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McAfee, LLC (; formerly known as McAfee Associates, Inc. in 1987–2014 and Intel Security Group in 2014–2017) is an American global computer security software company headquartered in Santa Clara, California and claims to be the world's largest dedicated technology security company.The company was purchased by Intel in February 2011, and became part of the Intel Security division.

On April 30, 2012, McAfee's property in Orange Walk Town, Belize, was raided by the Gang Suppression Unit of the Belize Police Department. At that time, McAfee was in bed with his girlfriend. A GSU press release stated that McAfee was arrested for unlicensed drug manufacturing and possession of an unlicensed weapon. He was released without charge. In 2012, Belize police spokesman Raphael Martinez confirmed that McAfee was neither convicted nor charged, only suspected. On December 5, 2012, McAfee was arrested for illegally entering Guatemala. Shortly afterward, he was placed under arrest and a board to review McAfee's plea for asylum was formed. The committee denied his asylum, so he was taken from his holding facility to a detention center in order to await deportation to Belize.


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Empleado actual - Ventas a consumidores says

"Mal equipo directivo, injusto con los equipos de ventas, cuotas, logros e incentivos. Ninguna oportunidad de desarrollo. Cambiar de gerentes intermedios todos los años...."

Empleado actual - Anonymous says

"El marketing apoya cada vez menos al equipo de ventas."

Empleado actual - QA Automation Engineer says

"Ponen mucho manager, mucho rol administrativo y descuidan un pcoo al que aporta valor técnico Es difícil a veces hacer notar el esfuerzo porque solo quieren ver resultados rápidamente y no todo lo que llevo hasta ahí En el último año los aumentos salariales han sido pobres, no se corresponde con todo lo que ganan"

Empleado actual - Soporte Técnico IT says

"Call center, remuneración vs. Inflación(Argentina), quita de beneficios de restaurant card, reducción de programa de compensación por buenas aptitudes. Quita de posibilidad de horas extra, aumento de volumen de trabajo vs. recursos disponibles."

Exempleado - Software TL says

"Burocracia 100%, agile de mentira, cambios de org constantes, el mismo producto se hace 10 veces x 10 ewuipos diferentes aprobado x 10 nuevos jefes diferentes..."

Empleado actual - QA Automation says

"Ultimamente no valoran lo suficiente a los empleados."

Exempleado - Backend Engineer says

"mucha burocrasia y aveces el proyecto era muy aburrido"

Exempleado - Ingeniero de software c ++ says

"- Salario promedio - Difícil participar en proyectos interesantes. Te contratan como ingeniero de software y terminas en QA, creando escenarios de prueba de productos que están fuera de tu alcance y utilizando herramientas internas."

Empleado actual - Ingeniero De Software says

"No hay un buen balance entre vida personal y trabajo."

Exempleado - Empleado anónimo says

"Falta de dirección en muchas decisiones estratégicas y operativas. Inoperativa forma de pensar de "mis amigos pueden avanzar en la empresa". Las personas se esconden detrás de las decisiones de sus superiores y simplemente están de acuerdo con todo en lugar de intentar agregar algo de valor."

Manager of Professional Services (Former Employee) says

"McAfee is severely limited in career path options and movement within the company. The vision there was very rigid and became difficult to work toward."

Cyber Security Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They don't care anymore. They were bought out by a private equity firm and it's just become H*ll for any of the workers. Nobody's happy and everyone is throwing each other under the bus =("

Inside Sales (Former Employee) says

"The culture is very childish in that there are too many inside sales reps located in the same place which leads to a very loud and obnoxious environment.There are none that I can think ofToo stressful an environment"

Revenue Analyst (Former Employee) says

"work, hard, quarter end hours, occasional weekend work, good exposure of multi national corporation, deal with suppliers, communication,free lunchlong hours"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"The time spent at McAfee was intense. The team was understaffed, we never received raises, no 401k, very little incentive, and management took care of only "their" people."

Regional Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Vision good, execution poor Collaboration not encouraged Products have issues Channel needs revamp it is fulfillment only Management supports their "friends" Lack of understanding of territoriesInstall base, accountsInstall base, channel, management, pay"

Marketing Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Just avoid this place unless you're ok with being laid off with a batch of other great people not long after you are hired, work your butt off and prove your value. The method of layoff was incredibly cruel and insincere, too."

Enterprise Support Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work but it depends on the position and management. Learned how to interact with other colleagues and how to play safe in corporate environment."

eCommerce Partner Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"This is a place where grey cubicles monkeys live, where people go to die, to just draw a paycheck. Worry about those lifers who put in 5+ years. It's insane. Learned some great stuff my first year but then I knew it was time to leave. I've just been procrastinating and enjoying my personal life. Gotta go now!! Tyranny rules here. Dinosaur for parking in Santa ClaraMgmt, low pay, poor benes"

Senior QA Team Lead/ Production Engineer (Former Employee) says

"My main role as a Senior QA Team Lead/ Production Engineer is to ensure that daily security updates are released on time to agreed Quality updating millions of machines worldwide. This is done 7 days every week, 363 days a year. The role is high profile at the cutting edge of computer security.good benefitsAmerican leadership"

Information Systems Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Products they sell are rated poorly by industry analyst. Management has serious food friday morningsto many to list"

SALES EXECUTIVE (Former Employee) says

"A great company as a whole but the pay was dreadful. A smile and dial culture.nana"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"McAfee recently spun off of Intel with new management and it is totally different from the old McAfee prior to Intel. Micro-managment from the top down, no trusting their employees, continually taking away benefits and lack of advancement. People are being laid off and leaving on their own due to management.unlimited PTO, currently free drinks and some foodpoor management, lack of advancement, lots of turnover"

Support Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Poor planning, oversight, and general performance of the "leadership" have led to an overall decline in quality of life here at McAfee. McAfee, prior to the Intel takeover, was a fantastic place to work with few complaints throughout the organization. At this point I'd recommend seeing what else is out there before jumping on the Intel/McAfee bandwagon."

Senior Manager IIS Server Operations (Former Employee) says

"I did not do my due diligence before coming on board with this company. It turned out there were executives in prison for back darting stocks. From my short time there I feel they were a 3000 person company executing like a startup.noneeverything"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"McAfee used to be a culture of smart people who actually helped each other, with a shared purpose and having a little bit of fun along the way. I worked there 10 years. It lost its sense of purpose after coming out of Intel and the true leaders have since left the company behind because they couldn't get it back on track with the money grubber management that the VC brought in. Now, most of the orgs are being pressured to drive to the all mighty dollar for the sake of only profit, not service or quality products. Droves of great problem solving engineers left because of this multi-year trend. It is eat or be eaten and step on anyone who doesn't line up. I finally left because the stress wasn't worth it. Over the last two years, most of my colleagues have also left in disillusionment. People who come in now and don't know better, may have better luck, but for those of us who know what it used to be, it is very sad.Pockets of good leadership still exist, good benefits, sometimes great bonus'LOTS of stress, Too many product goals with little focus on the user, most of the knowledgeable problem solvers have left, superficial value on employees in top management"

Marketing Analyst II (Former Employee) says

"Overall a pretty generic workplace. Management at the time was in chaos as they were being acquired by a private equity firm. Co-workers and contractors were nice people, just not that motivated."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"McAfee is currently being run by leaders who value their reward if they can sell or take the company public. Employee well being is an after thought. Dedication and commitment by employees is not rewarded or valued. Lots of lip service is given to caring for employees, but the truth is that you are just a number and expendable. Hiring from outside is also a problem. New leaders are being brought in at a quick rate and they are making poor decisions prior to learning the customers and opportunities that exist. Their mission is a noble one, but their values are not being honored and that for me is a problem. I hope they turn back and remember the dedicated employees who got them to where they are today and start doing right by them. Hire leaders, not bosses; listen to ideas, not assume you know best; and treat employees with respect."

Manager, Global Business Resiliency (Current Employee) says

"A very questionable place to work. People backstab and protect their territory and look out only for themselves. I would be careful with the company for your career.not much to saylow pay and not compansated well unless you are senior management"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"This organization, from a go to market strategy, just can not seem to get it together. In 3 fiscal years, there have been 3 sales strategies and they still have not figured it out and I have had 3 managers. The culture now that TPG has bought a %51 stake in the company, is deteriorating. Marketing lacks and the channel program is truly fulfillment only. There definitely is a culture of the good old boys/girls club as managers play favorites.Decent benefits, decent products, people are overall good to work withSee summary review"

Shir Mass says

"Worst company I have ever seen. When I try to call about my refund request which I made a few weeks ago on their website, the agents on the phone just hang up on you, no matter how many times you call. No customer support whatsoever even though they really insist you to call them. seems like a big deception. Don't give them your money because you will not get it back and I really hope the law will get them someday. I'm working on the cancelation with my credit card company right now. If you are debating on any anti virus program for your computer please consider the chance that you will not get the support you need from them. Most of the time you don't even need to buy a program since you already have a free software on your system!"

Deirdre-Kate O'Byrne says

"I started a 30 day trial of the mcAfee protection on my computer. It’s now been a year and I still get mails 10 times a day from them, and I don’t know how to get it away."

Ian says

"I took out McAfee to cover pc and two mobile phones. Access to many well known websites on pc and phones became difficult. Phone batteries were depleted inside 24 hours when previous to installation of McAfee they lasted 5 days. Data showed up to 75% of battery usage was down to McAfee Mobile Security. After a month trying to solve the problem I gave up and uninstalled the applications. I tried to get a refund from McAfee but they refused my application. I will never use McAfee ever again."

Z & L Mediak says

"These people are crooks. Terrible software. Auto renew cannot be cancelled. They will charge your credit or debit card every year regardless of what you do. Can't stop it. Customer service says you're on auto renew. Upcharges like crazy. Totally ripping people off. Stay away from this scam company."

Rhodri says

"I bought anti-virus from this company a couple of years ago - what they don't tell you is that they automatically put auto-renewal on any product you buy from them, and they tend to drastically over-charge you for this auto-renewal when it happen. I had forgotten to do this! For two years running now, they have more than doubled their price for auto-renewal, and I have had to phone them up, cancel, ask for a full refund. For both years I subsequently found an identical product from PC World for less than half the price. REMEMBER - go into your McAfee account to see if their product with you is on auto-renewal - this will save you some trouble. This year, they automatically renewed their product again, yet, bizarrely, they took it from my account in euros, and they also refunded me in euros. But what with the bad smell that is Brexit still going on around us, the pound must have strengthened against the euro in the time between McAfee taking the money from my account and me being refunded. It turns out I've lost worth £2.15 owing to changing value of euro. I have phoned McAfee up today asking about this, and I'm awaiting a supervisor to call me back to see what can be done about this lost £2.15. I'll see what happens with regards tha"

Clyde C McElroy says

"anyone who has been into computers at least back to when mcafee and norton launched knows never do business with either of them. You can buy a brand new computer or install them on the one you already use, both programs will start giving you a bunch of popups telling they "saved you" from horrendous things on your PC. They create the problem and solve it for you. A PC with no crashes 0r viruses for years will suddenly start having a lot of issues. Norton in my opinion is a virus itself. If you install it on you PC, then uninstall it, search your registry for "semantec" search for mcafee if you uninstall that program It's b een awhile since I did that. I found 100's of registry keys they leave in your registry."

tom mac says

"just gone over my accounts and realised McAfee have been skimming £83 once a year from my UK account for a few years now. I rang the number and the bloke on the other end was evasive unhelpful patronising and rude. Fair enough I should have spotted the debits from my account but I don't recall signing up for repeat business and what service can they be providing considering said computer hasn't been operational for the majority of the billing period. Ironically this company seems to have scammed me more than the scammers. In a word: don't"

Duncan Barber says

"Borderline criminals. Have kept my money hostage for over a week. Used my card to buy Mcafee for my father’s laptop 2 years ago. My card was automatically charged for automatic renewal. I called to ask for a refund but they asked me 3 or 4 times on the phone to accept a lower price and push a subscription on me before I had to be firm and demand a refund. I checked PayPal. It says the payment had been refunded but it has been PENDING since December 27th. They took my money instantly without notifying me and they are taking their sweet time to return it. I had earmarked the money they took to clear my credit card balance. If I incur any interest on my credit card then I will be furious and demand they pay me the money. Not to mention the emotional distress caused. Terrible company. Do not buy it for yourself or loved ones."

Gary S. says

"If you’re a Mac user, beware. It’s not Big Sur ready and full of bugs.What you end up is a product slapped together in haste with bare minimum functions if it works at all."

GCD says

"Absolutely useless Wont track my phone keeps crashing"

CM London says

"Charged annually for 4 extra years after changing from Windows to MAC on a bank card that had been cancelled and destroyed., Unable to cancel payments (£79.99 in 2020) despite emails and hand written letter - Disgraceful and I will never use any McAfee product again as long as I live."

Martin Hickman says

"Falsely advertising that MacOS is supported by their VPN service. Only to be told by support that it is not supported. Clearly, just a scam to get your money first. I have taken a screenshot of my chat with support and the website pages, to confirm the false claims and will raise a complaint directly with Trading Standards."

Kamal Ahmed says

"Be Careful Avoid Using McAfee You will be end up Auto Renewal Over Charge I am old man McAfee overcharged from my account using tricky Auto Renewals without my permission cost me lot more than market price After several emails they replied my money will be refunded but at the end they stop replying me do not trust this company"

Andrew says

"This software is advised to protect the user from viruses and spam (eg. adware etc.), however McAfee use their platform to spam me, pressing me to buy new anti virus software and in one instance falsely informing me that I was no longer protected, when in fact my account still has 3 months to run. This is misselling at its very worst and is certainly a case for trading standards. The only good thing I can say is that the software appears to be effective in all other regards."

donald gregory says

"Just avoid them please just read the other reviews. It is all true"

Darren says

"Auto renewed without my permission for £119.99. Called them on 3 occasions now, 1st occasion was told I would get a full refund within 3-5 working days. So I took out a policy for £40 with a single device after. 2nd call after 4 days of waiting said my refund has been processed and should be in account soon. The 3rd call that I just got off the phone from said they can’t find my refund. Total crooks if you ask me. Would give them no stars. Update 5 calls and 2 weeks later: still no refund, also still no call back from supervisor as they have promised 3 times. Big company like this and they can’t process a £119.99 refund, don’t even need the money. Just principle now! Case ref: 2877747027 Update 5 weeks later: still no refund. Shambles of a company. Parasites"

Robot rocket says

"While it seems good enough for what I do, the real problem is when time comes to renew your subscription, andand the bombardment of pop ups saying to renew. My laptop was a low end machine, and was struggling to play minecraft. Got a pop up taking a quarter of my screen to renew and it froze. It then froze my entire laptop, and everything stopped functioning. Rebooted with the powerbutton and the windows boot files were corrupted. The machine is completley bricked, only able to tell me it found an error and needs repair. Dont get it. The pop ups will never be your friend."

NevaehGabriel says

"Poor tool and bad service"

Sweettalker says

"Whilst using the product, it was excellent and reliable but since my antivirus has expired they have drove me mad with emails. I’ve had at 100 over the past month which I’ve tried unsuccessfully to block. Threats about my computer being unsafe and constant begging emails to renew. Sick to death of seeing them in my inbox!"

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