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Medtronic plc is an Irish-domiciled medical device company that generates the majority of its sales and profits from the U.S. healthcare system but is headquartered in the Republic of Ireland for tax purposes. Medtronic has an operational and executive headquarters in Fridley, Minnesota in the U.S. In 2015, Medtronic acquired Irish–tax registered Covidien, in the largest U.S. corporate tax inversion in history, which enabled Medtronic to move its legal registration from the U.S. to Ireland. Medtronic operates in 140 countries and employs over 100,000 people.

Medtronic Insulin pump doesn't work properly and customer service is awful, according to an anonymous review at

"I called several times telling them there are problems with insulin pump not working properly and the refused to comply with regulations to give me one that works properly due to a recall on my pump. The customer service rep was rude and not helpful so I had to go to the hospital to correct my insulin. This is poor standards and have had diabetes for over 25 years and they act like 5-year-olds and know nothing about how an insulin pump works. It is damaging my kidneys since I can not get any help from them. User's recommendation: do not use Medtronic products."


Jessica Landry says "I have been a medtronic customer for over 15 years. My warranty has always been up to date. Somehow they send me a monthly bill of 377.00 everymonth. Yet no one at Minimed can fix this so it reflects on my credit score. I have called a million times to get this resolved and they wont fix it. I DO NOT get supplies once a month and this is just bad customer service"
Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says "* No work life balance * Work env. is very un-organized * So much work stress in software department, * Life is chaos here specially with offshore-onshore model * Management expect a lot from you * No one is here to help you *Poor planning at work"
Assembler Technician (Current Employee) says "Usalo de puente como una experiencia mas para tu resume hasta conseguir un mejor lugar para trabajar con mejor sueldo.medical planpoco considerados con los empleados"
Brenda Pellerin says "Really now Medtronic? Had no choice but to switch when Animas shut down. From the begining with Medtronic, I had issues with their negligence in getting my insurance info correct, and transferring from my Animas contract. They wouldn't continue my warranty from Animas, so it ended up costing me $400 out of pocket, even with insurance because their pumps are WAY over-priced! Their 670g minimed pump was alot bulkier and heavier than my previous pump, and I hated it from the beginning. Had several issues with getting pump supplies on time, and even in crucial situations, customer service was useless in helping me. I recently had an issue with a "battery failed" alarm, "insert battery". Paid for a new battery cap from their supplies page, as they never told me they would send me a new one free if I had called them..even though I had an account with them. After replacing the broken battery cap (why it broke, I'll never know), I still kept getting the alarm, only more often. I called and spoke to a service representative, and he asked a million questions and made me do several tests (he was just reading crap off his computer screen)...didn't seem to care to listen to me at all. After the whole rigamarole, he did a reset on my pump and said it should take care of my issue. Same evening, alarm still going off as usual. Called back after the weekend had passed, and they agreed to send me a "loaner" pump, but told me I had to return it withing 90 days or I would be charged the $3,000 plus for the pump. I immediately got set up with Omnipod...heaven! Only took a few days to get EVERYTHING, and it insurance covered it ALL! Customer service wonderful! I should mention too that Medtronic didn't even pay for a return label to send my "loaner" pump back to them! I am a very patient, understanding person, but I found it hard to be patient and understanding any time I spoke with customer service at Medtronic."
Former Employee - Supply Chain says "The management and "leadership" here is just very bad. I would not go here no matter what"
Quality Assurance Technician (Former Employee) says "Worst Place to Work. The facility is poorly managed, with management that rarely comes to production to know what is going on. The morale is the lowest that i have ever worked in. Overall, there is nothing good about this facility.None"
Minnesota cowboy up says "The device itself, 670G insulin pump, is great. But that's where the praise ends, their billing department is dumber than a damn a kid wearing a helmet, eating crayons and licking windows on the short bus. They keep putting me through hoop after hoop to get my sensors for the pump. They seem to not realize that without the sensors to tell the pump to stop the insulin flow for a bit, has hazardous consequences for me. They are LITERALLY playing God with my life. There is a constant battle between them and my insurance company, all because these MORONS won't bill it properly. And now they are telling me I won't get my supplies unless I sign a document that my insurance company told me not to. And when I told the rep about this she said everyone has to, but yet in 3 years I'VE NEVER HAD TO, until now. I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone, the billing department needs to be fired totally and hire people that actually know what the hell they are doing."
Current Employee - Operator says "They don’t care about you and can easily replace you"
Clinical Trial Lead (Former Employee) says "This company worries more about their product line and not about employees. Management is not supportive and work is not properly explained, and training is minimal at best. They just throw you into the fire.... Plus a person under me made more $ than I did even though my position was at a higher grade. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!"

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