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Max Life Insurance Company Limited (formerly known as Max New York Life Insurance Company Limited) is a life insurance company in India. The company is a subsidiary of the publicly listed Max Financial Services and is the largest non-bank private-sector life insurer in India. It was founded in 2000 after the liberalization of the insurance sector in India and its operations began in 2001.

An upset customer mentioned, "On June 1, 2017, the IRDAI made Aaadhar and PAN/Form 60 mandatory for availing financial services including insurance, and also for linking the existing policies with the same. Max Life Insurance never asked me for the PAN number from 2017 until I surrendered the policy on June 14, 2019.

While surrendering the policy they asked for PAN number and send the confirmation that it was updated in their records. After that, they deducted 20% for TDS.

Year later I asked for the TDS certificate and I found that they have never deposited the TDS deduction with Income Tax dept. When they generated the TDS certificate on June 25, 2020 they put the PAN number as blank. While they has the PAN number in their record for a year.

Now I can not file my taxes and claim the TDS deduction because the TDS certificate showing It blank.

Please don't do any business with this company it employs the unfair practice with you and hides the money from the Income Tax dept for many months."


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"Demeans you constantly, never happy, changes rules all the time so you are never right"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No to express , everything is going well"

Insurance Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Terrible, pathetic, Time & money waste, They charged Rs 1200 stating as a exam fee and refundable, But did not refund single rupee. They just mislead & wasted my time and money for more than two months. Till now I did not get single rupee from the company instead lost of bad remarks as negative person, not working & etc."

Financial Planning Manager (Former Employee) says

"stressful life. Please join to make your life waste. if you have to make your family stressful please come and join. Bossism bossism bossism that's it nothing else. just like an insurance company nothing great"

Bancainsurance (Former Employee) says

"Its very bad experience i have seen there. Company is good no doubt at all. Bt only people staff managers are very nonsense. I worked hardly 10 months n i got frustrated. Manager dont have sense how to talk and handle team. I feel i can grow my self there but just becouse of manager i left that organization.i wish company will hire some senseable and productive manager rather arrogant and foolish people."

Channel Development Manager In IMF (Former Employee) says

"In My entire career till now my best work experience in Max they are the only in Industry only need clean and retail business with ethics into high priority.NaNa"

Relationship Associate (Former Employee) says

"It was Good orgnistion.for working. Good support from our senior."

b) says

"I believe in creative contribution & dedication without any office politics pulling me down, I like team work with healthy mindset equal opportunities for all and also growth & scope for maximum contribution for all, I don't like backbiting or any hurdles as such, I truly believe in relationship building healthily, I like an environment where I can learn and earn, not only money but respect as well.I like brainstorming sessions rather than brainwashing preferemcesHealthcare, Provident Fund etc."

Financial Advisor/Agent (Former Employee) says

"Most of their promises to the people are not believable. Max always change their local offices locations. After 2 or 3 premium they aren't interested the people to continue to make lapse the policy"

Branch Relationship Manager (Former Employee) says

"Max Life Insurance company Ltd was known for culture as well as Training also but due to some Fraud Management, the culture is spoiling even after knowing by HR, no fair solution is heppening now"

Regional Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management is total confused and in chaos Not the same Max life insurance. I tried several times to pass many messages to management, but no one cares . The higher management is just waiting for the time when the organization is ready to go for sale by the other organizations"

Executive (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed while working my place . also I seems good opportunities excellent team I have ever had before this Scan all documents receive at HUB according to client specifications Maintains record of completed workone time8 hours"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work - reach office on time send photo to your management that you have reach office on time an present and discuses your agenda of day and get back to it. i have learned almost nothing form this company. Management to change their hearing structure and please give role as per your qualification at least. work place culture is average the hardest part of the job is if target is not done they will call you late night to your head office and sales manager is like uneducated i fill and they have dress code, the sales person need to wear tie every day. The most enjoyable part of the job is the training part you will have chance to go other states.traning for one week out of stationlong hours and they underestimate you some time"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"all day target talks only, no celebrations, no fun etc.. no proper training was provided.. lot of attritions were there cos their work culture.."

finance (Former Employee) says

"It's very hard because here is commision base salary.i can't do this type job.i want do job where fix salary.i only profit on this job I have more free time.sometime I was free for 15 daysfreelong hours can do work"

Team Agent & Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I had learned too much from max regarding insurance,i was working under development officer and it's a commission based work and there are target also and it's very difficult to sale a life insurance."

Agent Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Responsible for selling Insurance Policies in Pune for Max New York Life. Achieved 10 a monther award three times in 2002. max newyork is life insurance selling company."

Manager Sales (Agency Module) says

"Training amazing Process to its best Can't think of another company for processes Good place for learning There can't be another place to really understand what a process driven company can reach uBad leadership in the top levelPathetic at the regional level"

Deputy Manager (Graphic Design & Video editing) says

"I am quite happy to work in max life insurance because Insurance is not my cup of tea, I am finding a new job as I have ten years of experience in graphic designing and video editing."

Marketing and Sales head (Former Employee) says

"job was unsecuritable and have no interest in that all job. hardest part of the job attend regular meeting and provide the money security to customer.tea. cofee and breakfast5 hours"

Training Manager (Former Employee) says

"Useless place to workno work life balanceno job securityvery negative work place"

senoir manager (Former Employee) says

"hactic work schedules, no security of the job, good with brand name. It took too long to attain the market reputation and goodwill in the market."