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Felipe Mattioni Rohde (born 15 October 1988), known as Mattioni, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Coritiba Football Club as a right back. He also holds Italian citizenship, and spent most of his career with Espanyol, being hindered by several injuries.

Mattioni has suffered many injuries which affected his career...Early into his spell in Catalonia, Mattioni sustained a severe knee injury – left anterior cruciate ligament – going on to miss the entire 2010–11 campaign. Shortly after recovering, he suffered the same injury in his right leg, being initially ruled out for another six months[13] and eventually nearly two years.


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Technician (Former Employee) says

"treated poorly, told by managers most would quit in my training group (1 out of 8 is left)."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Most of the things told in the interview are straight lies. The hours you will work will be at the complete benefit to the company while still preaching that the value "Work/Life Balance" is important to company culture. This is very alarming and should be decently considered when accepting a job offer. "We aren't sales based at all"- one of the biggest lies this company preaches on. "Supervisors" that are sent to the customers house are simply sales guys with experience selling cars. They have as much expertise as a small child would when it comes to HVAC and they simply come to add more pressure onto the customer. Very shady practice, but I will admit they were able to fool me first. Also, calls are labeled so that longer term employees are able to make more knowing that they are going to a "better" call while the new guys get completely screwed. Very unfair practice to the employees. Also very strange to see that none of the employees have any age or experience. Most are in there early 30's and were hired in through friends of the company. What a joke."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The owners are the worst. Extremely greedy and only care about the $$$. Owner had a notification go off whenever a customer had a huge out of pocket expense. GMs were just as bad if not worse. Cons: All"

Service Manager/Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"A family run business that is currently transitioning to the younger family members. Neither of the new Mattioni family members have plumbing experience and very little eaperience in the management of people. The company has raised prices to meet the overhead of 7 family members who work for the company. Cons: Micro-management, incompetent management"

N/A (Current Employee) says

"The company is consistently inconsistent. Every good idea that comes along is the new 100% focus of the company. Employees are always praised highly upon successes and treated poorly, I have even frequently witnessed escalation to disrespectfully, on under performance. Goals are changed regularly and are typically unrealistic. Mentoring is verbally encouraged although it is regularly used as an indicator that the employee in need of the mentoring must not be the right fit. It is peculiar to see such a small company talk about employee retention so frequently yet view and treat the employees as numbers only. There are, however, a few exceptional leaders in the company that I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with and learning from. I hope that the company begins to utilize those leaders to improve the culture."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They will work with you if you need to adjust your hours to pick up your kids or go to appointments. If you are aren't meeting the expected requirements you will be dismissed from the company."

CSR (Current Employee) says

"Mattioni PHC is a great company and the work environment is okay. The only issue that I would say I have about the company is the lack of communication. There are incidents where things are said but not done, For example if there is an issue in house as far as employees leaving the company and or complaints about upper management or other employees the issues do not get resolved. Besides that Mattioni's has a lot of room for advancement and also the compensation/benefits are great. Best part of the job is the owners of the company they take the time to come by and thank you for being apart of the team. Also every Wednesday if you work in the office they provide free breakfast sandwiches."