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Megabus, branded as, is an intercity bus service of Coach USA/Coach Canada and DATTCO (under contract) operating in the eastern, southern, midwestern, and western United States and in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Megabus lies about their buses, they have replaced the nice doubledecker for horrid coach buses, and there is no wifi onboard, according to Shayann H. at

"They are lying about the buses! According to our driver, Megabus has retired the nice doubledecker buses and replaced them with horrid Coach buses. They have no wifi or outlets. Yet, on the Megabus website, they are still advertising the nice buses. Megabus is run by liars and I will NEVER ride with them again."


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Former Employee - Motor Coach Operator says

"pay low if you a teenager stay home with your parents this job for you when you wanna get away from home , no bills to pay, raise plus 100% picking up all freight / luggage, weak union, not organized, training was told to you, it will be 2wks after 1st week 4th day the return you home come back next 2nd week 3-4 days maybe2, knowing you away from home breakfast starts 6:30am sometimes they want to start at 6am oh since the MegaBus is overweight empty when you stop at weight station you will get a ticket"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No work life balance. Horrible culture. Good ol’ boys club"


"Poor management no feed back greedy"


"They can careless about their employees that are loyal, reliable and dependable. The work environment is for individuals who enjoy a high school environment."

Current Employee - Operations Manager says

"This list is way too long. Everyone that works here is extremely unprofessional. Many drivers talk to managers like they were in the streets and no sense of respect. Upper management is too laid back and they are not as professional as they should be to be running a midwest hub. Operations managers are the middle men and are often bombarded with work from upper management and are asked way too many things, like covering 3 different shifts in one week."

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"Company did not value the good, dedicated managers/employees. Unprofessional senior leadership that made promises that they never kept and the senior leadership created jobs/titles for people they liked."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very Unprofessional, lack of positive leadership. Do not value their employees no matter what the situation is. Upper management having special and inappropriate relationship with their subordinates. The pay is very poor. What you see on the news about Megabus is the truth and that the company compromise safety on the daily basis."

Former Employee - Driver says

"Bosses are disorganized and lyers"

Current Employee - Bus Operator says

"The customers are so rude for a cheap bus service. They want first Class and pay almost NOTHING"

Former Employee - Engine Builder says

"Management sucks, they have a lot of double speak. only on the Kerrville side the regular megabus side. At least they try to act like they want their employees to stay when the buses break they only patch them up, Maintenance on the kerrville side needs some desperate improvement."

Motor Coach Operator (Current Employee) says

"not very happy with this company. at 1 point had me rethinking my profession and what i love to do. a lot of phisical work and not much pay. i honestly dont think safety is a priority"

Bus Driver (Former Employee) says

"Horrible Company to work for. Unsafe working conditions especially if your a woman. A company that the manager is homophobic. Pay is horrible for being responsible for many aspects not just driving."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"There was always work to do. Training was very good. Employees work great together as a team. The hardest part of the job was working with management showing favoritism towards other employees. The environment/facility was not always clean. The location was fair."

Bus Operator (Current Employee) says

"If You can find a better job don`t work there turn over is very high no one stays there long but if you need a job take it pay is good work is easy but the management is terrible completely TERRIBLE....."

Dispatch Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Megabus are scam artists they fire employees on false accusations. They don’t care about there employees or passengers. They ruin lives and destroy self confidence they want zombies and people"

Taxichauffeur (Former Employee) says

"Leuk bedrijf zo, maar kwa papierwerk en uitbetaling van de salarissen is het een flutbedrijf die hun zaakjes niet op orde heeft"

Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Cleaning buses getting them ready to send out. Checking in customers getting drivers ready with all the things they need to take their trip. Checking log books ans paper work"

Bus Operator (Former Employee) says

"For all the work you had to do the pay should have been higher! Mind you your not driving a regular coach bus. Your a double deck coach bus with the weight of a truck! You can get as many as ten to eighty passengers on your bus. If you were driving nights you had help as far as if anyone got out of hand. On days you had no help! You had to be the customer service rep., driver, mechanic, loader in most city where you were picking and dropping off people at! You also had to be a weatherman too! This company likes to send you out doing bad weather too!"

MOTORCOACH OPERATOR (Former Employee) says

"It was ok at first then everything started going downhill after about two years .turn over rate was rapid people started leaving .two many favourites doing what they like because they sat in the managers office."

Coach Operator (Former Employee) says

"This job did pay the bills but you work long hours. The benefits were lousy so you'd better not get sick. My fellow co workers were fun but don't get too close. Management was a joke. They were so unprofessional. They made up rules as they went along. They tried to use intimidation to manage drivers. I worked there for 3 years and they were the longest hardest 3 years of my life. I only recommend working here if u have no family and need to make some quick money. They are crooks and they have the union in their back pockets.Decent paylong hours/no life/bad union"

Double Decker( OTR) says

"I would have more than likely stayed with the company, had they'd had better equipment. I feel when driving (OTR) your worries should be all about getting to your destination safely not how to keep this bus running during or throughout the trip. I have had mothers with newborns on many of my trips as well as others, but was worried about things like Brakes, Transmission , Sensors etc... I can say I had no other problems that I could see. They paid me well. BUT ALL MONEY IS NOT GOOD MONEY. what if one of those malfunctions would have caused a great accident, I'll be sorry if not dead, all for money.Good people, good money as far as bus operators are concernedTerrible equipment for driving long distance/ Affaul"

bus driver (Former Employee) says

"They gave us a 34 day notice of are routes being terminated witch put us out of work until further notice. Some of the drivers have kids car notes etc. They haven't offer no bonus or grievance pay due to the situation. A billion dollar company treat good employees like dead fish left in the sun.Loyal employees with clean mvr master thier jobs as a professional. This is a cold hearted business. They offered charter employment that pays 25 bucks per day to keep employees from filing unemployment. I believe they could have handle this alot better with a meeting not word of mouth. The chater work pay less then MCDONALD'S i never seen nothing like this in my life! Management suck i dont even no who to answer too!Meet people of all nature and background good and bad it can be exciting or crazy .no pay increase/ no holiday pay/ no paid time off/no bonus"

Automotive body repairer (Current Employee) says

"I don't have problems but I wanna change a job now that's all and thing is to get pay more not more but as I said my family is growing up so it's looks like m not earning well.N/aN/a"

Coach USA (Former Employee) says

"Working for Megabus gave me a great experience. When I first began, I was doing a lot of runs over the road and I also did a lot of night driving. The night driving enabled me to sharpen my driving skills at night. I also learned about customer service because I was the one who dealt with the passengers. I have excellent co-workers and I was also able to move up to management. There I learned about the responsibilities of the instructors. I teach my students the importance of keeping their eyes on the road and to instruct them on the importance of being aware of their surroundings while driving. My students also take from me how to properly keep their logs so that there are no issues with them and the DOT."

Dispatcher (Current Employee) says

"Has been very interesting place to work at.I was hoping for a longer time to work therebut they are laying so many people off I am notsure if they will for freelong rotating shifts"

Ticket Agent (Former Employee) says

"Being able to handle large amounts of customers on a daily basis was an interesting thing. the down side they lied to the customers on when the buses would arrive."

Ticket Agent (Former Employee) says

"Was a fun place to be. the major downside to it was they lied about the schedule the buses would arrive and that management made sure we had to do so. Meeting new people of different cultures was a nice addition.meeting new peopleschedule"

Commercial Driver Class B License PSC Endorsements (Former Employee) says

"Megabus is a great company to work for but the differences in Management styles needs improvement.Travel to places I would never have seen and opportunity to meet new people everyday.Lack of Management to handle major concerns but focuses on bottom line noy Driver Safety"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Streamlined a business that had been gone backwards from the previous CEO. The Owner hired me to take the business forward and as part of this process we completely re-engineered the business and set a structure in place while getting the development process on track to ensure the next release of software. This is a family run business and unfortunately the GFC struck and the Owner decided that he was then able to run the business after getting it back on its feet.Work life balance with long hoursHidden agendas..."

Motor Coach Driver (Current Employee) says

"co-workers are good to work with. passengers and management is the hardest part of the job and the double standards just don't work. They teach you some good Motor Coach driving skills. If you like to travel a lot well this might be for you.not much more to say"

Ryan says

"I recently purchased a $1 trip to Chicago listed on their website, with a $2.50 booking fee. One month prior to the trip they emailed me that my trip was cancelled, the bus stop I had previously booked from was no longer on their map. They refunded me the $1, but not the booking fee.

Sure a $1 trip sounds too good to be is. It seems this is a way they make a few bucks off of people for nothing by luring them in with "cheap tickets", cancelling the trip, and keeping the "booking fees".

Now I am faced with buying a flight or finding a ride last minute."

Charlie says

"Might be the worst service I’ve received anywhere. The bus broke down leaving in the morning and we had to wait an hour and a half for them to bring out a new bus and we were very late to where we needed to go. Then on the way back it was over an hour late picking us us - we had timed it out so we wouldn’t be waiting outside in the cold but nope. Then when the bus showed up we brought up the fact that he was 70-80 minutes late and he told us we say anything else we’re off the bus. I can’t believe I paid for this bus. Absolute joke of a company"

william sanders says

"Where can I go to get a refund? I keep getting a run around? I'm out 72.00 on a ticket. My bus never showed? They gave me a number to call but can't speak to an American person it seems? I just want my money back or something? Reading all theses reviews this company dont seem like they wanna stay in business long.I was respectful yet was offered no help.? Does anyone have any other number to reach for refunds?"

Mona Mason says


mL says

"I still can’t get over how horrible this company is. Me and my friend have purchased tickets online and had to show the booking number when arriving at the bus. The bus driver looked at our bookings and told us it’s all fine and we sat down.

After few minutes another megabus team member came in and shouted “ticket inspection” so we got our phones out to show. But when the team member asked for tickets he didn’t check anyone but our tickets he walked to just check us and it was so embarrassing (which makes me think he only was called to check us). Once we showed our bookings he asked us to get off. Which we didn’t understand why and didn’t want to miss the bus so we asked for explanation and he said he has to check on his system so we went. He asked to see my booking on the phone so I showed him my phone and he grabbed my phone which I wasn’t comfortable with. And wouldn’t be giving to me back (how dare he grabbing my phone that’s unacceptable!) I’ve asked for my phone back and he had the cheek to say “one minute please”.
Then he handed it back and said sorry we can’t seem to locate your ticket and I said to him it’s right front of you!! And as I said it the bus left!!! It just left without us. And said to him that our bus just left and what’s going on. He then responded that we didn’t purchased the tickets and I was honestly shocked with this. I showed him my bank transaction for the the exact price but he said sorry that can mean anything. This is absolutely disgusting behavior. Not only I missed a bus to see my family member, but been humiliated front of many people, made out to look like I tried to rob them of something, but I also lost my money and spoke to so badly. I honestly hope this person got sacked for this. Edinburgh bus station. I’d give -5 if I could"

Jamie Nevada says

"Waited for bus to airport at about 3am in taunton. They sent email to say pickup point had been move due to road works at normal pickup point at junction 25 on M5, so be there 15mins earlier. We arrived 35mins earlier to be sure and it never arrived. Wew waited another 30mins after it was due and never arrived. Had to get taxi a great cost. Lost all faith in this company. Could have missed plane thanks to megabus."

Sky Eve says

"I wish I could give zero stars. ALWAYS USE GREYHOUND. megabus showed up over 30 minutes late, then informed us that they were not bringing us to the correct drop off location, they would instead arrive in NYC at the departure location, which was 20 min further from my destination. I only had an hour and a half in NYC for an important meeting. I had to miss the entire meeting, didn't take the bus, got photo evidence that I didn't take the bus, then Megabus refused to refund me after multiple emails and phone calls, all of which I was very polite during. During my last phone call with customer service supervisor Oliver at 2:20pm on 08/03/2020, Oliver hung up on me after informing me that they have a strict no refund policy even though I didn't get to use my ticket! I didn't even request a refund, just a new ticket for the following Saturday. I'm infuriated."

Ana Morales says

"Don’t ride Megabus!!!! Lost luggage in January. Still waiting for refund! Stupid & unreliable. Bus Drivers don’t give a F$&K!!!"

Mom says

"Bought a ticket for my 16 year old kid to travel back home to work and they didn’t let him in!!! No refund . Bad customer service."

Adi Liron says

"Total rip off.
They advertise tye ticket ( fort myeres-miami) as 30 usd.
But then there is a 2.5 dollar charge to reserve online. You cant buy the ticket at the bus stop. The online reservation dosent work for some reason so you have to order through the phone, now its an extra 7 dollars!!!!
Same credit card, same information, same everything.
Just a sneaky way to squeeze you for more money.
No charging ports on the bus and it was freezing.
Never again mega bus. Never again."

Hevoy says

"I have been using this service for years never had a problem until I booked my ticket today June 1st, 2020. My bus was scheduled to arrive at 9am and I was there from 8:20am waiting. No bus showed up besides a red bus that was not parked in the megabus area, when we ask that driver he said he isn't negabus. At 9:30am after not seeing a bus I called customer service only for them to say I missed my bus. I asked to speak to a supervisor who repeated that I miss my bus and they can do nothing. But I am still at the bus terminal waiting as I have been from 8:20am for a bus that I take countless times and never miss once it shows up. Why would I missed it today if I haven't move? The bus did not show up! It's, not the bus that didn't show up that's bad, it's these people telling me I am at the spot and miss my bus just like almost 20 something other persons here some of who I came and saw this morning."

Jorge Hernandez-Limon says

"I used their services twice. First time I had no issues. The second was a different matter. The bus never showed up, we waited for the bus for hours past its arrival time and so we eventually left. I tried calling them but they never answered and said they did "not know where the bus was". I tried getting a refund, which the operators repeatedly said they could not provide. On top of that, they insisted that they showed up on time. There were multiple people at the stop who would say otherwise. Never using their bus line again."

Steve Smith says

"On May 18, 2020 I made a reservation at noon to go from Gainesville, FL to Atlanta, GA. The date I was trying for was open and available. Less than an hour later I got an email saying the schedule had changed and that bus was cancelled. OKAY, fair enough. The zinger is referred to in several other reviews - they say they will refund the $24.99 fare but the greater than $6 in other fees is un-refundable. What a crock - very cheap operation and managed by people that just don't get customer service. Greyhound here I come at Guess What - the same fare!!"

Shay says

"I received an email from megabus saying that they were canceling my trip and that I could reschedule, recieve a voucher for 2 separate $10.00 uses, or "obtain a refund" (stated on the email). When I called, they told me that they couldn't offer me a refund - only a voucher. The dude made me wait for almost an hour on the phone and then just hung up. -_-

I would love to get a class action suit against them because this (and the other reviews I am reading) are ridiculous."

McKenzie Clark says

"DO NOT USE MEGABUS- they are scam artists - we are living in a pandemic they are aware people are unable to travel yet they refuse to refund anyone’s tickets. I will never use them again - if you’re smart you will use another company!"

Yassin Haqqi says

"They cancelled my reservation during pandemic time, offered a 14 days free rescheduling knowing that nobody knows when the lockdown is going to be lifted.

No refund no voucher and this happened to thousands of customers, class action?"

Amanda Hahn says

"MEGABUS ONLY CARES ABOUT THEMSELVES. Hands down the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I tried to cancelled my bus trip BEFORE this entire pandemic broke out and they took WEEKs to get back to me even after they cancelled the trip. A representative on the phone said he can't do anything for me, I then spoke to a supervisor and she was absolutely 0 help. Currently in the long process of disputing this charge with my bank, which I think is worth every second of my time because I do not want Megabus to have A PENNY of my money after how I was treated. SHAME on you."

Rhoda McClure says

"I am so angry with Megabus for not offering refunds under the current Covid19 circumstances. I understand their normal no refund policy however these are not normal times. I also understand that they are not responsible for the pandemic but neither am I. I’m sure they will apply for & receiving OUR money from the Federal government & equally sure they will be using it to enrich their bottom line .... they care nothing for their customers. There are other ways to get to NY & I guarantee it will never be with Megabus !!!"

Roobie K.Q says

"Mega bus is the worst company of all. Used to take mega bus all the time but never again. I had scheduled a trip to Toronto to then fly to Atlanta. My trip to Atlanta got cancelled because of civid19 so obviously want a refund or some kind of a credit. I called customer service TWICE. They couldn’t help me. They asked me to email the company so I did TWICE. No answer. Like I don’t understand why I should loose my money when this is beyond my control. Companies are accommodating their customers you guys should get with it."

Chantel Pryor says

"I have never had a problem with megabus until now!! I read others going through the same situation I went through as far as a refund. Megabus sent a cancellation email for a ticket date that was coming up that I purchased and in the email it states and I quote “OR OBTAIN A REFUND”. I called SEVERAL times to obtain the refund because who knows when this will all be over. And NO ONE would give me a refund. Every person I talked to said that they recommended that I just reschedule the ticket which I had already rescheduled that ticket and another that I already had to purchase separately (which I didn’t want to do) several times already. I had no choice but to reschedule before they canceled the trip and my money was wasted. But the situation really pissed me off. AAANNDD they said well if you want to escalate the situation you can email them. So I did and the email pretty much bounces back like it doesn’t exist. RIDICULOUS!!"