managment ive ever seen. Basickly there jellyfish no back bone untell u make a trump joke then fired for chreating a hostle work enviorment. They care more for there minority workers then people that where accually born here they blow smoke and treat you like a slave. When infact they call there work areas cells mmmm makes you think. Ive never been treated like such a worthless human before. all because of a joke and if you come from fast passed work enviorments dont work for them its the slowest pace work ive ever been in and they write you up for every little thing even if you show frustration never once singed a write up but they used verble write ups aginst you. It is a very hostle work enviornment.decent money qno life backstabing bullying and bad managment"

NDT Inspector (Former Employee) says

"There is a reason why this company has several bad reviews, I have been in My field of work for 10 years and have never been to a company this unprofessional, it took over a year to get hired when told it would take 3 months, it took over 2 years to finally get certified and when I did I got no raise, the pay is the lowest in any other company around the area, 3 people have left with in a 6 month period, we have had two, third party inspectors not be paid for long periods of time and to top it all off they switch peaople to night shift at any given time and it’s an either take it or leave it type of deal, if your desperate apply if not this company is not worth itNoneEverything"

NDT Level II Inspector (Former Employee) says

"This company is the worst company I have worked for. They don't don't care about ppl, all they care about it money. Human resources is the worst. Upper management needs to be overhauled. Everything about this place is no good. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Please stay away and work for another company in the area.benefitspressure, no integrity"

NDT Level II Inspector (Former Employee) says

"This place is not a good place to work. They will lie to you about pay and advancements. NDT Lead does not have your back. Poor management.HR Cant be trusted, HR is more of a party planning committee than human resources. BEWARE, they have high turnover in all departments including NDT. Take my advice and take your knowledge else where. This place does not appreciate good honest workers. I worked in the NDT department preforming Penetrant inspection. All departments are bad not just NDTNothingLong working hours"

Electronic Assembler/Technician (Former Employee) says

"Like working in the underground factory in the movie "Metropolis". Worse place I ever worked. treated employees like slaves. Management doesn't care at all about employees. Company lies to employees about direction of company. Meggitt only bought Cobham {Nurad} to get their hands on the "GoGo" contract and ship all of it to Atlanta Georgia. Then Meggitt had a massive layoff because it had now need for it's Baltimore plant. Management thought they were fooling the employees telling them that "GoGo" was staying in Baltimore. What a lying bunch of idiots. Typical of the Corporate World we live in."

The shop (Current Employee) says

"This company is a Good old boys club, they only hire female managers because they pay them a lot less than they pay the man. upper management has no idea what they are doing or how to appreciate the employees. Best of luck to anyone trying to work for this company.good co-workersif you are not kissing a** to management say goodbye to your job."