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Megamax was a pay television channel that was broadcast in Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia, owned by AMC Networks International. It was aimed primarily at young males, 8–14 years old and broadcast animated series and teen series. The channel closed down on 1 January 2020 at 06:00 CET. Its channel slot transitioned to JimJam.

A former employee mentioned, "AMC it's a recognizable brand, but lacks professionalism from the highest level management, to HR. The management was not much of a guidance, and I found a lot of resistance while trying to implement workflow and a better internal communication. I was cut off for trying to secure high quality, on the product to be delivered to the viewers."


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Steve B says

"I have increased the star rating for this review because the company called me immediately and apologised and that goes a long way with me. There are clearly issues and lack of communication and it does not help that they do not have a chat box to speak to support like they used to and their online form is of such poor quality. I would have jumped on a chat line and sorted this out but the lack of any response from them to my form submissions led me to leave this critical review. They have now agreed on the refund and are emailing me a returns label. Thank you Ordered a drive from Megamac on the 4th Jan for delivery 5th. On the 4th some hours later they emailed to say it might be a day late due to Covid. Fair enough On the 5th they sent another message saying it had been lost in the warehouse. No further communication from them until I asked for a refund on the 14th Jan. No response from them but they shipped it out that night. I had already bought it, installed it. No response to any of my messages sent to them Megamac? Megarubbish"